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Avoid NET4India unless you already have gray hair – Rajib's Blog Rajib's Blog

Avoid NET4India unless you already have gray hair

In this day and age of modern computing, Internet, CRM, TAT and many other buzzwords that define efficiency and customer satisfaction, it is rare to encounter a private sector company that makes you run pillar to post like Govt. Departments. Congratulations Net4India – You are up there with the worst examples of Indian bureaucracy.

A company for whom I provide IT Consultancy reserved 7 domains at Net4 a few years back and paid premium prices (this was before I was a consultant for them). Now that I am in charge, I wanna transfer the domains out to a registrar where it is easier to manage the domains.

What is wrong with Net4’s domain management system?

  • Net4’s login IDs are either cryptic numbers or even more cryptic alphanumeric names automatically assigned by them. It’s a devil remembering them. Apparently they have not yet caught on to using email-IDs or Open-IDs as login IDs.
  • Once logged in, the interface is inconsistent. Features like ‘Reopen ticket’ are visible in some pages and invisible in other related pages.
  • Domain management is very painful. To change Name Server (NS) entries you are required to type both the domain names and the IPs. Come on! Net4 can very well resolve the IPs themselves instead of forcing customers to ‘Open Command Prompt’ and run a ‘ping’ on the name-server address.
  • Requests for Auth Codes are an unending cycle of Trouble-tickets and angry emails. Unlike other registrars, Net4 does not reveal the Auth Code upon clicking the link. More on this later.
  • Net4’s pricing is way off the mark. Net4 currently charges Rs. 689/- to register a .IN domain for 1 year. Mitsu.IN charges Rs. 589/- and even a US Based registrar like charges 694/- and throws in Free 1GB email.

The Domain Transfer Saga

What started on 1st of February is yet to end! Five of the Seven domains were expiring on Feb 15 and I wanted them transferred out. Generally transfers happen within 3-5 days of putting in request and thus I clicked on the ‘Request Auth Code’ button at Net4. The onscreen message declared that my request would be processed soon. I thought, maybe they will email the Auth Code to me like .IN Domain Registrars used to do in 2006.

A few days later when I still had not heard from Net4, my brow started to crease. I filed an issue with their Trouble Ticket (TT) system. A day later I get a nasty-gram from them. The message stated that since there were less than 60 days remaining to domain expiry, they would not be issuing the Auth Code for domain transfers. They also ambiguously stated that it is there in their fine print.

Needless to say my B.P. was off-the-charts at such high-handed behaviour. So I sat down to study the fine print. Turns out:

  • Net4’s policy actually only forbids transfer-out of domains that have been registered in the previous 60 days. This is in line with prevalent policies.
  • Net4’s policy on Transfer-Outs is non-existent. A para appears at the end of Transfer-In FAQ that does not mention anything about transfers being denied due to less than 60 days remaining for expiry.
  • NIXI – The govt. body that administers the .IN domain too only forbids Transfer-outs for less than 60 days old domains. Transfer-outs are also forbidden in the event payment is due from domain owner to the registrar. In my case, the domains were fully paid up and there are no other pending transactions.

I opened another TT and wrote a strong message clearly highlighting the legal stand-point and Net4’s incorrect position. I wanted to attach all the documents that illustrated my points but could not since Net4 only allows attaching one document. When I clicked Submit, I got another nasty surprise. Turns out, Net4 only allows 1,000 characters in the message which grossly insufficient to frame replies that have legal standing. Technically too, even if the Web Server only allows 100 KB for ‘Post’, it is still 1,02,000 characters! Web hosting services like Godaddy allow 8,192 KB as post size (83,88,608 characters). Apparently Net4’s support staff can only digest 1,000 characters before they suffer from A.D.D.

One more TT later, they closed the thread saying the they had ‘Called & Spoken’ to the domain owner and cancelled the domain auth code requests as per his consent. When I called the domain owner, he told me that he only told Net4 to get in touch with me for all domain related issues.

Considering that less than 5 days were remaining for the domain expiry and the transfer attempt would fail even if I persisted with my request for domain transfer codes, I resigned and renewed the five domains at a princely Rs. 649/- per domain when every other Domain Registrar in the market charges only Rs. 549/- for domain renewals.

Congratulations NET4. You have just caused a legitimate business loss to your client.

Two of the Seven domains are expiring in April & November respectively. To minimize hassles with hooligans like Net4, I opted to obtain their Auth Codes and thus began yet another paragraph in this article.

After duly clicking the completely useless ‘Get Auth Code’ button, I put in a TT requesting Auth Codes for the two domains. A day later the resolution is that ‘we tried to contact you, however we could not get through’. This time they asked me for the phone number (mine was already mentioned in the TT and domain owner’s telephone & email are correctly mentioned in the Domain records. And they could not contact us? They did succeed previously when canceling an Auth Code request without authorization.

I bit down my frustration at having to deal with such a brain-dead company, wrote another TT asking them the auth-codes, the reason for the auth-codes and the specified the phone numbers. This time my client received emails containing the auth codes for the domains.

I logged into, initiated and paid for the transfer of both domains only to get a message from Mitsu an hour later stating that the supplied auth code is incorrect. I can swear that I copied-pasted the Auth Codes from Net4’s email into Mitsu’s Domain Transfer Page correctly. Since I have been practicing Copy-Paste for the last 19 years (Starting with Windows 2.0), I am pretty good at it and cannot explain the wrong auth code.

Unless there is another explanation – Net4 sent me incorrect Auth Codes to stall the domain transfers yet again.

Another TT to Net4 and another day later, I get the same parrot message – “… we tried to contact you, however we could not get through hence we request you to kindly provide the contact number and kindly specify the reason for the authcode request …”

By fluke, I spotted a button to Re-Open my TT and chose to submit the required telephone number and reason. Yet another mistake. Turns out that posting a reply in re-open thread only allows for 100 characters as reply! Come On!! Even SMS messages allow 160 characters. In any case, I somehow managed to include the name and two phone numbers of my client and also the reason for the transfer in 100 characters. Phew!

The reply to my TT is that “… coordination is underway and we will be soon addressing your requirement …”

The saga continues … Half of my hairs which are still black are joining their white cousins.

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65 Responses

  1. Amit says:

    Shiiittt! you are scaring me man! I just put in a ‘TT’ (lol) requesting an authorization code for my domain and it expires in 15 days!!

  2. Gokul says:

    Same story here…Complete crap customer care..I am trying for past 10 days..
    My Account manager (only i came to know now) bargaining with me to not giving auth code and says service will be good in future..

    Please dont register even single domain with Net4..

  3. From_Chennai says:

    Man, Net4 Sucks. you told your well.
    I have been their customer for an 1 year and it has been one of the top nightmares in my life. i would say theyir staff is worst that a 3rd rated bureaucratic government official
    They rap*d me completely and i suffered business losses
    My Sincere suggestion is to allow your domain names to expire to to register new domains from godaddy.

  4. Antony Mathews says: is one of the most fraudulent company in the world. Beware of (Previously

  5. Akshay Khanna says:

    Net4India is a fraud company. Typical Delhi based company run by crooks. I faced exactly the same issues of domain transfer as mentioned by Rajib above. But I have reported the matter to In Registry.


  6. Rajesh Advani says:

    Agreed. I have problems transferring the domain names to other company, coz it will be problem for my clients to keep their website for few days until domain is successfully transferred. Is there a solution? Let me know.

    Also, read reviews on, where I had putmy experiences with these fraudsters and also sent t a link to net4, but you know they are thick skin and every word will fall deaf ears.

    Anyway, I too would like to shift all my domains (24 nos.) to other registrar, who is better? let me know.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Rajesh,

      Cannot tell you how much trouble I am continuing to have with Net4. Now it turns out that customers who have registered domains through Tata Indicom were actually processed through Net4.
      My client whose domain was purchased through Tata is now stuck with absolutely no clue on how to move forward. Tata has washed their hands off saying we will provide you with Net4 Id. Net4 has not yet responded. I think we all know how my clients recent domain renewal went – we paid 100/- over market price for every domain registered with Tata.

      Since the last 3 years I am using (an accredited registrar) and I am quite happy with their pricing and customer support.


  7. Ankur Didwania says:


    I gave my website development to focusmediainfotech which in turn bought the domain named from net4u. Now i have discontinued my contract with focusmediainfotech and got my domain renewed directly from net4u.But now problem is that i can not access my domain as according to net4u the domain name have been blocked by focusmediainfotech using some master controll or so …I want to ask that is this possible as i have not shared my new password and id with the focusmedia and the customer support is of net 4 is really pathetic so can any help me out ???????

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Ankur,

      In my experience, Net4India does not care about it’s customers. It does not clearly document processes that customers can follow for resolution of their problems nor does it provide customer care that can resolve issues. All it’s customer care does is copy-paste text from some file in response to your queries and they don’t even bother to read your question which already provides details they are asking for.

      FYI, the registrant of your domain name is “Jai Kumar”, Organisation: JJ India and email is set to:

      Hopefully Jai Kumar is a person belonging to your organisation since the registrant email ID is incorrect. In the absence of accurate domain registrant information, you cannot claim domain ownership and resolve issues. Try and execute the following:
      1. File a support ticket with Net4India to change Registrant Details to yours. You may be required to Fax/Scan-Email supporting documents.
      2. I am assuming that your new website is no longer hosted with FocusMedia. In that case, obtain the NameServer details from your new hosting company and ask Net4India to change the NameServer records of your domain.

      In my experience Net4India will try every tactic in the book to block your requests and will make it impossible for you to transfer away your domains. Use every means at your disposal – phone, fax, email & registered letters to get your requests across to them.


  8. Akshay Khanna says:

    An Update.

    I had 3 domains registered with them. Had tough time transferring 2 of them. But there were no hassles in transferring the third one. I had put in the request for the auth code couple of days ago and to my surprise I received the code on email yesterday. There were no telephone calls, no follow up, no explanations.. nothing. There was another surprise when the code was accepted at Go Daddy which does not happen usually as Net 4 is known to provide wrong auth codes initially.

    If you notice, recently there has been a change in control panel at Net 4 and it seems things have improved.

    Anyway, I am lucky I just had 3 domains with them and all of them have been transferred out to Go Daddy.

    Goodbye Net 4.

  9. Yousuf says:

    these people are useless scarps only because they are staying in india they can do business. I paid my renewal fees after a month i came to know that my doman is expired. the answer from the complaint section of net 4 domain was “sir you have to re register you domain we are sorry for our mistake” if i had time i should have made them pay all my losses due to their caresless attitude. the policy of net4 india is get advance payment from customer and ignore them”

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Yousuf,

      Sorry to hear that yet another customer is suffering due to Net4India’s callousness.

      Recently, my client who had registered his domain through Tata (which in turn uses Net4 for this job) had his domain get knocked off the Internet for 5 days!

      Needless to say, my client suffered immensely as his emails bounced and his business’s reputation was questioned.


  10. guys you’ve scared the hell out of me!!!!
    I am not a web designer or consultant. I just got a free domain name with my Tata Broadband connection. And now when renewal is due and I’ve decided to transfer to godaddy I’ve been dispatching emails after emails to Tata customer care, with no headway in obtaining auth code but only continued insistence from Tata to transfer to their reagistrar…

    Just afraid that my story is gonna end up like so many of yours

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Saurabh,

      Getting the Auth Codes out of TATA can be a bitch.
      They depend on Net4 to interact with the customer and their standard line on telephone and email support is “we tried to reach you but your phone was switched off”.

      I suggest that you don’t give up and keep emailing them daily; escalating them quickly to Nodal Officer and Tata Headoffices.
      I am in the process of launching a formal complaint against Net4 at Nixi. I hope I can count on your signature when the time comes.


  11. Sohini says:

    Hi Rajib, I chanced upon your post about domains. On behalf of Bigrock, we would love to have you check out our products and hopefully have you as our customer or even just tell us what you think.

    Here’s a brief intro to who and what we are all about: and our website: I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised with our products and purchase experience.


  12. You have my siggy for the complaint 🙂
    In fact the internet is full their fed up customers…

    All I have managed thus far is getting a CRN ID which isn’t of any use as I need to be net4india customer to login via it.

    Since I don’t have any brand value attached to my domain, I’m gonna register a new one with GoDaddy. I hope they are better than these *****

  13. Vikram says:


    Can anyone tell me which is the best hosting company in India.
    I just want to register a domain & host a simple website & with 4 to 5 business email ids. Thanks — Vikram

  14. Rajib Ghosh says:

    Hi Vikram,

    I will whole-heartedly recommend for domain registration. While Mitsu also provides web hosting and email hosting, I would recommend that you go for ‘Deluxe Hosting’ at GoDaddy for web-hosting and use Google Accounts for emails.

    GoDaddy Deluxe Hosting allows hosting of unlimited websites. You can get a good deal on the hosting price by using GoDaddy Discount Coupons (look for an article on this on this site).

    Google Apps allows you to create 50 Email IDs of 7 GB each for domains that you own. You can also consider Microsoft Live to create email IDs for your domains.


  15. Raj Aryan says:

    Hi rajib, just read all that which is written there……….just wanted to tell that net4 has improved a lot…..they have got some good quality now a days….so will like to update that i have wasted around 2500 rs on ISD calls with godaddy… which i hope u have been recommending to all….i can guarntee you that frm any DNS to email change in net4 now happens in a flash of second……

    i personally have a good experience so i m writting to you that ya they were bad in past but now there services are far better…….

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Raj,

      Thanks for the update. I am still having issues getting some of my domains out of Net4India.

      In case of status updates, I will definitely post them here.


  16. krish.b says:

    you know what, i called them up to upgrade my account, its 35 minutes gone, im still on hold….listening to the caller tune and thank you for holding, sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you….
    i have got a prepaid connection, i hope they will pick up the call before my balance gets over….
    i am scared now….i dont want to upgrade….i just want to get rid of them….but will these people help me in transferring my account to godaddy or bluhost….

  17. praveen says:

    net4domains is the worst i have ever come across..
    There is no telephonic support. No nody answeres its just waste of money.
    Support tickets opened are closed without them being addressed.
    net4 does not have the attitude to resolve the issues instead they simply close the ticket without resolving them.

  18. Prashant says:

    i tried to chat with customer care, Their chat system is Dead. This is really very odd, i don;t know when we will to have a good customer relationship.

  19. Sajith M K says:

    I am having even worse issues with which is owned by Tata Telecommunications. These idiots don’t have the courtesy to even reply to TTs raised from their website & emails to their customer support. Their automated system sent me a mail stating that my domain would be expiring on 25th November. And I renewed my domain using the Net Banking facility of HDFC Bank on 21st November. I was promptly deducted Rs 599/-. Today’s the 28th and no sign of renewal or reply to my numerous TTs, mails to their support team.

  20. aditya says:

    I too am a victim of net4 although I was (was) a reseller for them. i have lost all my commision & deposit. as I do not want to advertise here but net4 people are b@@$t@rd$

  21. roy says: is one of the most fraudulent company in the world. Beware of (Previously

    NET 4 India is very very bad bad

    please try to spread as much possible

  22. Pradeep says:

    So it it that we can never ever have a good Hosting service provider in India? For a really good startup do you suggest to book domain name and space directly from US?

    WHo is the best in india among the all these Bad service providers?

    I desperately need some directions. Please help.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Pradeep,

      I am satisfied with as far as registration of .IN and other domains is considered. Their customer support is very responsive.
      As far as hosting is concerned, I prefer GoDaddy / HostGator / 1&1 as these providers have their servers located internationally with massive infrastructure and bandwidths and their pricing is unbeatable by Indian operators.


  23. Renjith says:

    Net4 is a total WASTE. I paid over 2k for 3 yr hosting. Now they dont have a DATABASE!! I have to pay separately 1500 for database:) None of the PHP files are executing. I’m totally disappointed….FUCK Net4

  24. Manish Khemani says:

    Hi Rajib & Hi All other Commenters.

    Thank God ! I literally got saved by visitng this blog. I was searching the e-mail address of sales team, so as to contact them for their hosting services. Luckly in google “Rajib’s blog” came under the first page results.

    I saw everybody comments regarding and hence would not go for that and will consider other web hosting service providers.

    Thanks a lot Rajib and Thanks to all. I make sure when i make my own website i will add up your Rajib’s bolg’s link to make others aware.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Manish,

      I cannot stress enough the importance of staying away from Net4. Even till date, after almost 2 years I am having trouble getting control of my client’s domain names.
      Their help desk system with it’s limited functionality is terrible. You are better off with companies like Mitsu and GoDaddy who revert to you via email so that you have proper copies of your communications.


  25. I have been facing problem for the last few days in sending emails from Outlook. Please help me out as soon as possible.

    Mukesh Bansal
    Delhi 110033
    Mobile 9811309311

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Mukesh,

      There are lot of things that could be wrong and IMHO, the best way for you to solve your problem would be to use an online chat forum.
      You will receive real-time advise from technically knowledgeable people. Try chat-groups in IRC / Skype.


  26. Mister V says:

    Now I am scared to even ask for the Authorization Code from Net4. I don’t know how they will screw up my domain internally… since it seems to be in their control. What is the worst they can do if I ask for the Authorization Code?
    I desperately want to transfer my domain (that expires in June 2012) to some other registrar. What is the exact process to ask for the Authorization Code from Net4? And if they don’t cooperate, then what?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Mister V,

      The Auth Code for your domain is your right. You can be after Net4’s life till you get it. Document every little thing that you had to do to get the correct code.
      One of my clients just called. He managed to get the Auth code after trying for 3 days; now to check if Net4 supplied the correct auth code (which they normally don’t).


  27. Mister V says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply, Rajib. Another thought that crossed my mind is that suppose if I manage to get the correct Auth Code from Net4 and transfer my domain to say GoDaddy, then I stand to lose the money that I’ve paid to Net4 for my domain until June next year (2012).
    I know this should not matter if it means getting better service (and improved business) by switching over to GoDaddy. But its just a thought.

    Thanks again. Good article. Good website of yours.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Mister V,

      Any balance time on your domain is not lost. Upon transferring a domain, 1 or more years are added to the existing balance time.

      So as long as Net4 gives you the correct Auth Code and does not create any undue trouble, you should be able to transfer to another registrar and enjoy terrific customer service.


  28. ranjan says:

    hi rajib, saw this on google. i want to change my domain comapany also. i have decided to take the authorisation code now. what should i tell them in the reason if they ask. please help me. thanks ranjan

  29. Carlton Dsouza says:

    Hello Rajib,

    How to unlock the domain (RegistrarLock) for domain transfer from

    I found the following link on the net. This can be of use to many of us here:


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Carlton,

      Net4India has made it very painful to obtain the Auth code. You end up calling them (and being on hold for 30+ minutes) to obtain the auth code.
      Once the auth code has been given to you, you may initiate a domain transfer to another registrar. Quite often Net4 plays dirty by giving the wrong auth code, so it may take multiple tries (and a lot of cursing) to get it right from them.


  30. There is nobody on this page who says they are good. But the fact is they are still in business and making money. I have met many customers who have similar experience with other companies also. Some where its our responsibility also to find more about vendor.
    Search on google with company name on consume complaint and talk to people who are using their service before you get into relations.

  31. Vaibhav says:

    After facing same problems with Net4, I found this and innumerable other posts about people facing problems with Net4. I wish there were fewer idiots like me who buy stuff from companies like Net4 without doing some basic research.

    This company is surely a band of crooks which in any other country won’t survive but they do in India as the legal options are too time consuming.

  32. The latest update is, Net4 continuous to suck. It is very difficult to get auth-codes from them and they have a very foolish system which does everything else but does not give auth codes. Ultimately, I raised a Trouble Ticket and you know what, I got incorrect auth codes. not once but twice. I am talking to my account manager and also written to their CEO Jasjit Sawhney about the problems I am facing. I have decided to get all my domain names out of Net4, at whatever cost.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Rajesh,

      Looks like Net4 is up-to it’s dirty tricks again. I am about to transfer out a domain in the next 15 days. Hopefully I don’t suffer a repeat of the pain that I suffered in 2010.


  33. Sachine says:

    Net4 have really come from bad to worse,
    I have been their customer since 2001, and they had offered upto 10 email address free.

    And then all of a sudden they blocked my emails and I thought maybe its problem of connection and then later came to know that they have made it paid and If I want to use Email ids on MY DOMAIN, I have to pay for it, I had to inform all my customers of my alternate email ID to avoid loss of business,

    Later, the domain name was expiring and so I was renewing it for a year, they renewed it for a year and later after a year I saw my domain name Available for sale, and then on questioning and showing them the confirmation of payment for 10 years, they renewed my domain for furhter 8 YEARS !!
    Saying, that 1 year was paid and now since a year has passed, so 8 years remaining,
    I did make up strong case but they are really thick skinned,
    I transfered all my other domains from Net4, thank god no such hassles.
    My present registrar is Mitsu and am really happy with the prices.
    And service is not a problem because there are no problems


  34. Anurag says:


    I am scared buddy. I unfortunately have processed a Transfer-in request from 1and1 to Net4in.

    I am worried what will happen if I need to transfer my domain from Net4In to somewhere else.

    I wish if I had read your thread before.

    Do you know any other way, or want to provide me a suggestion on if I want to move my domains from Net4in to somewhere else, what should I do?


  35. Anurag says:


    Thanks for your help. Yes, I know that I’ll have to wait for at least 60 days after my domains are transferred to Net4, but what concerns me is that, after this 60 days of period, do you see any possibility that I may have to face the issue of not getting the Auth Code from Net4 if I wish to transfer it to some other registrar.

    I was wondering how was your last experience of domain transfer with Net4 which you performed in May?

    Please share your latest experience of May.


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Anurag,

      In the recent months, with a little bit of chasing I have been able to get some of my domains out of the Net4 system.
      The key to success is to call their call-center first thing in the morning and start eating the heads of their lying customer support executives.


  36. atria says:

    Unfortunately, a very basic lack of common sense did me in (re ending up with a domain off net4). I should have done my research, and I did not. And that’s probably what’s kept net4 going despite such a long list of disgruntled shocked clients! Any other service provider with this kind of a reputation should have either had to get their act together or shut fucking shop. It’s a plain matter of failure of customers, potential ones especially, to find out more about who we are engaging with. cheap, service from India, and that cant be the only criteria for using the service.

    But happy for spaces like this, glad you wrote about it, Rajib.

  37. Jagan says:

    Hi Friends
    Can anyone tell me which one is the best web hosting provider across India. and please list out the web hosing sites that accept the Debit card.

    Thanks in advance.

  38. Raj says:

    Hi Rajib,

    I am also one of the victims of Net4 or Net4India.
    My experience with this company is very bad.

    {edited to remove hyperlink}


  39. Rama Krishna says:

    Me too. Not sure how this company is surviving with this kind of bad reputation. I already lost 4000 Rs because of their poor website design and renewal practices.

    I renewed my domain 1 month back and it’s showing as in process. What the heck !
    Godaddy india is best.


  40. Kotak says:

    Net4 is a total WASTE. I paid for domain and hosting and no database in that.Net4 Ideats waste my time and money… For my every query they giving reply as like ASS do in your end then now you will check… The technical and customer handling people are not educated simply reply like they blind and dump… Now they dont have a DATABASE!! None of the PHP files are executing. I’m totally disappointed….Net4…

    Please dont go for net4 india never in your dream tooo…

  41. Kotak says:

    Yes Belovers


    They are bloody Cheaters… Their company moto is only CHEATING, CHEATING, CHEATING by Internet Users

    Now iam speaking with some major journalists and it will be published in leading news papers very soon…

    Because Newspaper flashes only get people to aware about the stupid and idiotic service with Net4india..


  42. Kotak says:

    Yes Belovers


    They are bloody Cheaters… Their company moto is only CHEATING, CHEATING, CHEATING by Internet Users

    Now iam speaking with some major journalists and it will be published in leading news papers very soon…

    Because Newspaper flashes only get people to aware about the stupid and idiotic service with Net4india..


  43. SBS says:

    Anyone has transfered domain out of Net4 recently ? I got my net4 login credentials after wasting time over last 5 weeks with Tata Communictions and have clicked the ‘Retrieve Auth Code’ button on net4 website today.
    Any latest tips will be helpful. Going by all comments from 2011 and beyond, looks like I am up for a battele with them.

    Appreciate feedback and help.

  44. Valentin says:

    I am trying to get Auth code, I get the confirmation message (Auth Code Request of Domain Name ‘’ recieved), I click on the link to confirm the transfer, but there is no Auth code afterwards.

    Tried several times, contacted support, nothing. Also can’t make payment, there is a message “contact support” when I try to make payment.

  45. mano says:

    you are right man. company is closed now.

  46. frustrated sys admin says:

    11 years and nothing changed.
    Can you tell me where can I find the Approve Transfer Option. Other registrar is not able to initiate the transfer at it is not approved by and there is no option to Approve the transfer in account. Please help.

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