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Beam Cable Automatic Login – Rajib's Blog Rajib's Blog

Beam Cable Automatic Login

Login to Beam Cable Internet without user intervention

Login to Beam Cable Internet without user intervention

Beam Cable provides very attractive Internet connectivity packages to homes & offices and is available in areas where the big name ISPs don’t dare to provide services. In many ways, Beam Cable has pioneered many aspects of Internet Service Providers and set benchmarks that other providers should attempt to reach.

While user’s without computer networking background crib about the lack of knowledge in Beam Cable technicians and inability to solve technical issues; power-users like me crib about handicapping ‘features’ in the Beam Cable network (such as manual login and Fair Usage Policy limits).

Beam Cable uses a ‘Web Based’ authentication system. Instead of using the more common PPPoE authentication, Beam has chosen some really complicated HTTP based authentication system. Users like me who use non-customizable Wi-Fi router (Netgear, Belkins etc.) cannot automate the login process. Logging in requires a computer with a web-browser. If you have attached devices like VOIP gateways, Security Cameras, these devices stop working till you manually login everyday.

If you have multiple users in your house, you need to share the login/password with everyone. The situation becomes worse if you use the connection in a company environment where confidentiality of login/pass is paramount.

Recently I came across an article in ‘Shantanu’s Technopilic Musings‘ where he has done sufficient R&D to determine the Beam Cable login mechanism and published his results.

The problem with the article was that the script published wouldn’t work for me and it kept saving an ever-increasing number of files titled ajax.php and index.html on my computer. Commentator’s demand that a batch file be made available has not yet been honored.

With due greetz to Shantanu, I am making available the batch file that I am using to automate the Beam Cable login.

Download Beam Cable Automatic Login Batch File.


  • The ZIP file contains the GNU WGET utility (wget.exe) and a MS-DOS batch file (beam_login.bat). Please feel free to delete the wget.exe file from the package and replace it with the most recent version from Gnu Utils SourceForge Website.
  • The batch file contains the WGET command string that logs you into the Beam network without firing up the browser.
  • Extract the ZIP file into a folder. In my case, it is in C:\WINDOWS. Putting the wget.exe file in WINDOWS folder has the advantage that the WGET command can be run from anywhere in the system.
  • Create a short-cut in your ‘All Users’ Start-Up menu. How To
  • On your next system start, the batch file should execute automatically and log you into Beam Cable’s network.
  • You can also use a Start-Up delayer program to sequence the Beam Cable batch file before anything.
  • Changes from Shantanu’s version: fixed ‘double-dash’ before POST command, added –CONTINUE command to prevent creation of multiple ajax.php files

Does this fully automate the Beam Cable Login? Nope. You still need a PC. If you are among the lucky few who has access to a Router that can be configured with manual scripts, you can use Shantanu’s article and my command string to actually achieve decent automation.

What the script does however is to log you into the Beam network without firing up the browser and manual typing ID and password and clicking buttons. This results in Instant Messenger programs that start with the system, login successfully. Email programs that start automatically, start downloading too.


On a side note, here is an interesting Beam Cable folly:

My client – KonceptAmbience, has requested me for a while to visit the Show Home of their landmark project “The Botanika” and fix issues with the office network.

The problem: Beam Cable has provided an Internet Connection to the office and deployed their own Wi-Fi VoIP router. My client has further purchased a HP1522nF Printer and connected it to the LAN port of the Router. While my client was able to successfully browse the Internet, attempting to print over the network failed. The only solution: Connect individual notebook computers to the printer using USB cable and print.

Needless to say, this is problematic since the printer/fax is located at the Reception area and Offices are located 50 feet away in staff area. Beam Cable technicians were contacted repeatedly to a point where the technicians gave up and declared “We don’t know what to do”. From this point on, they just stopped coming and the Beam Cable support centre would just sit on the complaints.

I once established a TeamViewer session with a computer in the staff area and could determine that computers were indeed able to connect to the Internet. However attempts at pinging the printer (static IP assigned) failed. This led me to remotely conclude that either the LAN interface on the Beam WiFi router is screwed or the LAN interface on the HP Printer is toast.

When I visited the site yesterday and checked the issue, the problem and it’s solution had me splitting with laughter.

It turned out that Beam Cable had installed two WiFi routers in the premises with the same SSID. The Reception router was connected to the Internet cable and the printer, while the Meeting router was connected to the Reception router on the WAN port and switched On. This meant that while the Meeting Room router will act as the Gateway for computers connected to it, any attempts to access devices featuring IP Address in the same subnet but connected to the Reception will fail because the Meeting room router will actually look for the devices in the LAN area and not the WAN area.

If the Meeting Room router was connected to the Reception router on the LAN port, there would have been no issue because the Reception router would now just be a LAN extender.

When the computers were switched On in the office area, they automatically connected to the Meeting Room router (since it’s closer and has more signal strength). They received an IP (via DHCP) too. Since the meeting room router features identical configuration (Same SSID, same Router LAN IP), any diagnosis that was being done by staff was being done on the incorrect router.

Since the LAN cable segments were crimped really badly and it appeared that the cable from the Meeting room router to the Reception router had been pulled out recently, All I had to do to fix the issue was to turn Off the ‘rouge’ router and re-position the reception router for better signal strength in the office room!

Kudos Beam Cable technicians. Some of you should be stripped of your MCSEs and CCNAs.

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235 Responses

  1. Shantanu says:

    Good work rajib..There is this issue with wordpress that converts double dashes into a single dash. I’m a bit too lazy and forgot to put it as a note in the article..
    btw i doubt any of those beam cable technicians have MCSEs or CCNAs in the first place that can be stripped off. 😛

  2. Gautam says:

    Hi, I am planning to migrate to Beam from Airtel. I was searching for the fair usage policy download limits of Beam. Can you please tell me the limit for B-Max1000

  3. Masula says:

    I was able to use a PPPoE to log on to beam broadband and also keep it working. I am not in India and get my family to sign up for Beam Broadband so that they can use Linksys SPA 2102 for VoIP.

    For the first time I got my family to log on to beam on the computer. Got the IP and logged on to the Linksys SPA 2102, configured it to use PPPoE (PPPoE, DHCP) setting and there you go.

    Hope it helps.

  4. Sanal says:

    Hi there,

    Is it possible for two users to browse internet via WiFi router connected to Beam? If yes, does both have to login seperately(with same credentials)? Or will others be able to browse using the session created by a user???

    Many Thanks in advance!

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Sanal,

      It is indeed possible for multiple users to connect to a single Beam Cable connection. Multiple computers at my home share the Beam Cable connection using a Belkin WiFi Router.
      Since BeamCable uses a web-based login, any one of the computers on the network has to login to Beam once a day. Once logged in, other computers can access the Internet without further ado.

      In my case, I have connected the Beam Cable LAN cable to ‘Internet’ port on my Router. I have configured the router to use a ‘Always On’ connection that obtains IP via DHCP.


  5. Narasimha says:

    Hai Rajib,

    I am using Beam cable connection at my residence i want access internet to my laptop using wireless and to desktop using cable at a time,for this i have DNA-A211-1 modem which i purchased from BSNL which i used earlier.Now if i connect Beam cable to modem i am able to access using Wifi Beam authentication web page and access Internet.and same on desktop using cable.But only one at once,is it possible to configure username and password with in the modem and make automatic login and access internet on both laptop and desktop at a time.If there is any solution please let me know which will be helpful to me.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Narasimha,

      The BSNL Wifi modem you have features – One DSL Port for incoming Internet Line, 4 LAN ports to connect to computers using cable and WiFi Access Point to connect to computers using WiFi.

      Here lies a problem: BeamCable gives you a 4-wire 10Mbps LAN cable instead of a DSL cable and this means that the BSNL router is not immediately available for use as a routing device.

      You have the following options:

      Use the BSNL router as a LAN switch: In this mode, connect the BeamCable to LAN Port #1 of the router and connect your computer to Port #2 of the router. You can also use WiFi to connect to the Router. Configure your computer to obtain an IP address automatically (See here: Your computer should send out a DHCP request and BeamCable should respond. Once your computer obtains an IP, you should start the web-browser and goto any website. BeamCable will prompt you to login. You can also directly goto BeamCable’s authentication website first. In my case, it is
      Once disadvantage of this method that any one computer can connect to the Internet since BeamCable only assign a Dynamic IP once
      Configure your Computer to act as Router: In this method, you need to connect the BeamCable into the LAN port of your Laptop and Use WiFi to connect to the Router. You need to set-up Internet Connection Sharing on the Laptop (See here: Now any computer connected to the Router (using Lan, Wifi) will use your Laptop computer as the Router and browse the Internet. You can also setup your desktop computer to share the Internet. This is preferred. For this, you may need to install an additional Ethernet card on your desktop (assuming your desktop currently only feature One onboard LAN port). If installing a LAN card on the desktop, install a quality card from D-Link. This will absorb high-voltage issues that may strike your computer via the BeamCable. The high-quality additional card will take the hit and protect your computer.
      Purchase new router: You can always purchase a new WiFi router like the NetGear WGR614 (approx. Rs. 1500/-) and set it up to share the Internet. Setting up a router like NetGear/Belkin/Linksys is very easy and takes a few only a few clicks.

      I hope that I clarified the situation to some extent. Do let me know if you have further queries.


  6. Jagadish says:


    We have taken a new beam cable connection. I thought it was an AlwaysOn connection.
    Here, in our home i have wireless router ” Dlink 524 “,
    Two desktops and two laptops.

    Can I share this connection to all my Pcs at a time without any disconnections or password ?

    If yes how..?will it asks for password in each system everytime ?

    Plz calrify …Thank you

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Jagdish,

      You can surely use the Dlink router to share the Internet connection between various PCs.
      BeamCable requires that you login to their network at-least once in 24 hours using any computer that is part of your home network. After login, other computers are not prompted for authentication.

      The only routers where you can customize the wget command and try automatically login into BeamCable at Router level, are the open routers. NetGear makes one such router and DLink routers can be customized using the OpenWRT firmware. However, I don’t have much experience with router hacking and you are better off looking at Shatanu’s blog for hints.


  7. Ravi says:

    Hi Rajib,
    We have a beam BMax 1000 plan in our room. We have two laptops in our room, and we want to share our internet connection between the two laptops. We tried it through Wi-fi but, one of the laptops has a faulty Wi-fi switch, so it stopped working. We got a D-Link 8 port Desktop(Ethernet) switch, plugged in the main Beam cable to the switch, plugged in two more cables to the switch, and connected those cables to our two laptops. Now, our problem is that, only one of us can log in at a time, if the first laptop tries to login, then the second laptop gets disconnected and it is prompted to login again. The same happens to the first laptop, if the second laptop tries to log in. What could be the problem? Is it possible to share our Beam Broadband connection using a switch? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time….

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Ravi,

      BeamCable uses your computer’s MAC ID (Ethernet Card’s unique ID) to register your session. Two computers with different MAC IDs trying to access the services using same Login ID will be rejected by their authentication system.

      Your solutions are:
      1. Use a Router instead of a switch: Connect the BeamCable wire to the ‘Internet / WAN’ port on your router. Connect the PCs to the LAN port on the router. Set your computer’s to receive IP via DHCP from the router. Your router will now become the local gateway. It will receive requests from your computers, forward them to Beam using the router’s MAC ID. When the responses are received, the packets will be forwarded to the appropriate computer. You can either use ordinary Wired Routers or WiFi routers. Wifi routers are quite cheap – The NetGear WGR-614 v9 only costs Rs. 1450/- in Hyderabad.

      2. Configure one of your PC to act as the router: Such functionality is available from Windows 98 onwards and is called ‘Internet Connection Sharing’. You will need to fit two LAN cards on one of your computers. One card (preferably a quality card like D-Link that is fitted on a PCI slot) will be connected to the BeamCable wire. The second LAN port (maybe onboard card or PCI card) will be connected to the LAN Switch that you already have. There is plenty of documentation available on the Internet about setting up ICS and I hope you will be able to set it up easily. Note that: PC #2 can only access the Internet as long as the Router PC (PC #1) is powered-on.


  8. Tilak says:

    i wud like to know how to port forward in beam cable.i dont have router.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Tilak,

      Port Forwarding is used on Routers to block all open incoming ports and open a selective few so that applications that use these ports can freely communicate with servers on the Internet and other ports that can potentially lead to hacking are blocked.

      Previously, Beam Cable used to assign private IPs to subscribers and applications that required direct port-to-port connectivity would not work. Asking Beam to open specific ports and forward them was not feasible either (port forwarding is specific to the IP address of the client).

      Today Beam provides public IPs to it’s subscibers. All ports are open by default, only bandwidth is throttled. Hence for the PC that is connected to Beam, all ports are available and port forwarding is not required.

      If Beam is connected to a router and multiple PCs are connected to the router, Port Forwarding on the router is only required if you have activated an aggressive firewall on your router and the router is blocking common ports.


  9. srinivas says:

    beem cable how can share the internet 3system i have swith box

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Srinivas,

      I have already covered the subject of sharing beam cable connection among many PCs using either a Router device or by converting one of the PCs as a router. Please check the comments.


  10. Ravi says:

    Hi Rajib,

    Can beam internet be configured as PPPOE over D-link router ? If yes, what would the login credentials to be put in the PPPOE settings ?

    Have you asked the Beam Cable whether they support PPPOE wifi ?

    Thanks for your time on this one ! Very helpful !

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Ravi, I have tried to configure my home connection to work over PPPoE without success. The beam technician’s answer too was that home connections are required to use web-based login.

      For corporate connections, beam provides fibre-optic cable with media convertor and router at the client’s place and no login is required.

  11. fedex says:

    ssup Rajib! First up, nice blog – keep writing. I can see your passion to explore things – that’s a lot like what I used to be 😉
    anyway googling ‘beam cable FUP’ brings me to this page today.
    Not that I don’t know what their limits are, as someone who is been penalized more than thrice in a row ever since they introduced FUP, I have seen the best and worst of beam cable in the past 3 years of subscription.

    Well.. I have been thinking about a trick to get around their whole FUP – I will post a comment once I succeed with my approach.. until then.. its a bye from me.

  12. John says:

    Hello Rajib,

    i have a ASUS RT-N13U Router with me and am using Beam Cable 4 Mbps, could you please help me configure ASUS router, i tried configuring it but i am not able to connect to internet, i would be thankful if you could help me configure the router.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear John,

      I went through the spec sheet of the Asus RT-N13U router and found it to be a highly rated device.
      It makes it easy to connect to ISPs that use the RJ-45 interface. All you need to do is plug the BeamCable wire into the WAN port of the router and connect your PCs to the LAN port of the router to use WiFi to connect to the router.

      The first person to use the Internet for the day will be prompted to login to BeamCable; rest will be able to seamlessly use the connection. In case the BeamCable Login page does not show up and you see error pages instead, just goto the BeamCable login page manually and login. In my case, the BeamCable login page does not reliably show up automatically, hence I make it a point to login manually first thing in the day.


  13. Vipul says:

    Hi Rajib,

    Nice blog and I hugely appreciate you replying to all the comments.

    I have just bought a netgear wgr614 n150 router, but haven’t been able to set it up.

    I connected the beam cable to WAN port and then connected my PC using LAN cord to one of the LAN ports.

    But I still see the network status as – No internet access. I tried going to router settings to set up PPPoE login, but that didn’t salve the issue.

    Please help.


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Vipul,

      To the best of my knowledge BeamCable does not use PPPoE; hence configuring the router for PPPoE is unlikely to work.
      On my Belkin router, I have configured BeamCable as a ‘Dynamic’ connection i.e. the router is configured to obtain an IP address dynamically and no login/pass is required.
      The router obtains the IP that beam cable allocates and starts routing traffic to/fro my PC. BeamCable prompts me once a day to login on their web-portal (which I have automated using the batch file).


  14. aditya says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is there any ‘line in’ function in yamaha psr-i423? If not, how we will be able to play a mp3 by this KB’s speakers

    What does a style means? is there any indian styles cd available in stores also?

    Pls. reply

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Aditya,

      I am unsure if the I425 has Line-in feature. You will have to check it out in a store and would request you to let us know by posting a reply in this blog.


  15. Pradeep says:

    Do u have any working user ID and password plzzz gimme…thQ

  16. Srinivas says:

    I hosted my pc from is connecting via internet from from all network providers except beam network pc’s.i tried ping from beam network pc’s but it is saying destination not reachable.but all in other networks it is pining.

    Can any one give me the solution for to access beam to beam pc’s through public ip.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Srinivas,

      Perhaps BeamCable has deployed a firewall that is blocking inbound traffic on Port 139 (ICMP = Ping).

      In any case, it should be easy enough for you to use a Dynamic IP service and post the IP of your computer to a dynamic hostname (such as and then you should be able to access your PC from anywhere. If you use a service like TeamViewer, you need not even remember the IP of your PC, just the TeamViewer ID and a pre-configured password.

      You can use the ‘Shields Up’ test at to check which ports are blocked for you from receiving inbound links. Do keep in mind, your machine’s firewall/anti-virus maybe blocking some ports too, so don’t go blaming BeamCable extensively.


  17. Srinivas says:

    Dear Rajib Ghosh,

    Thanks for reply.

    I already hosted my pc like is accessing from any network except from beam networked pc’s.

    i will give another example.

    i am running Counter strike 1.6 game server.It is accesible and connecting my server from any networked pc’s in the world except beam networked pc’s.I don’t know why they are not able to connect to my game server.

    how can i resolve this.Do you have any idea about this problem.


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Srinivas,

      Let me get it straight:

      Your PC is connected directly (assumed) to the Internet (not via a home router) using an Internet Service Provider (unknown yet).
      You have setup Dydns like service to publish your IP updates periodically.
      You are running Counter Strike Game Server on your machine (TCP Ports: 27030-27039, UDP Ports: 1200,27000-27015)
      Your friends using same or other ISPs are able to connect to your CS Server
      Your friends who use BeamCable ISP are unable to connect to your CS Server

      Since your friends are able to connect to your PC successfully, clearly the problem is not on your PC (unless you are running some software that has blacklisted/rejecting connections from your BeamCable friends IP.

      I see the following situations that could be preventing a successful connection (you will have to eliminate them one by one):

      Your friend (who uses Beam) has an issue on his PC (firewall? Antivirus? Misconfiguration?) that is preventing him from making the connection.
      BeamCable is not allowing outbound traffic on CS ports. If this is true, you friend will not be able to connect to any CS Game server that is running on these ports.
      BeamCable is not allowing inbound traffic on CS ports. Normally this is not required unless CS needs to be configured as a listening server on all clients
      Your friend’s BeamCable connection is not public IP based, but rather private IP based or via a Proxy server. In such cases, ports may be blocked (not by Beam)
      BeamCable as an underlying routing problem. In such a case, your friend may be unable to connect to your PC at all (on any port) or any other PC that uses the same DynDns service.

      Can you ask your friend to use alternate DNS servers (instead of Beam default) and see if this helps? You can use OpenDNS servers. I use them and find them better than any ISPs in India.
      Your friend can run a slew of tests at GRC ( and check if his computer/network has an issue.


  18. Srinivas says:

    Dear Rajib Ghosh,

    Thank you very much for giving clarification on this post.

    I tested the url which u have ip got opened in port 80 by default,it is common for all and remaining are Stealth and i tested three beam networked pc’s to connect my game server i got problem like this while connecting from game.

    ] connect
    WARNING: UDP_OpenSocket: port: 27015 bind: WSAEADDRINUSE
    NET Ports: server 27015, client 27005
    Could not get TCP/IP address, TCP/IP disabled
    Reason: WSAENOT

    i tested ports from 27000-27040 but all are Stealth.

    if my server ports are blocked then how another people(Not beam) are connecting and playing.

    but all our beam networked pc’s are connecting to another service provider cs servers and we are playing together.

    So, Can you give solution for this.


  19. Vj says:

    Hey Rajib,

    Good stuff up there.

    i am not yet a beam cable user. But had an oppurtunity to look at my friends BEAM connection yesterday just before i get a connection since i wanted to use the connection off a Router and not want to authenticate from the PC using the webpage that appears.

    Unlike the details you mentioned in your posts above, i did not see a requirement to connect to the Internet by authenticating using the webpage. I was able to logon to the internet by doing a PPPOE dial from the Windows machine and the authentication worked well.

    Is this a feature BEAM has enabled in the recent past to help out people to use router’s to authenticate or am i wrong in saying that this is working.

    I am pretty sure from what i saw that authentication is possible from the router, i have not tried it though.

    If you think the Authentication from the router is a feature that is still not available, i will go connect my router at my friends place, give it a try and confirm here.

    I currently am sticking to my BSNL connection only because i though Internet is not shareable using others.

    Please clarify.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Vj,

      It is quite possible that some of Beam Cable’s customers are connected via PPPoE.
      At one of my client’s site offices, we have BeamCable. It appears to be using a telephone-line cable (DSL?) and not LAN (which I have).
      Authentication is definitely not web-based (quite possibly either PPPoE or Static IP) and controlled by their Router (with WiFi).

      Whether login is required or not, BeamCable connections can definitely be shared among users either by using a Home-Router device or converting one of the PCs into an Internet Gateway using ‘Internet Connection Sharing’ feature that is built into Windows.

      This actually is far difficult to achieve on Tikona broadband. Their network and devices are toooo tightly controlled and users are held at ransom. You don’t get WiFi connectivity from a WiFi router unless you fork out 75/- per month!


  20. Prabhat says:

    Hi Rajib,

    I have seen this blog post and found very useful. I was using BSNL and later switched to AirTel and using the same BSNL Type-IV DSL modem (WA3002G4 – DataOne DSL Modem) for both. And now shifting to Beam and wanted to use the same modem.

    I see your reply:
    “Use the BSNL router as a LAN switch: In this mode, connect the BeamCable to LAN Port #1 of the router and connect your computer to Port #2 of the router. You can also use WiFi to connect to the Router. ”

    So I am not very sure how can I make the above DSL modem to autologin Beam conection.

    I tried to go to DSL Admin page: Advanced – WAN – pppoe_1_32_1, PPPoE and modified to use my Beam UID and PWD. But no use.

    Please advise.

  21. Vj says:

    Thanks Rajib, Yes i understand from your above posts that Beam cable is shareable, i am currently checking out the stability of the connection during power cuts at my friends place, BEAM says that they have a UPS in place at each of their pops which are capable of 2 hr backup, however i am checking on the stability on the connection before deciding, all other factors look good wrt BEAM.

    BTW the connection type BEAM is doing here is over LAN and ethernet, Auth works with the pppoe dialer as well or the redirection to webpage method. thats fine.

    @Prabath- You will not be able to use the Inbuilt dialer on your DSL modem to dial into BEAM, the PPPOE dialer works only for the WAN port, i.e. the ADSL port, you cannot use that port in this case as beam terminates using the standard RJ45 ethernet port and not the RJ12 that DSl uses.

    You can only use the Modem as a switch.


  22. Prabhat says:

    Hi VJ,

    Thanks for your reply. I think the only option would be purchasing a WiFi router and get my laptop also work along with Desktop?

    But even if I want to use the DSL Modem as a Switch; yesterday I connected the RJ45 (Beam) to Lan Port#1 and from Lan Port#2 I connected to my PC. BUT the PC could not connect to internet :(.

    Is there any settings I need to do. BTW: I could ping the DSL Modem from PC, but No Internet.


  23. Vj says:


    When you are using the modem as a switch, you are obviously authenticating from your PC, and in this case, since the modem is not acting as a router, the Public IP is directly assigned to your PC.

    Hence the Laptop will not be able to access the internet. To achieve internet on both, the only way in this setup is the one Rajib Mentioned above ( Internet connection sharing on either one of your PC or laptop).

    The procedure for ICS can be easily understood from any search page on the internet. check it out. else the other best option is to use a router with a ethernet WAN port.

    Good luck.

  24. Prabhat says:

    Thanks VJ for your input.

    I think I will continue without any new hardware with Beam (I will connect the cable to PC/laptop which need internet) and will wait till AirTel shift my OLD connection to my new house 🙂 .


  25. Vj says:

    Hmm, i re read what you posted and understood what you meant this time around.

    When your PC is connected to the Lan port, are you doing PPPOE dialing from the PC or are you waiting for the Login page from BEAM to appear?

    The login page would obviously not appear since your LAN Ip addressing is something using which you cannot reach the BEAM authentication server.

    Forget the LAN addressing on the ADSL modem disable DHCP on the modem, and then you should get an IP from BEAM;s DHCP server.

    In this case, the authentication page should appear and you should be good connecting.

    Else with the same setup you can try the PPPOE dialer on the PC. that is in case authentication is working based out of PPPOE in your area. it definitely works in mine. Setting up the PPPOE dialer on the PC is easy using the internet connection Wizard on an OS like XP.

    Rajib, correct me if i am wrong anywhere in my post.

    While writing this post i was wondering how the Router would be able to pick up the private IP and the Public ip when the BEAM cable is terminated on the wan port.

    For the authentication page to appear, we need the LAN address that BEAM is assigning using DHCP right, and when authenticated the PUBLIC Ip is sent out, i understand the router is only able to assign only 1 ip to itself on the wan side, then how does the whole process work. I am not able to think this out straight away, ur comment might help Rajib.


  26. Rohan says:


    I just got a BEAM 4mbps line, with static IP (i checked that box in the applicaion form), however internet sharing does not work over a Belkin router, If one user logs in, the others log out. I have tried both dynamic and static connection types. Help? Thanks.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Rohan,

      Have you connected the BeamCable wire to the LAN port of the Belkin router or the WAN port of the Router?
      Ideally, you should connect the BeamCable wire to the WAN port of the Router and configure the Router to enable NAT and share the WAN connection.
      This way, BeamCable’s authentication servers will only see one Ethernet MAC address.


  27. pavan says:


    i am using a belkin n router with the beam connection. i have no problem connecting many devices on it once i log in from one pc. but it is logging out frequently.

    also i think it is not happening when i browse sites…. it seems to happen more when i am using a torrent client.


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Pavan,

      Some of the older routers from D-Link and Broadcom DSL Routers just couldn’t handle too many simultaneous TCP/IP connections.
      Programs like uTorrent hammer the router with requests to open 100 – 400 TCP/IP connections simultaneously.

      Possibly, this is what is happening but it is also very surprising since Belkin is a very good brand and both my Belkin WiFi-B and WiFi-G routers have worked effortlessly with uTorrent.
      Perhaps you can try and configure uTorrent to reduce the number of simultaneous downloads and connections per download.


  28. Bhanu says:

    Hi Rajib,

    I was using the BSNL and later switched to BEAM and using the same BSNL Type II DSL Modem (AR800V V3.0) which have the wi-fi facility. I have connected the Beam cable to Lan port #1 of the router and connected my laptop to part #2. By doing this I am able to connect to the intenet. In the wireless networks list also I am able to see the beam cable but I am not able connect to it. Could you please let me know how to configure/access the wi-fi by using BSNL modem with BEAM internet connection.

  29. Badri says:

    Dear Rajib,

    I have a bsnl broadband connection at home and using WA3002G4 modem / router provided by bsnl. I am planning to subscribe for a secondary connection through beam. Is there a way, where I can connect the beam internet connection through WA3002G4 and leverage the wifi as well at my home. I saw some related queries being addressed by you before in the blog but I was still unclear of setting this up. I have called up beam helpl line to get this clarified but they don’t seem to have any clue. I thought I would submit my query and seek your assistance. Thanks for your time. Badri

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Badri,

      If you wish to harness the power of both the Internet connections simultaneously, you will need to use a Load Balancing Router. D-Link makes one and you can check it’s specs here.

      Configuring the WiFi on BSNL’s router is a simple matter. Just access the router’s configuration home page (generally at


  30. mohammed says:

    i had the problem with beam cable connection, when i have taken the connection i have connected the internet cable to desktop directly later i moved to wireless router (D-Link Dir-600) i have configured the router successfully and able to access the desktop and my laptop same time. but problem started in days not able to connect the internet using Wireless Router (the internet connection indicator shows orange light). i have send request to beam customer service. the customer care person came and try to resolve the problem but the problem still continues. he made the connection directly but not able to connect using router saying the word that its not his job and blame that router is not working. but when i try to connect using laptop i successfully made connection to router but not able to connect to internet.

    can you please give me suggestion to resolve this problem.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Mohammed,

      Since your desktop and laptop are connecting to the router and connecting to each other via the router, the router is probably working just fine.
      You will need to configure the Internet connection on the router to get successfully connected.
      Make sure that the beam-cable wire is going into the WAN port on the router and not one of the LAN ports.
      On the router’s configuration page, you can try configuring the connection as Dynamic / PPPoE / Static.
      In my case, Beam automatically assigns IP to their cable and I need to provide a login-id on the website. Hence, my router is configured as Dynamic.
      In the case of some of my readers, they were able to configure their router in PPPoE mode and Dial-into Beam.
      In case, you have a high-speed line, Beam may have assigned a static-Ip instead. Hence you will need a static IP configuration.


  31. fedex says:

    hey Rajib,

    I did write in a few months ago on this very post. Well, Sadly, I haven’t really managed to crack/get around beam cable FUP yet. I was wondering if you have any tips in this area! You can email me in pvt if you are working/intend to work on the same.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Fedex,

      Nope, I am not working on method to bypass Beam’s security. Though I have teamed up with friends and have access to a 4Mbps/75GB connection for my download needs.


  32. himanshu g says:


    I brought Dlink 600 n150 router but whenever I connect beam cable to router to WLAN/Internet port but I don’t see light indicator blinking. However, same works fine when connected to computer. Router is working fine as per beam cable technician who also couldn’t find reasons as why connectivity not happening with router.
    Any clue / suggestion?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Himashu,

      If the BeamCable connection has been tested to be working successfully with your Computer, then there can be two reasons why it is not working with the Router:
      1. The LAN cable’s wiring is not up-to the mark: Many routers are particular about the standards followed in LAN Cable’s construction and the crimping of the connectors.
      2. The BeamCable connection has not yet been configured in the router properly and the router has not received an IP from BeamCable. Configure your Router’s ISP as “Dynamic” (not PPPoE / Static).


  33. aamer says:

    i have lost my dlink router dir 600 setup cd what should i do

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Aamer,

      Most routers are configured by default to assign themselves the IP or Some even operate on
      If you can access the Router’s Homepage (for ex: at, then you will be able to configure your router and you will not need the CD at all.

      If your router is current configured to operate in PPPoE mode and your computer is configured to operate with the router in DHCP mode, you can determine your Router’s IP by determining your gateway. To do this, you need to run ipconfig at the command prompt.


  34. Karthik says:

    Hey Rajib,

    I came across your blog when I was trying to figure out how to configure my BSNL Type 4 WiFi modem to work with BEAM. Your blog looks impressive!

    I was reading thru the posts and comments on the page above.

    I have recently moved to BEAM from BSNL. I use a laptop and a Vonage device.

    Present setup: I have BEAM’s LAN Cable plugged into the Vonage device and an ethernet cable going from the vonage to my laptop. Both the laptop and the vonage work fine.

    The Vonage needs an ALWAYS ON Connection; it was earlier running on BSNL. The BEAM guys told me that if I check the “Remember me”option during login; it would stay logged in as in an ALWAYS ON Connection. This dint work and the vonage would disconnect all of a sudden. I would have to go to BEAM’ page and login 3-4 times a day; But now, the issue seems to have taken care of itself. The Vonage will stay connected for days together and I don’t have to login into BEAM daily for vonage or internet; both work fine. I was wondering what made the login issue take care of itself.

    Question: I wanted to use Internet on the laptop thru WiFi instead of the ethernet cable from the vonage device; was wondering if we could configure my old BSNL Type 4 WiFi Modem to access WiFi on the laptop and also use the vonage thru the BSNL router by plugging the BEAM’s Lan cable into the BSNL Router.

    Also, if this is not a possibility, I understand that the only option I have is to purchase a WiFi Router to be able to access WiFi on my laptop and also the vonage. In such a situation, please advice the best WiFi router to purchase in the Range of 1000-1500/-.

    Appreciate your time!

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Karthik,

      BeamCable’s technicians were being idiots when they recommended ‘Remember Me’ as an option to stay logged in. ‘Remember me’ only places a cookie on your computer so that everytime you visit the BeamCable login page, you are logged into BeamCable (or at-least your login/password get filled in the form). However cookies expire and sooner or later you will find yourself logged out of Beam again. This is one reason why I (Re)presented an article that contains a download like to a batch file to log you into Beam everytime you run the batch file.

      I have noticed that previously, Beam used to log me out of their network if my computer was turned off for an hour or so. But of-late, I have remained logged in inspite of my PC being off overnight. Either way, for PC users like me, logging in repeatedly is a non-issue because of the Batch file.

      You will not be able to use the BSNL Type 4 Modem with Beam. The reason is that the WAN port on the BSNL Router is a RJ-11 Socket (Telephone Line) while Beam gives you a RJ-45 Cable. If you connect all your devices (Beam, Vonage, PC, Laptop) to the LAN ports on the BSNL Router, then the router only acts as a dumb-switch. Not only, you will still need to login using a PC, but also only one device at a time will work (since Beam will assign the Dynamic-IP to the first device that requests it and Internet requests will only be accepted from this device).

      I recommend that you purchase a basic Wi-Fi router. The NetGear WGR-614 (Wireless G) routers are good and cheap but the NetGear’s Wireless-N products are very problematic (clients get frequently disconnected). Linksys Wireless-G/N products are good. Belkin Wireless G/N products are good. Avoid D-Link since it’s routers tend to lose the configuration settings in case of voltage fluctuations.


  35. Tanweer says:

    Hi Rajib,
    I am having a problem now with beam cable, i took my laptop to my friends place who also has beam cable and connected my laptop with his account, i forget to log off there,

    When I opened my laptop in my home with my user id, its always redirectling me to login page and I cant access any website,

    However when I am connecting the cable to my desktop its opening, pleas let me know what to do so that I can connect my laptop with my login id.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Tanweer,

      BeamCable’s login mechanism depends on the browser being able to successfully place a cookie on your HDD.
      I have a feeling that on your laptop, the browser is unable to overwrite the previous cookie. Perhaps you can use a program like CCleaner to clear the browser-crap like cookies and temporary files and then try to login. If you have an alternate browser installed on your computer, you can also try and use that to login.


  36. Peter says:

    Hi All;

    Even i was impresses with all these blogs on Beam earlier and bought the connection but later realised that it was a complete wrong decision. They are real poor service providers and speed is just a damn. I would rather prefer to go on some branded Broadbands rather then these cheap and unhealthy stuff. I was user of Reliance earlier but shifted to Beam as it was economical but then did a huge mistake.

  37. Narsin says:

    Hi Rajib Ghosh, when am searching for particular solution with regard to Beam Cable, I found your Blog..Its clearly useful for Beam Cable users.

    My Query is : I am moving from tikona to Beam connection soon.. My cousin is already having a Beam connection. If I leave my PC connected to Beam or If do not sign out at my place, How can I log into my Account from my cousin’s place ( No matter if it logs out at my Home immediately).

    Please share your valuable solutions..


  38. Narsin says:

    Hi Rajib Ghosh,

    above query continues here..

    I am using a router at my Home, if there is any solution to remote log off then i can set my router to Remote Management ON mode so that I can access my router on internet then log off.

    I tried and tested to see if login through PPPoE works with Beam Cable, But I could not login through. ( as PPPoe has option to disconnect after certain minutes of inactivity)


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear narsin,

      It logs out automatically if you login from another location.
      In any case, you can configure your router/home-pc for access from anywhere using apps like TeamViewer.


  39. Narsin says:

    Hi Rajib Ghosh,

    REPLY TO February 17th, 2011 at 11:32 pm

    you mean it logs out automatically at my Home , when I try to log in at other place … OR it allows multiple logins.. pls clarify

  40. Narsin says:

    One More personal Question ….can I..?… I assume and whats HNH ( your signature means)

  41. Narsin says:

    sorry its HTH (your signature means)

  42. Narsin says:

    Hi Rajib Ghosh

    I wish to see your first solution works (that is auto log off, when tried from other place)..

    You also suggested me Teamviewer, Please correct me if I am wrong that is Teamviewer is possible only if My system is On at my Home…

    If my system is off and login session still live .. is there any way around ( if at all it does not auto log off )

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Narsin,

      HTH = Hope This Helps.

      As I mentioned before, BeamCable will automatically log you off from your home network if you login from your friend’s place.
      TeamViewer allows you to control your home computer and you can do works like queue up downloads etc. even if you are not at home. Of course it requires an active session on the Internet, hence do not use your account to login somewhere else if you want your home computer to be connected to the Internet.


  43. Narsin says:

    Thank you Rajib for your suggestions.

    I come across ( ) related to doubling present speeds from Beam Cable, I contacted Beam Cable Customer care, say they don’t have updated information.. do you have any info..

    than you

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Narsin,

      The page you are referring to and the information within is from last year when Beam Cable more than doubled the bandwidth for every plan at the same cost.


  44. sheer says:

    hi rajid,

    i saw all ur solutions. its very useful

    but i still got confused and i am not able to configure my belkin g wireless router with beam broadband.

    please help me out. i want to share internet connection with this router and i have one network printer also.

    a step by step guide needed coz m a new bee to this subject

    thxs in advance……………
    your answer will be appreciated

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sheer,

      Connecting Beam Cable to the router is quite simple really. Connect the BeamCable wire to the WAN/Internet port of your router. Connect your PC and printer to the LAN ports of your router.
      On your PC, navigate to the router’s home page (or run a setup CD if the router came with one). In the router, configure the isp as ‘Dynamic’.


  45. sheer says:

    dear rajib,

    i did the same wht u mention me to do, but still i got the same problem. internet is not connected.

    and i didnt not got any installation cd with the new router. its a bilkin g wireless router.

    help needed.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Sheer,

      The process of connecting Beam Cable to a Belkin router is pretty much what I have described to you. Unfortunately, at times you need to login to the Belkin Router’s homepage and change the settings. A person who is familiar with setting up networking can do this in minutes. In the past, I have configured a Belkin router to BeamCable at my client’s office and I can confirm to you that it works as expected. I am personally using a rather dated Belkin router at my home to connect to BeamCable and enable WiFi access throughout my home.

      Since something like this out of the scope of this blog and it is too elaborate for me to describe, I suggest that you look in your friend’s circle for someone with exposure to networking to help you out with this.


  46. Muralikrishna says:

    i had the problem with beam cable connection, when i have taken the connection i have connected the internet cable to desktop directly later i moved to wired router (D-Link Dir-600) i have configured the router successfully.When i use both laptop and desktop one only accessed during that time, I am unable to access the desktop and my laptop at same time.

    can you please give me suggestion to resolve this problem

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Muralikrishna,

      Computers are simple – GIGO. Garbage In Garbage Out.
      Trust me when I tell you that BeamCable connection indeed works quite well with Wireless Routers. Its generally users who are unable to configure their routers.
      Perhaps one of these days, I will make a Youtube video and upload it to illustrate it.


  47. Balaji says:

    Hi Rajib,

    Firstly Thanks for all your help.

    i tried looking all your comments but get lost with so many questions and replies.

    I have couple of questions,

    I bought a Wifi router from Beam itself (1Box Silver from Volkteck) any idea about the url to login to Router Administrative Console?

    and i have same problem like many others, i was not able to connect 2 or more machines at a time using both in wifi or wifi and LAN.

    can you please help how to resolve my problem?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Balaji,

      Generally on the bottom side of the router, there is a sticker that documents the Mac address and the default router’s management IP with login/pass.


  48. nadh says:

    hi rajib

    recently we took new house, there is one internet cable, i just connected to my laptop, its just opened beam cable page, asking username and password,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can i access internet without user name and password ?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Nadh,

      Congratulations! It appears that your new home has come pre-installed with BeamCable (more likely that the previous tenant was a BeamCable subscriber).

      All you need now is a BeamTelecom Login account. Just call Beam and find out which package will suit you the most. Most of the packages are quite economical and offer better value than other Internet providers.


  49. kamal says:


    As all the beam users might be aware of, recently it changed its main web page as beam fiber. The problem is, now my wget bat file is not working. I have to manually log in each time. can you please suggest solutions …

  50. Muralikrishna says:

    Hi ,
    Is it possible to share our internet connection using switch,If

    possible tell me how to connect our beam cable connection sharing

    between our two computers.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Murali,

      A switch cannot be used to share the Internet connection since it does not have ‘Routing’ intelligence. You can buy yourself a basic Router with WiFi for about 1400/-. You can connect a Router to a large switch to share the Internet connection among many computers in a company.


  51. Mahesh says:

    I am planning to buy wireless router tomorrow and using BEAM Cable connection. I will be using for both desktop and laptop. I wanted to know type of router I need to buy and the economical and good one. also, Please let us know how configure for the same.

    thank you

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Mahesh,

      My personal preference is a NetGear or Belkin router. The Wireless-G routers cost approx Rs. 1400-1600. The Wireless-N150 routers cost approx Rs.2000.
      Configuring the routers with BeamCable is easy and has been discussed many times in the comments.


  52. navi says:


    as i del my history im not able to get the logout page, please help

    thank you.

  53. SHIVAJI RAYKAR says:

    Hi Rajib
    we have swith and 5 ports in factory ,we want to give connection around 50 feet area but no net coming ,Guy is telling you required wI FI ,otherwise another switch required .

    waht we can do in this case

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Shivaji,

      According to Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps specs, each network cable segment can support a maximum distance of 100 mtrs (300 feet). So if with just 50 feet cables you are not getting network, then I suspect that either the cable is broken or the cable is not crimped strictly according to T-568B Straight-Through Ethernet Cable standards. It is also possible that the Ethernet cable is of poor quality. In such case, make sure that the new cable you purchase is Cat-5E/Cat-6 quality.

      On a side note, I am not aware of switches that have 5 ports. Most home routers have 5 ports, of which 1 port is dedicated to WAN (Internet connection) and the other 4 ports can be used to form a LAN. If this is the case, then make sure that all your PCs should be connected to LAN Ports 1-4 only and not WAN port.


  54. chandu says:

    Fair Usage Policy limits of Beam Telecom/Fiber

    Pack Name Speed Circuit Circuit
    Breaker Breaker speed
    B Max 400 256 Kbps 25GB 128 Kbps
    B Max 600 786 Kbps 30GB 256 Kbps
    B Max 850 1 Mbps 40GB 512 Kbps
    B Max 1000 2 Mbps 50GB 768 Kbps
    B Max 1500 4 Mbps 75GB 1024 Kbps
    B Max 2500 6 Mbps 100GB 2048 Kbps

    Hope many of u clear your doubts!

  55. Sarath says:


    I am a beam telecom user. I have a router installed and have the WiFi settings on my laptop set to sharing mode. But when I am connecting to internet via my mobile, I am being authenticated by beam again and I lose the browsing capability on my laptop. So in short, I am able to browse through 1 device at a time. I thought the whole idea of having a router was to be able to connect to multiple devices simultaneously.
    Is this a problem at Beam’s end or do I need to do anymore settings.


  56. Sarath says:

    Adding to above post.. I am using a 1 box silver Router given by BEAM… Do we need to make any changes to Router configuration to enable devices with different MAC to connect to Beam simultaneously.. If yes, then how do we do that?


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sarath,

      The problem stems from the fact that the BeamCable – Ethernet Cable is connected to the port marked “LAN” on the router. You need to move it to the port marked “WAN” on the router. This will result in the Router taking over routing function (instead of acting like a Switch) and allow multiple devices to connect to the Internet using NAT (network address translation).

      In case your router has only 1 ethernet port and you need to use WiFi to connect to the Router, you router is configured in “Bridge” mode. In such case, you need to login to the router’s homepage and change the mode to “Dynamic”. Other modes you may see in Router’s configuration page are PPPoE and Static. These modes may also work for you depending on your BeamCable plan.


  57. Sarath says:

    Hi Rajib,

    Thanks for your response. I had checked y’day. The cable is connected to WAN port. Can you please let me know how could I change Router settings and what is the IP where I could see Router’s homepage.


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sarath,

      The router’s IP is generally printed on the sticker at the bottom of the router.
      You can also try a few IPs like / etc.
      Another way to find out router IP is: if your computer’s network interface is configured to obtain IP via DHCP and it is obtaining an IP from the router, the router’s IP is the gateway IP of your machine. For more details, refer to the ipconfig command in Windows.


  58. chinna says:


    i have beam internet connection but how to login beam account i

    don’t now

    how to login beam account plz tell that link

  59. Sanket says:

    Hi Rajib,

    I just got Beam connection and I currently use Dlink Wifi Router. Currently Beam cable is connected in my WAN port of the router and I have my PC, X360 and PS3 connected to the router for using the internet.

    Earlier when I was using Airtel I did not have a problem since I configured the airtel beetal modem to auto-login by providing the username and password in the modem itself. Now with Beam, I have been trying to use PPPOE mode so that my router can auto-login me instead of me having to do it manually by opening a browser or turning on my PC to so that the auto-bat file runs [your solution].

    Is there anyway I can configure my router to auto-login me. I also have DHCP set to ON in the router…


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sanket,

      BeamCable does not support PPPoE login for home-connections. Corporate connections based on Fibre-optic cables are provided with Static-IPs and these do not require web-based login.


  60. Guys Guys Guys!

    I guess i am too late… but another method for Laptop users to create Wifi Hotspot is to use “Connectify”, it is best and stable… so far i am using this since 1 year…

    So, 1 Single Beam Connection can be shared with PCs, Laptops, Mobile Devices [No Dynamic Configuration Required]

    [Note: if you have PC, you can still tether connection, use Wifi Adaptors for PC, preferable USB Adaptors, but make sure to buy “N” compatible]

    Its merely around Rs. 500 in Hyd… connect to PC, should be running Win 7, you just have to set a Hotspot Name, Password, choose Connection to share… thats all

    Give a try… you will thank me later

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Shaik,

      Thanks for the link. It could prove useful to many.
      BTW, Connectify is actually free. Download it from their website. Also, if one is willing to go through google and read a page or two, one can quite easily setup ‘Windows Internet Connection Sharing’ to share Internet connection among users.


  61. sanket says:

    Awhhh…man…isnt there anyway to automate this through the router itself…

    I have a Dlink DI-524 router and a linksys one…

    I had called the beam guy to help me out on this…and while I was not there he told me he did it and now I should auto-login…and today after 24 hrs…I see the beam idiot had logged me in through portal and I got auto logged off today only to see the portal page opening up for login…crap…

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sanket,

      If you follow Shantanu’s blog (link in my article), you will find the way to automate the process on the router itself.
      It involves replacing the firmware on the Dlink router with a custom firmware and adding a boot-script to the router.


  62. Rajib Ghosh says:

    s drastically reduced FUP are here:

    They are still better than any other ISP in India.

  63. m shiva says:

    hi rajib
    i hav an beam cable connection wire.. bt i doesnt hav usename n password.. i hav login with my frnds username n paswd… tel me how to use without beam net username and pasword in simple way neasy manner…

  64. sunil says:


    I am using LINKSYS router WRT that i need to configure PPPOE connection,but the internet connection is not to do the procedure.i given my username and password there.there is any need to give host name and domain name of beam network…in the status menu it is still not displaying any of the ips

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sunil,

      If you are talking about configuring BeamCable on your router via PPPoE, quite contrary to what some people have reported, in most instances BeamCable requires a web-based login. In such case, you should simply configure the router as a Dynamic connection (IP address provided automatically, login not required).

      In one instance, BeamCable has provided my client with a connection that works via PPPoE. In this installation, BeamCable has also provided a VOIP capable router and configured the whole setup.


  65. Rajivsai says:


    I forgot my password while setting up the router connection in my laptop. I use beam cable. 1box silver wifi router. Will there be any default password for the router sir?? Pls help me out..

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Rajivsai,

      Perhaps you can reset your Router and reconfigure it.
      Typical username/password combinations for most routers are admin/admin, admin/password, root/root, root/password


  66. abhinav says:

    Hi rajib
    i have been using pppoe to connect to the internet until now but from today morning the connection that i used before is nowhere to be seen in my network connections tab and if i try to make a new connection using new connections tab the two options get blacked out
    connect using dialup modem
    connect using broadband that uses a username and password
    and only remaining option gets selected on its own.
    Is this the problem of my system or beam just stopped pppoe service.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Abhinav,

      I all honesty, I have never been able to configure Beam to work in PPPoE mode for me.
      Maybe Beam stopped the PPPoE service at your end.


  67. somnath kar says:

    Hi Rajib,

    I am trying to configure my linksys router WAG200G for Beam Internet Connection. Would appreciate if you help me how to configure it to share internet across multiple laptops. With my cuurent setup, when one laptop logs in the other disconnects.

    Thanks again,

    Somnath Kar

  68. sunil says:

    i am using beam internet,i need to remove automatic login authentication,how it is possible,what are the steps i need to follow to remove the automatic login authentication ..

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sunil,

      Use CCleaner to delete browser cookies everytime before shutting down your PC. Now your browser will not remember the last login ID used. If your browser has saved the username and password, you can clear that too using CCleaner.


  69. sunil says:

    The beam technical persons done automatic login,with out asking any passwords,i need to reset that settings,because u knows my wireless router password they are able to use the internet…so provide the steps to reset that automatic login settings

  70. Kashif says:

    Hi Rajiv ghosh,

    I just bought a Netgear N 150 today and I am able to connect to Net gear router but am not able to access internet (Beam cable).

    Note : I see that the option available in router setup for “Internet Service Provider” are only PPPoE and PPTP , not sure if this is the reason.

    The router is connecting internet only through LAN cable from all the ports available on the router but wont connect over wifi or wireless.

    Please advise.


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Kashif,

      You need to plugin the BeamCable wire into the Internet port on the Router. On the router’s internet configuration page, look for a connection type called ‘Dynamic’. This connection type obtains an IP address from BeamCable automatically.

      Detailed configuration instructions for your router are beyond the scope of this blog and I will encourage you to seek the help of a local friend.


  71. Sunil says:

    Thanks Rajab

    I got Netgear 150 for just INR 1300 i will try my connection sharing and will message you one more appreciation message.

  72. Sunil says:

    I haven’t done any settings , wow just two systems got connected through Router, Thanks to Netgear ,Beam & Rajib.

  73. Praveen says:

    Hi Rajib,

    I was regular follower of your blogs they are so informatic.

    I recently shifted from Airtel Internet to Beam Fiber. And opted a One Box Silver router from Beam itself as they are offering the lifetime warranty, support and if we disconnect the connection also the router they wont take as we are the owners.

    Now the problem I got a wifi SSID which i entered once in my ipad to use and there after it took me to the login page of beam and i did the login, but whenever i connect to the desktop system through lan port, it is also redirecting to login page. When login desktop the wifi connection automatically getting disconnected. Help me to use multiple lan and Wifi systems at a time.


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Praveen,

      Technically, BeamCable allows only PC to login to their network at a time. They control this by logging the MAC address of the device that is connected to BeamCable. So if you face issues that your beamcable wire is connected to the router, but you are required to login everytime you use a different device, quite possibly, the BeamCable wire is connected to the ‘LAN’ ports of the router. Remove the wire from the LAN port and insert into the socket marked ‘WAN’ port. Now the router’s WAN port’s MAC address will be registered as the login MAC and Internet connection will be shared by the router.

      You will also have to access the router’s home-page and configure the Internet connection settings to make the router work properly. Since I am not familiar with the One Box router, I am unable to advise you regarding the IP address of the router and it’s configuration web-page.


  74. balaji varma says:

    hi rajib
    i have two beam connection, want to share a single account. is it possible login with single account in to computer which has beam connection ????

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Balaji Varma,

      I am assuming you mean that ‘you have two computers, one beam connection and you want to share the connection among the computers’.
      For this you can either convert one of the computers to offer ‘Routing’ services using ‘Internet Connection Sharing’ or invest in a basic ‘Router’.
      The process of connecting BeamCable to a basic Router is quite simple (plug the beam-cable wire into the WAN port of the router) and this type of questions have been covered adequately in the blog article.


  75. Nihar says:

    Hi Rajib,

    First of let me congratulate you for doing a great free service for all of us who have ended up taking Beam but then knowing the cons of it.

    Well I have to admit that I am a geek / pro user. But, unfortunately I am not in india 🙂

    We had BSNL connection and very bad service. So, my brother shifted to BSNL. I have Linksys WAG54G2 ( which comes with RJ11 port and not LAN Port (RJ45 port).

    1) Does my router support linux firmware(for browserless login)?
    2) Can I use this router to connect to multiple computers (both wired and wireless)?

    I think I can. What do you think? and can you guide me in this regard?

    The beamcable technician asked my brother to get one more router/modem with LAN port as input. But, I want to wait till either get a solution or meet a dead end.

    Appreciate your help.


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Nihar,

      BeamCable uses Local Area Network technology (mix of Fiber-loop and last-mile Copper) to provide Internet connectivity.
      Consequently, the connection terminates into a RJ-45 jack (connected to a 100 Mbps switch somewhere near your home, the switch itself is connected to Beam via Fiber).

      As a result, you will not be able to use your existing Cisco/Linksys router which seems to be a ADSL router. On the plus side, Routers featuring RJ-45 WAN ports are quite cheap now and you can typically buy a 802.11n 150mbps Router for about Rs.1400/- in India.

      w.r.t. can you load Linux on your router, you will have to look it up in DD-WRT project’s router compatibility page.


  76. Prem says:

    Hi Rajib,

    Firstly, thank you very much for running this useful blog. I was using BSNL with BSNL Type II wi-fi Modem (AR800V V3.0) and later switched to BEAM. Can I access Beam internet wirelessly using the same BSNL modem or should I purchase a new netgear router? Please help.

    Thanks again.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Prem,

      BSNL modems typically feature a RJ-11 port (telephone line) for WAN connectivity while BeamCable requires a RJ-45 (Cat-5 Ethernet Cable) port for WAN connectivity. Hence you may not be able to use the BSNL modem as a WiFi router with BeamCable.

      That said, you maybe able to plugin the BeamCable wire to the LAN port on the router, connect your laptop to the router over WiFi and access BeamCable over WiFi. The mechanism of this process is that router’s LAN ports will be used to bridge Beam’s wire with your Laptop’s WiFi card. When your laptop’s WiFi adaptor sends a DHCP request, Beam’s Wire will respond and a IP address will be assigned to your machine.

      Drawbacks of this scheme are:
      1. be sure to disable routing functionality on the BSNL router (set Internet connection type to Bridge Mode). This way, DHCP server on the Router will be turned off and DHCP messages from Beam will be forwarded to the Laptop.
      2. Only one device maybe connected to Beam. Since practically speaking, Beam’s IP address is directly assigned to your laptop’s Wifi interface, only requests originating/terminating to your laptop’s Wifi interface will be honored. If another computer butts in, your laptop will be logged off Beam.
      3. Since your laptop’s Wifi interface will be directly connected to Beam’s network, ensure that you either run a good firewall software on your machine or you have at-least Microsoft Networking + File/Print Sharing turned OFF on the WiFi interface. Keep only TCP/IP protocol enabled.

      If the hassles are not worth it, you can always buy a basic WiFi router for appox. 1200/-


  77. Prem says:

    Thanks Rajib for the useful information. Kudos to your blog! Since I may need to connect my laptop and desktop at the same time, I guess I need to opt for a new router.

    Thanks again for the quick turnaround time.

  78. krishna says:

    Hi all,

    I face a similar problem that srinivas has posted in november 25th 2010 aprox 12 pm. I am hosting a personal web server on a linux box which is hosted on a beam network. I can access this site from all over the internet and from all other isp’s except form beam network. I checked with the port forwarding, proxy and firewall blocking at the server end, nothing is stopping. I am happy able to access the web server and work with it over the internet except from any system that is in beam network. I think beam is disabling the users to connect to another system in its network, If this is the case then I need to check with beam guy’s. Its really annoying form me cause I have to spend a lot of time in office were are If it work’s then i can come home early and work from home.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Krishna,

      It is quite possible that Beam is firewalling access to ports below 1024 to reduce hacking attempts.
      However my router continuously shows DOS attacks on my IP. In fact, one time I left Remote Desktop on and someone actually guessed the password (which was not very complex) and logged in!

      Perhaps you can configure your webserver to run on a port other than 80. I have also been successful at accessing my computer over Hamachi and TeamViewer while on the Beam network (from friend’s computers).


  79. krishna says:

    Well what I what i feel about this issue is as follows.

    1) The dynamic domain is not pinging. When i ping to the domain name that i bound to the ip address i can see the ip but ping fails by saying “Destination Host Unreachable”.

    Note: I user

    2) I agree with you that probably beamtele is deliberately blocking the ports below 1024. And may be they have disabled ping too. But when I ping the gateway it gets pinged which means ping is not disabled. and their are other server’s that are running on higher ports like 8800 which according to our assumption should work, But they too are not working.

    3) Their is absolutely no response from the ip that i am trying to access no ping no nmap nothing at all. It seems as if their is no such thing that exists.

    4) Everything outside beam tele is working as if their is no problem at all. I was able to access the server on 8800 and other server’s too which have ports as low as 25 including apache’s default port.

    5) I tried to give only openDNS nameserver’s to the system and the router at the server end. Still not able to access. I checked with the firewall and other setting’s they are fine and not blocking anything for this server.

    Note:- I am the system|network admin at my office so i have complete control over the network.

    Thanks for your quick reply and hope i can figure out a solutions for this problem.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Krishna,

      In an experiment I conducted today, I setup a ‘Passware’ server on my Home Desktop behind a Belkin Router.
      I setup a Passware Remote Agent on a computer in my friends office. This computer too is behind a NetGear Router.
      The port used for communication is TCP-10777 and both of us are on the Beam Network.

      I was able to successfully connect the agent to my server and attempt distributed password cracking of a RAR file.

      For a while, the agent would not connect. I examined the Belkin security log. The router was blocking all packets from the agent machine thinking it was a DOS attack. Though I had configured Port Forwarding so that incoming packets on Port 10777 are forwarded to the Server and allowed incoming ‘Pings’, the router continued to block packets. In the end, I had to configure a DMZ.

      Now each and every packet on all ports gets forwarded to the Passware server machine. While this is not an ideal solution, I am unable to make it work any other way. I suspect that this has to do with the old firmware on the router (router is 2004 model).

      FYI, both machines are on Beam network but on completely different IP networks (124.123.x.y and 183.83.x.y).

      Hence I can confirm that Beam is not blocking ports internally, at-least not port 10777!


  80. sree says:


    Im using BMAX 1000 plan in my house. My friends sometimes use the net and download a lot so that the FUP limit is reached within first 10 days. I just want to restrict the bandwidth for computers other than mine. is that possible? we dont use a router or switch or any other device. We use the connection one at a time.
    I know this is a crazy question but still want to know if there is a way possible to restrict.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sree,

      Since you do not have any mechanism at your end to control the bandwidth, such a feature will have to be provided by the ISP. In this case, the ISP does not offer bandwidth throttling on demand.


  81. Nagesh says:

    Hi Dude,

    Thanks mate. You made my day..

  82. Shaik Rahimuddin says:

    Hi Rajib,

    first of all let me congratulate you for your service and energy.

    1. I have enabled ICS in one PC by installing 2 N/w cards,Bridged the two network cards. I have the one IP address for Bridge.
    2. Enabled the automically obtain IP address on the other PC.
    3. I am able to connect the Internet but Beam cable authentication is coming
    4. If i am providign the credentials , connection disconnecting on another.
    5. Please share me your suggestions to setup ICS without any additional Hardware.

    with regards,

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Shaik Rahimuddin,

      You are on the right track in terms of putting 2 NICs in your computer to enable Internet Connection Sharing. However you are going in the wrong direction by enabling ‘Network Adaptor Bridging’.

      What you need to do is ‘Share Internet Connection’. For example, on WinXP, you should right click on the NIC to which BeamCable is connected and then in properties, you must enable ‘Share this Internet connection’.
      Windows will then change the IP of the NIC which is connected to your LAN Switch (to which other computers at home are connected) to, enabling Routing services on it, enable DHCP server on it and properly route incoming/outgoing Internet requests. On a side note, if you are not using a Switch/Hub but connecting the other computer directly to your computer’s Local LAN NIC, then you should use a Crossed Cable and not a Straight cable.

      The process is slightly different on Win7. It remains fundamentally the same, only requires far more number of clicks to get to the actual option since Win7 hides all the system related settings under mountains of pretty icons. Also the IP Subnet for client PCs has changed from 192.168.0.x to 192.168.137.x, however this can be fixed using a registry edit.

      The exact process of sharing the Internet connection is different in different versions of Microsoft Windows OS; you will have to use google to find the instructions that are most appropriate to you. For ex, this link explains ICS on WinXP:

      Once again, let me tell you that sharing the Internet connection on Windows is very simple and it starts by right-clicking on the NIC that is connected to BeamCable. Let us know if you need specific help.


  83. Gautam says:

    Hiii Rajib,

    I did shifted from bsnl to beam connection …

    network+(Internet sharing) : 1pc + 2mobiles + 1 laptop

    n I hav a modem model no. WA3002G4 …
    I guess now dis is useless to get connected with beam connection …

    So I am thinking to buy a modem …
    Can u suggest me 1 plz 😀

    after some googling I found dis to my budget > NETGEAR Wireless N150 WGR 614 WiFi Router …

    will dat be enough for my network wid out ny probs …

    n will der be ny problem wid username n password which is used to get connected to beam > ? 😀

    Plzz reply me as soon as possible 😀 Coz der is an offer running now 😛 n I will get dat modem for 1K arround 😀

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Gautam,

      Please go ahead and purchase the Netgear N150 router. It is a good router and works quite well with beamcable.
      You need to connect the beamcable wire into the WAN port (Yellow) of the router and your computers into the LAN ports.
      In router configuration, set your Internet connection type as Dynamic.
      You will have to login from any PC connected using the web-browser since the router cannot login into BeamCable.


  84. Gautam says:

    wowwwwwww thnQ for the veryy guick reply 😀

    gng to buy now 😀 thnQQQQ 😀

  85. Siddarth says:

    Hello sir,

    Iam using beam connection. Recently i thought of setting up a dedicated server for Counter Strike to play online with my friends. In order to get my server visible to others i needed to forward my ports . So i purchased a software named pfconfg to do that. Its asking me my routers name and model. I tried to know by typing the default gateway in the address bar. But no help . Is there a way to know routers name and model?? Plz help me

    Thanks in advance.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Siddarth,

      Are you using a Router? A router is a network device that allows more than 1 computer to share the Internet connection. WiFi routers are probably the most common home-routers in use.
      If your BeamCable wire is directly connected to your computer, then you are not using a router.

      In case you are using a Router, you should be able to easily determine the Make/Model of the device. For ex: NetGear WGR-614 Version 9. In this case, you can use pfconfig to configure the router.
      If your computer is directly connected to BeamCable, then you do NOT need to run pfconfig. All possible ports are easily configurable by the Server software and accessible from the Internet. Just start CS Server.

      When you start CS server, Windows firewall may alert you regarding CS server listening for connections over Internet interface. You will need to ‘Allow’ CS server.

      If you did not get the prompt or you said ‘Always Block’, you can also configure Windows Firewall to allow a specific executable (a .exe file) to make connections to the Internet and open ports over TCP/UDP to send/receive data. TCP Ports. FYI, CS needs the TCP ports 27030-27039 and UDP ports 1200,27000-27015.

      Many antivirus software (such as Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro) run their own firewall and replace the Windows Firewall. In such case, you need to configure the firewall of these software to allow CS Server to function. If you are running a dedicate firewall software like ZoneAlarm, you will have to configure that too.


  86. Sreekanth says:

    Hi Rajib,

    Thanks for ur reply dated oct 15. Thanks a lot

  87. Sree says:

    Hi Rajib,

    The building where i live has a common access point from which the beam connection is splitted to every flat. One day i added myself to home network. Right from that day, i see lot of PCs appearing in my network whenever i connect the beam cable to my laptop. I tried changing to work network, even there the same PCs appear. How to get rid of them or how to get separated from home/work group? I dont want to be connected to any network at all. Im using Win7 home edition. Please provide me a solution.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Sree,

      There are two options.
      1. Remove ‘Client for Microsoft Networks’ and ‘File and Print Sharing’ from the network adapter’s bindings.
      In Win7, goto Control Panel->Network & Sharing Center->Change Adapter Settings. Right click on the Ethernet adapter connected to BeamCable to bring up it’s Properties window.
      Uncheck the options for ‘Client for MS Networks’ and ‘File and Print Sharing’.
      Note that this option works on all versions of Windows OS. Right from Windows 3.11 onwards.

      2. Set the BeamCable network zone as ‘Public Network’. What this option does is to use the Firewall rules for public access device. In this mode, all incoming requests to port 139 (used by File/Print sharing) are blocked. Note that this option works quite well on Win7, but is unavailable on older OS such as WinXP.


  88. shankar rao says:

    is it posible for sharing beam cable (20mbps) for internet cafe(8 computers), if yes, plz which is the best router for sharing beam cable?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Shankar Rao,

      You can purchase any 4 port WiFi router (for ex: NetGear, Cisco, Belkin) to share the Internet in your cyber-cafe. Simply connect BeamCable to the router’s WAN port and any one LAN port on the Router to any LAN port on your Switch that is used to connect the 8 computers.

      Set computers to receive IP via DHCP and your WiFi router to should take over and share the Internet. Since the router is WiFi, be sure to enable strong WiFi protection.


  89. vineth says:

    hey rajib,

    I play CS 1.6 online from my home…i just want to create a cs 1.6 steam server….i had done every thing which is required to start the server by seeeing the direction from dis link

    but my other frnds are unable to join my server….i think my ports are no opened …..i just want to open my ports like 27011 , 27012, 27013 ……

    help me please,

    when i ask some other frnds who use different ISP other than beam cable they are saying to do port forwarding by tying in the browser…but nothing is opening for me…please help me to open these ports…

    thanks.. 🙂

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Vineth,

      How are you connected to the Internet? If you are connected via a Router, then Port Forwarding feature of the Router needs to be configured.
      If you are directly connected to the Internet (for example: BeamCable connected directly to your computer), then all ports are open except those that are closed by firewall. In this case, you need to configure your firewall software to allow the ports used by CS Server.


  90. Madhan says:


    I have been shifted to Beam network from the Airtel. I have beetel 450 TC1 ADSL2+ Router given by Airtel. Can I use this router for Beam wifi and for the multiple users at the same time. Could you please let me know the configuration to enable it for multiple users simultaneously and the auto login. thank you.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Madhan,

      You cannot use the Airtel Router since it expects a DSL line on the WAN port and not a Ethernet line.
      If you do not want to buy a new Router, you can convert your PC into a router via Windows Built-in Internet Connection Sharing.
      You will find details of getting this done in the comments as well on the Internet.


  91. Vishnu says:

    I have also taken up the beam router but i am unable to understand how to access the router

    The two most common ways and are not working

    Please suggest me what to do
    i need to secure my wi-fi network

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Vishnu,

      If your router was supplied by Beam, then look at the bottom of the router for the Router IP address and Login information.
      You should be able to find it by calling their call center too.


  92. Rahul says:

    Sir, I don’t know how the still going for Beam Cable internet service , I am using Beam Cable, I have faced many bad experiences with Beam…THE BEAM CABLE IS GOING TO BE CLOSED SOON..MANY COMPLAINTS..BEAM F…

  93. Souvik Roychoudhury says:

    Dear Rajib,
    I have bought new “Asus RT-N10E Wireless-N150 Router”. I can’t able to configure my Beam fiber internet. Please help.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Souvik,
      Just connect the cable provided by BeamCable to the port marked ‘Internet’ on your router. The rest should be pretty much automatic.

  94. rajshekhar says:

    my friend has beam broadband , he wanted to make his home a wifi hotspot so he brought a d-link router . But he can’t configure it . can you please help

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Rajshekhar,

      Please connect the Beam Cable wire into the Router in the port marked ‘Internet’. Most routers come preconfigured such that if your ISP supports IP configuration by DHCP, the router will automatically connect to the service. Beam Cable Internet supports DHCP but you are required to login using your computer at-least once to initiate the Internet session.


  95. teja says:

    i have a beam internet cable its user id and password expired.tell me how to access to the internet

  96. Ravi says:

    Hi Rajib
    I’ve recently connected to beam cable. We are
    Using a linksys router to get the wi-fi. Everything
    Works fine when we use a single laptop. But when
    I try to log into my ipod for net, laptop’s wi-fi is closing
    Automatically. How can I use multiple laptops under
    One router with beam cable? Pls suggest me.


  97. prasad says:


    I have a internet connection for which there is a web based authentication process, its just a rj-45 cable connected to my pc without any modem. Internet service provider also gave some IP and DNS to our Lan card. I have a wireless router i want to configure this internet connection to my D-link router So that i can use it to my laptop. Please guide me..


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Prasad,

      The process is quite simple. Connect your Internet Connection cable to the Port marked WAN/Internet on your router.
      Connect your PC to the router using another LAN Cable. This cable is typically supplied. This cable should be connected to any port marked LAN on the router.
      Access the router’s configuration homepage (Look at the bottom of the router for the IP address). The specific address of the router’s configuration page varies depending on the router.
      Once you are logged into the router’s configuration page, enter the IP Address and DNS settings provided by your ISP into the Router Configuration section labelled ‘WAN’.


  98. shravan says:

    hello rajib,

    I am unable to set up the beam router. what i found is


    and nothing else. no ip as you mentioned above, can you please help.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Shravan,

      Please call Beam Helpline to obtain the IP Address and Login/Pass of your router. Normally, it is documented on the router itself. In the even this information is missing, the beam technicians will be able to help.


  99. Srikanth Vemula says:


    I bought Smart TV recently. Due to the login page, my smart tv is unable to connect to the internet. I called beam many times and they logged tickets, but all were unaddressed and unresolved. Can you guide me how to make my Smart TV connect to Beam internet?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Srikanth,

      For starters, I hope that you are using a Wireless Router in your house or Beam has provided you with a router. This way, more than one device in your house can use the Internet connection.

      Beam requires browser based login; which makes it necessary to use a device like a Computer / Tablet to login to Beam at-least once in the day. Once the login is complete, any device attached to the router will be able to access the Internet.


  100. Thank you Rajib for the help in creating a batch file. However, I’ve a problem. Each time I startup my system, the dialog to install wget is popping up. I have followed your instructions, to download the latest wget from the sourceforge website and replaced the one you provided in the .zip file. However, the latest version seems to be quite larger. Am I missing anything here? Thank you.

    Manoj Aravind.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Manoj,

      Use CCleaner to check the items that are starting with your system and disable/delete the ones that you do not need.
      Newer versions of software do have a tendency to bloat up. Also ‘development’ versions of software tend to be bloated because of debugging code.

      If the batch file executes everytime with wget ‘help’ message, then it probably indicates that the parameters are not being passed to wget correctly.
      Also, wget may generate errors if beam’s login mechanism changes. Since I am not currently a subsciber of Beam, I am not actively examining the script. The original author of the script (mentioned in the blog) is probably not updating it either.


      • Hi Rajib,

        I have Beam wifi at home and recently taken a wifi Range extender to extend the wifi network. The gaming console which is in another floor is not recieving the required signal strength to connect to internet. So purchased the range extender, but this not working as planned. The support team of Belkin have asked to change the wifi router password to alpha numeric to connect it. Please can you suggest how to change the password of BEAM wifi network.


        • Rajib Ghosh says:

          Dear Vinni,

          Look at bottom of the router for the Router’s Admin URL, Admin Login and Default password. If in doubt, you can also call Beam call center for the details.
          Once you are logged into the Router’s Admin Page, you should be able to change WiFi Password.


  101. prasad says:

    Sir thanks for very nice info..

  102. Naveen says:

    Thanks for this useful tip. Can you please help me with this problem which is similar to the one you mentioned. I have two beamtel connections at two different locations. It so happened that in one month, I delayed the payment of one account in location A and I needed internet urgently on that location. I then simply tried my luck to log in at Location A using credentials of Location B and great it worked. But what happened was that the beam tel logged off my sesion at Location B. Then I called my people at location B to login. When they logged in at location B, the session was logged at location A. My question is: Good that Beamtel offers us to login from any of their LAN connections. But iIs it possible to write a batch file to keep both sessions alive without losing the connectivity? Thanks.

  103. srinivas says:

    Rajib thank u for giving that batch file but still iam unable to run that batch file

  104. Sandeep says:

    Can you help me with this. I can not find beam cable router ip. I tried to connect to the “default gateway” or router IP. I tried :- i used ipconfig /all and found my default gateway and tried that but nothing.

  105. srinivasarao says:

    sir i didnt got anything but i have downloaded all ,my requirement is
    i have a beam fiber wire i deactivated my beam account last one month back i need to use free net how to get user id,passowrd/without asking for it i need to access net
    thank u sir

  106. sameer says:

    dear sir, i want to connect D Link router Dir-600L. can u please let me know how to install it on Beam cable. XP

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sameer,
      Simple connect the BeamCable wire to the Internet port on the D-Link Router. The router will automatically obtain IP address from BeamCable’s server and if you are connected to the router, you should be able to login to BeamCable service.

  107. Sandeep says:

    Hi Rajib,
    Following back to my earlier question:
    I can not find beam cable router ip. I tried to connect to the default gateway; or router IP. I tried :- and i used ipconfig /all and found my default gateway and tried that but nothing.

    I need this for 2 reason, one I want to rename my wi-fi & then I want to change the cahnnel in which it operates.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sandeep,

      Typically, when the network interface on your computer (wired or wireless) connects to your router, it receives a dynamically generated IP address, Netmask, Gateway IP and DNS server names. IPCONFIG /ALL should reveal this information. ROUTE PRINT reveals this information too.
      Check these screenshots from my computer (appropriate info in highlighted in red):

      There maybe many reasons why you are not able to access the router, such as your router operating in bridge-mode (not router mode) or you misreading the gateway.

      Perhaps the screenshots will help you determine the gateway IP or maybe you can report the ROUTER PRINT information here so that I may help you with it.


  108. arven says:

    Hi RAJIB,
    I recently have taken beam connection for my 3 floors building , so in order to facilitate wifi all across the building and to enable wired connections in 5 rooms , I have configured incoming cat5 cable to a DIGISOL wireless router by PPPOE mode and thereafter through a belkins 8way switch i have given input from lan port of digisol to all other rooms and from one of the rooms i have configured a NETGEAR wireless router by dynamic mode.
    My aim has been achieved as i could use both wireless and wired internet connectivity throughout the building.
    But the real PROBLEM is after 2 or 3 days wen i cant access the net. It shows no internet access.Then i have to unpower both the routers ,power them again and access the net .
    If u cud give me a permanent solution so i cud use whole network without interruptions

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Arven,

      These problems are typically caused due to router error. In my experience, these problems are caused due to:
      1. Overheating of router. This used to be very common with D-Link routers.
      2. Incorrect voltage. This is still quite common with NetGear routers. If the voltage is out of tolerance (such as when power is restored after a blackout or when a genset or when an invertor is brought online), the router hangs.
      3. Software hang. My current NetGear router seems to suffer from this. After approx. 2-3 days of operation, the router needs to be switched Off and switched on after a few seconds.
      4. Firmware reset. This was quite common with Buffalo routers and particularly occurred when the router was powered-on/off quickly a few times (power problems).

      I experienced very reliable performance with Belkin and Cisco routers. While the above problems are certainly irritating, you can do a number of things to fix them:
      1. Try swapping out the Digisol router with NetGear and see if it improves stability.
      2. Consider installing a 500VA APC UPS to power the network gear.
      3. Consider installing a higher quality router. More expensive routers (in 12K range) from Cisco are certainly very good but you need to decide if they are appropriate for your use.


  109. Sandeep says:

    Thanks Rajib very kind of you to reply. I really appreciate it.

    here is the output of the ROUTER PRINT information

    I tried all the IPs i could see like
    in additon to

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sandeep,

      From the screenshot, it is clear that your Router’s IP Address is (Gateway). Hence, please try to login to the router’s homepage.
      However, I also see that your computer’s IP address is Under normal circumstances, it should be something like

      Have you by any chance assigned a static IP to your Wireless Interface or already configured your router to dish out this IP to your computer?
      In any case, this does not have any bearing on your ability to access the router.


  110. mahendra says:

    I think you need make a router using a linux box with two network adapters and a wireless modem I am panning to setup one vm and see if that helps

  111. Roy Thomas says:

    Sir I read your article regarding Beam.I understand something because I’m not that much intelligent in Internet and networking.I bought a Belkin N150 router and I tried to connect BEAM over this.absolutely it failed many times and can you please help me regarding this.If you write something simply to understand for basic learners it will be good.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Roy Thomas,

      Connecting Beam Cable to the router is generally as simple as connecting the Beam Cable wire into the ‘Internet / WLAN’ port on the router. You can use the supplied LAN cable to connect the router to your desktop / laptop.

      I have thought about writing an article about setting up routers, but frankly many high quality articles already exist on the Internet on this topic.

      Perhaps if there is more demand for this sort of article, I may write one specific to BeamCable.


  112. hitboy says:

    hi..,my only concern is regarding fup limit coz i uses high plan &it ends in few days after that slow speed at same amount …so can u please make some points to my problem and i have done ppoe setting on my router(dlink dir-300) but problem was if one uses net the other host will automatically goes logout. after that i changed to normal dhcp connection.
    hope u got my point
    waitng for your reply

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Hitboy,

      FUP has now been implemented by practically every ISP on the planet. ‘Unlimited’ plans are not so unlimited after all.
      Some people claim that there are methods to bypass the FUP limit on BeamCable. You will have to do the search and determine if a solution can be found.

      BeamCable does not work on PPPoE. They require web-based login from any-one machine connected to the router. Sorry, but the only way to connect BeamCable properly is to select ‘DHCP’ on the router.


  113. Sushma says:

    I tried following your instructions to try and automatically login. However, I am unable to do so. Is there any place in the batch file where I need to fill in the login/password details? I use a Windows 8 system without any router. Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      The batch file does have a place to insert login ID and password. It’s a Perl script. Please study it.

      Currently I am not a subscriber of Beamcable and I do not know if this script even works anymore.

  114. Anil says:

    Hi Rajib,

    I am a ex beam subscriber, now i didnt paid the bill for the last month bcoz of poor customer care.
    But i am having user id and paswrd which are working. now the question is I am not able to access webpages but i am able to download through torrents.
    what should i do to access internet pages???

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Technically you are committing a crime by attempting to access a service which has been denied. My suggestion is not to try to hack into the service and instead pay the bill of any ISP which matches your expectation of customer care.

  115. teja says:

    script works good…I flashed my. router to ddwrt.linux based, so wget works on startup with shell script..but I did not set it up still..hope the script I had works..before that.,is there any required knowledge to program.I dont need any code.but a small startup scripts work..,precautions to takecare while saving script..,location to save..just not to endup with continuous loops or no response.

  116. Surender says:

    Oh! I See !!
    On 20 July 2013, I downloaded the Script & wget tool,
    I went to the “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup” folder in my Windows XP
    From there, I created a shortcut to the “beam_login.bat” batch file script.
    Next time I logged in, voila ! the script runs seamlessly and in couple of moments connects to the internet.
    Hurray !!
    It still works!!
    It worked for my beam internet connection in South India.
    It U too have beam, try it out. !!
    Thanks Rajib for putting it up nicely.
    More Thanks Shantanu for Sweating it out in the first place !!

  117. Sri Krishna says:

    Hi Rajib,
    first, thanks for a great article, though I am not really intelligent enough to take advantage of your batch file. I have a small query. I recently got a Beam connection and thought of buying a Wifi router myself instead of opting for Beam’s Wifi Plus. I came across this Netgear Wireless-N 150 Router (WNR612)
    Pl. suggest if this will work for me.
    I am also looking for a router which enables me to register MAC addresses of my devices, so that I doesn’t allow any other device to connect to my wifi router and use up my Internet. pl. suggest a good one below 1500 rupees

  118. Sri Krishna says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have a small query. Recently I got Beam connection but need wifi access too. However, I do not want to take Beam’s Wifi. Instead, I wanted to buy this
    Pl. let me know if I can use this for my Beam connection
    If not, which one would suit my requirement, preferably below 1500 rupees.
    Thanks in advance

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sri Krishna,

      Beam’s connection is compatible with all WiFi routers that are commonly available.
      The NetGear N150 router works perfectly.

      Please note that the router cannot login to beam and you must perform this login from a PC.


  119. anand says:


    I am using Beam Network, I have two connections for home & Office.
    In my home laptop one connection is completely logged in and not at all getting logout eve if u r trying to logout.

    If u try to log out it was automatically relogin without asking any user ID and Passwords.

    I have connected the cable to another laptop and changed the password, even if the old laptop get connected without asking the new password.

    Please help me in this regard……….
    how to get log out and have to login with another account…

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Anand,

      Beam’s login depends on two things:
      1. The ability of the browser to place a cookie on the computer that logged in
      2. Beam’s Login server’s ability to determine if the connection is active and data packets are being received.

      If either of these are true, then Beam continues to be logged in.

      To logout, simply access from the computer which you used to login and choose the logout option.
      You may have to use an app like CCleaner to clear all cookies from your computer.

      If your beam connection is based on IP address or if your Router is loggin into Beam, you may not be prompted to logout of the network at all.


  120. Abhishek says:

    I am using beam cable..i had internet browsing tv when i connceted beam cable to my asks user name & password..when i type username and password and press enter it reloades and goes to again
    login page in tv

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Quite possibly the browser in your TV is unable to handle the cookie that Beamcable login creates to initiate the session.

      If you connect the Beamcable wire to a Router, you should be able to login to beamcable using a computing device (desktop PC, laptop, smartphone) and then you should be able to access Internet on your TV.


  121. syed waseemuddin says:

    The exact problem is when a user tries to login with single user id on multiple computers. what Beam does it automatically logged out with in a fraction of seconds then u have to make a call to a customer care they will come and resolve it.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Syed,
      It requires a router to setup Internet connection sharing among computers in the house.

      You can also use a PC for this purpose if you have two Ethernet cards and a low cost hub/switch.


  122. siddharth says:

    Hi Rajib!
    I am having a very peculiar problem with Beam Tele. Since 10 days my internet connection is disconnected every few minutes and this is not reflected in my network connection icon. Another friend of mine on the same floor too has the same problem with his beam connection. The technician who came said that my netgear router was hanging and that I should connect the cable directly to my system and check. He has offered the same solution to my friend. I find this co incidence of both our routers hanging at the same time a little too convenient. Can u please offer me a solution to this. The technicians coming have no clue what so ever.

    Thank you

  123. Ravi says:

    well exact same issue me having too, and got the response to update the firmware of my brand new linksys, now last couple days my VOIP quit working, and range of WIFI has gone down considerably, I am just confused, somehow think beam is playing some tricks I still don’t trust beam even after 2yrs I am wih them. @ Rajib am I hallucinated ?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      More often than not, cheap routers are at the core of the problem. Netgear routers are the worst offenders. I currently own a NetGear N300 and in summer it keeps conking out every 30 minutes due to overheating. After the warranty expires, I am gonna break open the case and install a mini-fan or an extended heat-sink.

      Most routers use a small Adapter to convert AC to DC and these adapters are quite susceptible to changing voltages. If the output of the adapter drops from 12V to 10.5V, the router will freeze. At 11V, the router may not be able to perform WiFi functions with full efficiency.

      Try to eliminate power and heat related problems with the router at your end first.

      Beam Cable is not off the hook either. Their equipment may suffer from the exact same electrical glitches.

  124. Shyam Sunder says:

    Hi Rajib,
    I just bought a Netgear wireless router. n150 JNR1010.
    How can i configure it to use with Beam telecom cable ?
    I tried it with smart genie. but it’s asking login and password when i tried to open a website in browser.
    How can i manually configure it ?

    Shyam Sunder

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Beam Cable requires that you login from a PC to their network using the web-browser at-least once to start the session. You generally remain logged in as long as traffic is flowing in/out of the router.

      It is possible to hack some routers to automate this process but the basic Netgear routers do not support it.

      The batch file in my post should help with the automatic login unless Beam Cable changed the mechanism and the batch file is no longer valid.

  125. jalal says:

    hey there..
    i use a local cable internet.
    i have a linksys router
    the problem is the isp disconnects the internet every 24 hour and it wont login automatically. i need to open my browser and open this website
    and it asks for user name and password
    i have to reconnect every time.
    is there are a process i can connect automatically, i dont have to put my username and password again and again
    i need this ‘coz my security cams are connected to the network and sometimes i’m out of town so i cant get there to connect manually everytime.
    please help.

  126. sunil says:

    I am using beam tele internet, when insert the cable directly to my LapTop, I am able to access internet.
    I am facing problems in using the internet. Router not able to get IP and DNS address dynamically.

    Could you please help me in solving the issue.

  127. sunil says:

    I am using netgear router WGR614v7

  128. Swatantra says:

    You can change the beam settings to use PPPoE. Just type the “Default Gateway” IP in the browser. User name is admin and there is no password.


  129. Srinu says:

    HI i am also using Beam Cable. It is actually a great service I guess. I have a doubt…i wish some one clarify my doubt. I have a PC and a laptop. The cable is connected to the desktop…now i want to browse internet on my laptop also…Is it possible to browse it if I connect via bluetooth to the PC(I will buy a bluetooth dongle for PC)

  130. Kiran Kumar says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am using beam. I have some peculiar problem. I have connected cable to my desktop. I am not using any router. But somehow my internet is disconnected frequently and everytime i need to use their resolver tool and login, this is repeating again and again. I would appreciate if you could help me out to resolve this issue

  131. govind reddy says:

    sir i want to know how to change my beam router ip address

  132. Renuka says:

    Hi Rajib,

    I have WA300SG4 Router/Modem at home.Is it possible to configure WIFI of Beam connection through this? Or Do I have to buy a new Router?

  133. Cisco Networld says:

    @ Renuka

    Beam provide RJ45 termination (like Lan cable that goes to your system) and your modem seem to have RJ11 port (like landline wire) and therefore it might not work. There is another complicated way of dedicating a system act as server and rest of the devices would be connecting to the server for accessing Internet.

    Nowadays there are some routers that serve the basic and even advance purpose of home network while keeping the monetary mark within decent limit. One of the options can be checked below:

    Hope that helps.

  134. Cisco Networld says:

    @ Govind Reddy

    The wireless works with two IPs. One is Public that you receive from Beam and that can’t be changed. Another is Private and that should be what you intend changing.

    Please log in the config mode of router and look for “DHCP scope” or “Local IP Address” fields where an IP address and subnet mask can be defined. Ideally, you might want to assign any IP range starting with 192.168.x.x and keeping the subnet mask should be

    If that doesn’t work then share the router model.

    Hope that helps.

  135. Satish says:

    I want to login to my router settings page so that i can do some changes. Could you please provide me the default login credentials of Beam Router. I was not provided with the router login credentials by the technicians of Beam Telecom. Neither the Company provided me when I contacted them. So, Could you please provide me the DEFAULT login credentials so that I can try to login to my router settings page.

    Thank you in advance.
    Satish Kumar

  136. Ravi says:


    I have Asus AT-AC68U this router has shit loads of feature and i am sure i can make my router do the login part. I tried to set my connection as PPPoE but failed. Can you guide me as to how to do this?

  137. sandeep says:

    Nice article!
    I am able to configure the settings as described above,it works fine,however i have a small query to ask….configuring login credentials in the .bat file would be insecure?Right?
    Waiting for your response.

    • I have beam tele connection and I use Router. while switching over to cable from Router during power cuts, my windows system got crashed today, And it erased my bitLocker key. I got to struggle to explain the things the problem to beamtele tech support / admin.

      Usually I got to reboot the (office) system every time to get the beamtele login page during this switch over as it hungs every time.

      They only claim that it is not their issue. Any faulty connection? How to explain this?

  138. Raj says:

    We have security camera system connected to beam, having trouble viewing cameras remotely, can not login to beam daily, we even got static IP with beam, please help.

  139. JAyanth says:

    but how to install that all can u show me a video or deatilly explain mr

  140. anand says:

    would you by any chance know ‘what is’ / ‘how to determine’ the login credentials to the router? i’d like to change the ssid and the wifi key. but the darn thing wouldnt let me login.

    thanks in anticipation.

  141. Joysula says:

    Recently BeamCable performed some maintenance and after that my router(AIRPORT) started blinking orange. When I check my router, it shows there is some DoubleNAT issue. How to correct this issue as I cannot port forward anymore? any information on this is appreciated. thanks.

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