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Casio CTK-7000 Promo Video – Rajib's Blog Rajib's Blog

Casio CTK-7000 Promo Video

Casio produced a beautiful promo video for it’s new lineup of keyboards (the CTK-6000, CTK-7000) in the CTK Series.

Production Credits:

  • Composed by Andrei Quint,
  • Vocals Victoria Miles
  • Recorded and Produced by Carlos Lambertini

And now I am confused: Should I buy the Canon 60D DSLR which I need or the Casio CTK-7000 which I want?

Update: 15 Feb 2011: The Casio CTK-7000 it is. Purchased it today for Rs. 21,750/- at Hyderabad.

Buy Casio keyboards from Amazon:
Latest Casio Keyboards

  • Casio CTK7500: [amazonproduct=B004KJPVYW]
  • Casio CTK7000: [amazonproduct=B004KJQQZ0]
  • Casio CTK6500: [amazonproduct=B004KJWQXQ]
  • Casio CTK6000: [amazonproduct=B004KJPTCG]
  • Casio CTK5000: [amazonproduct=B001FSJC28]

Latest Yamaha Keyboards

  • Yamaha PSR-E423: [amazonproduct=B003JMEUD4]
  • Yamaha PSR-E333: [amazonproduct=B004WV29Q6]
  • Yamaha PSR-S910: [amazonproduct=B00305AG42]
  • Yamaha PSR-S710: [amazonproduct=B002ZJ505O]
  • Yamaha PSR-S550B: [amazonproduct=B001QVHW2Q]

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16 Responses

  1. Noah says:

    when these will be launched in india????
    pls reply …tk

  2. pbchaturvedi says:

    Rajib ji namaskaar,
    I have baught CTK 7000. I think i am first buyer of it because I baught it on launching day from delhi. This keyboard is wonderful…..

  3. pbchaturvedi says:

    Rajib ji,
    Its price is 21500 from ‘tech 4 u’ Dwarka,New Delhi with stand, adopter and bag. Plz contact MOBILE NO. – 9873731312

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Chaturvedi ji,

      Thanks for your response. Even I purchased the CTK-7000 today at Hyderabad (making me the first customer of the CTK-7000 at Hyderabad) for Rs. 21,175/-
      I will of-course be reviewing it soon and will appreciate your continued participation on this blog.


  4. meghashyam says:

    Hi Rajib,
    I was interested in this keyboard. Could you please give details if this price includes taxes (VAT etc) and the accessories you got along with ths keyboard.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Meghashyam,

      I purchased the keyboard for Rs. 21750/- at Hyderabad. You will find the relevant contact information in my blog articles and comments. For the price, I received the keyboard in original box, Casio power adapter, Keyboard cover and basic keyboard stand (H type, not X type). Price was all inclusive.


  5. vijay says:

    Hi rajib

    Where did you buy this in hyderabad…would you let me know please??
    thank you.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Vijay,

      To purchase the keyboard at Hyderabad – Secunderabad, you can contact Servo Tronics (Mr. Savio Powell, Mobile: 9393315418) or Scorpious (Mr. Raju, Mobile: 9849837421). Other stores stocking Casio products are – Saregama Musicals (Mr. Riyaz, Mobile: 9676542611), Natraj Musicals (Mr. Sridhar, Mobile: 9392474726). These vendors promptly reverted to me when I inquired at JustDial and gave me very competitive offers. Eventually I purchased the keyboard from Scorpious since it is closest to my home.
      Other stores like Ashok Digitronics, Reliance Digital and Tata Chroma also stock Casio products but they did not have the CTK-7000 when I called them up.


  6. BHOLA says:


    I have 3 keyboards in my mind. Kindly suggest me the best one amongs the following keyboards.

    1. roland e09
    2.yamaha psr s500B
    3. casio ctk 7000

    many rgds

  7. suraj says:

    ROLAND E-09 Interactive arranger keyboard is good for you if u want to practice at home or if u have a studio. It has good onboard sound and comes with a joystick for pitch bending and modulation needs. But, if u wanna buy a ROLAND keyboard go for some higher models coz E-09 is the entry level keyboard from ROLAND. PRICE: around Rs. 26,000.
    Well, I will definitely not prefer this.
    YAMAHA S550B is an advanced keyboard and an entry level arranger workstation. The PIANO and acoustic sounds r quite realistic. Nice patches available but what dissapoints most is the lack of modulation button/wheel and the Price tag that’s around 34,000. I strongly prefer this keyboard but if u can invest the amount.
    On the other hand, CASIO CTK 7000 falls in the category of HIGH GRADE KEYBOARD and many additional features r included in the package. U get a modulation button by which u can use effects like vibrato, tremolo, portamento, etc. It has piano style keys which lack both in roland e-09 and yamaha s550B. 800 SOUNDS. Large REGISRATION MEMORY. 150 type appregiators, 32 channel onboard sequencer and the most important the price tag which is around Rs. 22,000. So, with respect to features and performance go for CTK 7000. U will feel proud of it. THANK U.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Suraj,

      Thanks for an excellent explanation for our reader Bhola. There is one minor correction – the Casio CTK-7000 does not feature the Portamento effect. It is present in the Korg-PA50 and sorely missed on the Casio. Additionally, the Casio features audio-mixer which allows the volume and effects of each sound to be tweaked to perfection. For ex: if I layer Piano and Strings, I can reduce the volume of strings to keep the emphasis on the Piano. I can also assign a DSP effect to the string and slow down the attach time. As a result, the strings will seem to build in volume after the piano has started to fade.


  8. Hi Rajib,

    Can u help me to get the CTK 7300in rhysms backup i am using 7200.

    We can take the backup of the rhythms and tones if u can help me it will be great.


  9. siddharth vishnoi says:

    ya i also want to know about same i have casio wk7600 and if i want to upload the rythem pattern of ctk 7300 so how can i????

  10. Deven says:


    I am confused on which one to buy Yamaha PSR-i455 or Casio CTK-7300IN.
    I have done a demo in music shop and both sounds nice.
    Price of both is also almost same.
    But Casio one has more features.
    So I am little bit confused.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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