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Cribs, complaints about unprofessional or unethical behavior from those who are high on the pedestal.


LG USB Deviations

I have been struggling for a while to connect my Karbonn A21 Android phone to the computer using a Standard USB-B Mini cable. The phone just would not get detected no matter how much I tinkered with the settings on the computer...


Airtel GPRS is a Rip-Off

Got royally burned by Airtel GPRS. For starters, anyone who has an Airtel SIM in their mobile phone, automatically receives Airtel GPRS Settings and they are saved as ‘Mobile Office’. Practically all phones sold today are in the category of Smart-Phones, even...



Did I tell you about the day I walked away from £520000 and chose to remain poor? Well, here I was burning brain-cells, earning bread. This SMS popped on my cell-phone: From: TD-FORTUNE YOU HAVE GOT 520000.00 IN WORLD FORTUNE PROGRAM. TO...


TataSky TruChoice Is The Wrong Choice

Who does not want to save money? The rich want to. The poor wish to. The middle class have to. So when TataSky announces that now you can only order the channels that you want to watch, it seems like heaven sent....


Leaking Like A Sieve

Submitting your email ID to websites has long been the surest way of getting spammed. Unfortunately, it is also key information for most web transactions so we have to hedge our bets. Most organisations in USA are respectful of your personal data...

Work Or Gab? 0

Work Or Gab?

Krishnakriti Foundation received 53 applications for it’s Fellowship Programme for the year 2011 to study in France. 44 applicants provided Gmail IDs. (83%) 5 applicants provided Yahoo IDs. (9.4%) 2 applicants provided Hotmail IDs. (3.77%) 2 applicants provided RediffMail IDs. (3.77%) Funny...


Blog Spam

In the 3 years that my blog has been up and growing (5500+ visitors per month), I have received 935 genuine comments and 7674 spam comments (12.18% genuine comments). Akismet caught more than 99.5% of spam comments accurately and I caught the...

T24 Lost my documents 2

T24 Mobile misplaces documents

God punishes you for greed (one of the seven deadly sins). On Earth, T24 Mobile are God’s designated agents. In the guise of providing free cellular telephone connections and free talk-time, their executives collect signed documents from un-suspecting customers and then conveniently...

Health Ministry's Anti Smoking Campaign is terribly planned and executed. 0

Political Correctness – The Healthy Way

Political correctness has not even spared a 30 year old movie from being mercilessly blurred into oblivion. High-handed anti-smoking campaign reaches new lows of stupidity.


What’s Dat Noise?

Audiophiles beware. Careless production and mastering processes are resulting in audio-cds that feature terrible audio.