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Cribs, complaints about unprofessional or unethical behavior from those who are high on the pedestal.


Seagate Rosewood Drive Failure

Seagate Rosewood series drives are used extensively by manufacturers of laptops, external disk drives etc. Now that these are about 2 years old, alarmingly most of them are failing. Seagate does not provide warranty to end-users and most of us maybe facing imminent critical data loss.


The Nikon Z Shortcomings

Nikon has released its Z series Full-frame Mirror-less cameras and while there is significant excitement about the new system, it is also being criticised by professional photographers in the media.
While the shortcomings may be real, potential solutions exist for some now, some solutions exist hypothetically and some things we are just going to have to get used to.

Comparison of Linux Lite 4.0 with Ubuntu 18.04 1

Comparison of Linux Lite 4.0 with Ubuntu 18.04

My good ol’ Acer Aspire 5745 laptop featuring Intel Core i5-450M processor with 8 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, 15.6″ LED display and Atheros Wi-Fi 802.11g came without licensed Windows OS and does not...


LG USB Deviations

I have been struggling for a while to connect my Karbonn A21 Android phone to the computer using a Standard USB-B Mini cable. The phone just would not get detected no matter how much...


Airtel GPRS is a Rip-Off

Got royally burned by Airtel GPRS. For starters, anyone who has an Airtel SIM in their mobile phone, automatically receives Airtel GPRS Settings and they are saved as ‘Mobile Office’. Practically all phones sold...



Did I tell you about the day I walked away from £520000 and chose to remain poor? Well, here I was burning brain-cells, earning bread. This SMS popped on my cell-phone: From: TD-FORTUNE YOU...


Leaking Like A Sieve

Submitting your email ID to websites has long been the surest way of getting spammed. Unfortunately, it is also key information for most web transactions so we have to hedge our bets. Most organisations...

Work Or Gab? 0

Work Or Gab?

Krishnakriti Foundation received 53 applications for it’s Fellowship Programme for the year 2011 to study in France. 44 applicants provided Gmail IDs. (83%) 5 applicants provided Yahoo IDs. (9.4%) 2 applicants provided Hotmail IDs....