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Blog Spam

In the 3 years that my blog has been up and growing (5500+ visitors per month), I have received 935 genuine comments and 7674 spam comments (12.18% genuine comments). Akismet caught more than 99.5%...

T24 Lost my documents 2

T24 Mobile misplaces documents

God punishes you for greed (one of the seven deadly sins). On Earth, T24 Mobile are God’s designated agents. In the guise of providing free cellular telephone connections and free talk-time, their executives collect...


What’s Dat Noise?

Audiophiles beware. Careless production and mastering processes are resulting in audio-cds that feature terrible audio.


Hotmail – The New Hotbed of 419 Scam

419 Scams are nothing new, at-least not to techies. However there are scores of people across the planet who continue to fall for these scammers who are primarily based out of Africa. Why do...


The Overcooked Netbook

The new Sony P Series is by no means an innovative product. Years before the newly launched Sony Vaio VGN P15G , Sony developed and sold the Picturebook series Vaio VAIO PCG-C1XS laptop. Unfortunately,...

Bigger The Company, Harder They Fall 5

Bigger The Company, Harder They Fall

Reliance Infocomm‘s latest stunt has fallen on it’s face and become the gaffe of the year. Ok, maybe gaffe of the month. It activated ‘Ring-Back-Tone (RBT)’ for all customers without any prior intimation/permission. To...

The Winner Takes It All 13

The Winner Takes It All

Take the talent shows – so much in vogue in India. First you invite the industry pundits to join the panel of judges. You make them do the sweaty work of scraping the dirt,...