Category: Rants

  • Bigger The Company, Harder They Fall

    Reliance Infocomm‘s latest stunt has fallen on it’s face and become the gaffe of the year. Ok, maybe gaffe of the month. It activated ‘Ring-Back-Tone (RBT)’ for all customers without any prior intimation/permission. To my discerning musical ears, a nondescript song being played at 2.4 kbps-mono over a 1mm speaker is probably worse than Chinese […]

  • The Winner Takes It All

    Take the talent shows – so much in vogue in India. First you invite the industry pundits to join the panel of judges. You make them do the sweaty work of scraping the dirt, trying to find raw gemstones. And when they have fairly narrowed the selection based on their years of experience, you completely […]