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Contact Form 7 Lists

WordPress Contact Form 7 (WPCF7) by Takayuki Miyoshi is one of the most popular WordPress plugins to create forms. It’s not easy to set-up but it is completely free and power-users can create forms in seconds. The post contains lists such as countries, states, country codes, etc. for Contact Form 7 to make it easy for you to generate the forms.


Orange Pi Mini 2 Disk Performance

The Orange Pi Mini 2 features 4 USB 2.0 ports and promises sufficient performance for a Home NAS set-up. Though the board itself runs very hot may have a short-life without some active cooling, the USB Read – Write performance mattered a lot and hopefully it was not affected by any other parameter. I ran a bunch of disk read-write tests on USB Pen-Drives, USB Hard Disk Drives and Micro-SD Cards and tabulated their results. Read more to find out if the board is suitable for a Home NAS.


I Will Have A Raspberry Pi Please

The $25 Raspberry Pi B+ Single Board Computer had me most excited for the best part of 1st half of this year. There are a ton of projects planned around it and technology folks and educators alike are hailing it as a milestone in computing. I could potentially convert the device to serve a number of functions that previously required at-least a $500 worth Laptop computer. Perhaps I am aiming too high, perhaps I am aiming at the wrong targets. Over a few months, my use of the device has stabilized and clarity reached in thought processes. Read on to discover what task I have assigned to it.

Karbonn A9+ and Karbonn A21 Side by Side 105

Rooting the Karbonn A9+ and Karbonn A21

The Karbonn A9+ and Karbonn A21 are part of Karbonn’s Duple series mobile phones. Hardware and Software configuration-wise, they are nearly identical as they both sport a Qualcomm 1.2GHz Dual Core CPU, Adreno 203...


Computer CPU Selector

Buying a computer; be it a desktop or a laptop, can be challenging. Apart from the obvious factors such as Look & Feel, Size, Weight, Price, Freebies, there’s the confusion about what is the...


Download Nokia Map Data for India

If like me, you are a fan of GPS and find reassurance in it’s ability to help you find your location and directions anywhere in the world, you will most certainly want your GPS...

Basic Photography Terms 0

Basic Photography Terms

Article explains the 5 basic concepts of ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture Value, Drive Mode and Exposure Mode so that the reader has better understanding of the fundamentals of technical aspects of photography.


Beginners Guide to Macro Photography

It’s a natural urge for any person wielding a camera to attempt to take close-up shots of objects around theme. Close-ups of small objects, when viewed at the full multi-megapixel resolution of modern cameras,...