Frugal Food Photography


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In response to a discussion thread on Facebook, Mr. Ranjit Sinha, a renowned photographer and teacher, volunteered to take a brief session of food photography for the frugal photographer. Subsequently, Mr. Ranjit and Rajib Ghosh are organizing a contributory event on a non-profit basis purely for the benefit of fellow Food Enthusiasts and Photography Lovers.

Learning Target

  • Participants will learn how to effectively utilize limited resources such as camera and lighting equipment, props and staging etc. to enhance their photography skills and bring their culinary creations alive for presentations.

Who Should Attend

  • Persons who love cooking food and would like to learn how to take better images to showcase their creations.
  • Persons who love to travel and try the local cuisine and would like to learn how to take better images to showcase their experiences.
  • Persons who love to be part of food festivals, restaurant launches etc. and would like to learn how to take better images to document their studies.

About The Master

Ranjit’s carrier spans 26 years of professional photography out of which about 20 years has been in teaching! He started his teaching career with NIFT Kolkata, where he taught for eight years and since then he has travelled to many design colleges like NSHM, BITS, Lakhotia, Roop Kala Kendra, BILAMS and IICD where he does a stint with crafts and pottery design students every year. Ranjit wanted to be a fighter pilot but then a freak cricketing accident changed the course of his life and brought him into the world of imaging.

Ranjit has been working with issue based imaging and design. His work Positive Lives in collaboration with Sapphire Creations Dance Workshop of Kolkata and David Gere at UCLA is a 36 min amalgamation of Dance and imagery, which talks about Stigma reduction in HIV+ve people. Funded by the Elton John foundation and the Richard Gere foundation this piece has travelled to most of Europe, India, Sri Lanka, South East Asia, US and is slated for the Africas soon.

Ranjit believes that Visual Imaging is an integral part of design. This belief has prompted him to diversify as an exponent of Design Integration, where he creates different levels of communication by amalgamating visuals, graphics and text seamlessly!

Ranjit currently teaches photography at Annapurna International School of Film + Media. (Information courtesy of AISFM.)

Session Benefits

  • The Participant Group will be provided with selection of items for photography from continental cuisine menu of the Venue Partner. The items will belong to Starters, Soups, Salads, Main Course, Desert, Beverage categories.
  • Each participant will be provided with a breakfast box consisting of Sandwich, Chips and Fresh seasonal juice as refreshment.
  • The Participants will submit a selection of their images to the organisers for a “Best of” contest that recognizes the best images for the categories.
  • Each Participant will be awarded a participation certificate, personally signed by the Master Photographer, to recognize the hard work of the participants during the event.
  • Each Participant will be awarded a special discount coupon for dining at the Venue Partner.

Terms & Conditions

  • Event is open to persons who are residents of Hyderabad – Secunderabad and 18+ years of age.
  • Selection of participants will be done by the Organisers based on their assumptions about who are likely to benefit the most.
  • The food items provided to the group for photography, are not meant for consumption as they may get handled by many persons during the event.
  • The Participants agree to submit a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 images to the organizers to be included in the “Best of” contest.
  • Images submitted to the “Best of” contest will be used on a royalty-free basis by the Venue Partners for their promotional activities in any form and medium. Photo Credits will be mentioned for six months to promote the photographer.
  • Donation amounts once transferred is non-returnable for invited participants. Donation amounts are fully returnable in-case of cancellation of event.
  • The organisers will have final decision making authority on all matters related to the event.

Event Details

  • On: Saturday 12-May-2018, 10.00 AM – 12.00 PM.
  • At: The Gallery Cafe, Road No. 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. View on Google Maps
  • Donation Amount: Rs. 250/- payable in advance via PayTM / NEFT. Amount payable upon intimation.
  • Parking: Limited 2 / 4 Wheeler Parking available at venue.
  • Guests: The event is open by invitation to participants only. Guests are not allowed.

Equipment Suggestion

  • Participants must bring their own photography equipment. The following equipment are recommended:
    • DSLR Camera with basic zoom lens such as 18 – 55 mm or higher.
    • 4 GB Memory Card or higher.
    • Camera Battery and Battery Charger.
    • Protective Case for camera equipment.
  • The following equipment are optional:
    • Additional lenses such as Prime lenses, Macro lenses etc.
    • External On-Camera Flash.
    • Filters such as Circular Polariser, Neutral Density.
    • Lens Hood.
    • Monopod or Tripod with Ball-head / Pan-head.
    • Remote Shutter.
  • Note that participants may also use Mobile Phones and Point-and-Shoot cameras for photography but are unlikely to be able to practice some of the techniques that are centered around using a DSLR camera.


    • Only 15 participants will be selected from the list of applicants. The selection criterion will be based on their inputs in the application form and organiser decision regarding their suitability for the session.
    • To apply, fill the application on-line.
  • Deadline for submission of forms is Friday 11-May-2018, 6.00 PM.
  • Upon acceptance, participant will be provided with payment details to remit the payment.
  • Deadline for donation for event is Friday 11-May-2018, 10:00 PM.


  • For any queries, please Email or WhatsApp the organisers at: Rajib Ghosh / rajib at rajib dot com / +91 949080 3673.