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Side by Side Comparison of Casio CTK-4200/WK-220 and CTK-4000 – Rajib's Blog Rajib's Blog

Side by Side Comparison of Casio CTK-4200/WK-220 and CTK-4000

Casio has announced the launch of a new portable keyboard – The CTK-4200 and WK-220.

The new CTK-4200 is intended to replace the 2 year old CTK-4000. Cosmetic differences are limited to the central area of the keyboard being replaced with black finish from the CTK-5000 versus the silver finish from the CTK-4000. IMHO, it looks rather mish-mash and I wish Casio had not done it since greater things are expected from it’s designers.

The keyboard’s feature-set too is pretty much the same with only the addition of a few tones being the difference.

Casio has a pretty simple video for this keyboard up on Youtube:

You will probably find the side by side comparison to be of greater utility: 

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The WK-220 & WK-225 differ from the CTK-4200 only in the number of keys (76) and additional Microphone input for sampling audio.

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Purchase at best price from Amazon:

  • Casio CTK-4200: [amazonproduct=B005N4N2BM]
  • Casio CTK-4000: [amazonproduct=B001FSJC1O]
  • Casio CTK7000: [amazonproduct=B004KJQQZ0]
  • Casio CTK6000: [amazonproduct=B004KJPTCG]
  • Casio CTK5000: [amazonproduct=B001FSJC28]

Latest Yamaha Keyboards

  • Yamaha PSR-E423: [amazonproduct=B003JMEUD4]
  • Yamaha PSR-E333: [amazonproduct=B004WV29Q6]
  • Yamaha PSR-S910: [amazonproduct=B00305AG42]
  • Yamaha PSR-S710: [amazonproduct=B002ZJ505O]
  • Yamaha PSR-S550B: [amazonproduct=B001QVHW2Q]

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13 Responses

  1. Bharat Sharma says:

    Sir which is better Casio ctk 3200 or Yamaha Psr e333.I play live music as well as plan to use midi.Please reply.Thanks.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Bharat Sharma,

      My suggestion would be to go for the Yamaha PSR E-333. The Yamaha keyboards in general have better real-time tone/style switching capability and they rarely skip the beat while doing so.


  2. veer says:

    Dear sir, please give a side by side comparison for ctk 7000 and Roland. e09…

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Veer,
      I do not have access to a Roland E-09 and hence cannot provide my review of the equipment. However, you will find all the data, demo videos on the Internet and may help you understand the capability of the machine.


  3. soumya says:

    sir, what is DSP. function. in ctk it available in psr i425…
    and please suggest which one is rich in tone , sound and rhythm ….

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Soumya,

      DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing and it is the equivalent of Effects Processor that musicians connect to their instruments to increase the depth of sound or to make unique interpretations of the sound.

      On the CTK-7000, quite a few preset DSP effects are available. For example, you can use the Echo effect to introduce a echo sound to guitars, pianos. You can configure the delay start, delay spacing, delay count and decay delay (they are termed slightly differently). You can use the Overdriven amplifier effect to make guitars sound grungier. The Phaser DSP can make Pad sounds swing from left to right channels with a gentle modulation and sounds very pleasant.

      Standard effects such as Vibrato, Reverb, Attack, Release etc. are also available for all tones.

      The PSR I-425 also implements DSP but slightly differently. It has two knobs for Real-time control of sounds during performance (on the Casio you need to do this in advance and store the settings as a Custom Tone). It also has a few DSP effects but these are slightly less in number (but no less practically useful) than the CTK-7000.


  4. august says:

    I am thinking of buying my first keyboard and i am hoping for a casio ctk 4200 (or wk 220) i have a few queries :
    1. if midi controllers like avid one’s are ‘just’ MIDI controllers and have comparatively less keys (41 r something) while keyboards like casio 4200 also can funtion as midi controllers as they have more simpler usb-midi connections THEN WHY are those controllers extremly more expensice even though they dont have their own sound??? why wont every body just buy the all in one portable keyboards (they also look good!)
    2. do you know if any newer model of casio is gonne be launched in the near period? cus then i’ll just wait…..or should i go for the ctk 4200?
    3. i am in audio production (about to take a degree) so wat should i buy? (i also wanna learn piano r something)
    please help with the queries.
    thank you

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear August,

      MIDI controllers are generally more expressive that portable keyboards. Most MIDI controllers feature Pitch Wheel, Mod Wheel, Volume Knobs, Assginable Sliders and Assignable Knobs. You can configure the software that is receiving the signals from the MIDI controller keyboard to modify the sound based on the values of the assignable controllers.

      Many MIDI controllers are either semi-weighted or full-weighted and some also feature graded-hammer action. All this generally comes at a price considerably lesser than a keyboard that also includes a sound generator.

      Artists who almost exclusively work with software based sound-generators or have separate sound-generator modules in their studio, prefer MIDI controllers for their versatility.

      I am not aware if Casio is likely to launch any new keyboards. Even if they do, they are likely to focus on their Privia pianos or the XW series keyboards.

      If you are into audio-production, you will probably be quite comfortable interfacing a software-synth to a keyboard and hence I would recommend a MIDI controller instead of the CTK-4200. The CTK-4200 is a beginner level keyboard that is excellent for learners. Studio-based artists will benefit better from a MIDI controller.

      On the other hand, if you will also be taking classes at an institute, then depending on the institute’s infrastructure, you may need to lug a keyboard everyday. In that case, a CTK-4200 or a CTK-5000 is an excellent choice.


  5. Nadeem says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m thinking of purchasing a standard keyboard. In 10-15k range. For learning purpose which keyboard is the best ? And for the investment which is better option to go for? Casio CTK-4200, CTK-5000, Yamaha PSR E333 or Yamaha PSR E433. I would like to know the price of PSR E433 at present in India and it’s availability. I would like to purchase Roland A-800 keyboard controller in the future for music production after I learn playing keyboard a little bit taking tution classes. Please suggest a better option. Couple of my extra questions are regarding the touch sensitivity between the Casio & Yamaha offerings. Which keyboard is better in terms of playability and performance as I’ve seen one video on youtube regarding the noisy and sticky keys of Casio keyboards. Is it too common? Please share you invaluable suggestions. Thank You.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Casio and Yamaha keyboards are good learner keyboards and satisfactory amateur keyboards. For pro-sounds, you will have to consider Korg / Roland etc.
      As I have mentioned in my blog earlier, Casio keyboards deliver more in terms of specs but Yamaha keyboards are more performance oriented.

      Noisy and sticky keys is not the exclusive domain of Casio keyboards alone. That said, Yamaha keys are slightly more snappier and responsive.

  6. says:

    Dear sir

    Presently I am learning keyboard lessons, please suggest me a keyboard within Rs. 15000.00.

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