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SMS Scam: TD-FORTUNE – Rajib's Blog Rajib's Blog


Did I tell you about the day I walked away from £520000 and chose to remain poor?

Well, here I was burning brain-cells, earning bread. This SMS popped on my cell-phone:

( 00447014245041

Great news. So I got half-a-million currency. Of what? Dollars? British Pounds? Saudi Riyals?

I hope it was not in Zimbabwean Dollar since 520,000 ZWD is only about USD 1300. To top it all, Zimbabwe has itself suspended trade in ZWD and the currency is worth less than the paper it is printed on.

In any case, I am putting on a brave face and assuming that I am being rewarded in GBP.

Step 2: I am to email them to get my payment. Are you nuts? I am already the winner. You have my number and my money. So get your a** over to my place real quick and leave the money at my door-step in small unmarked bills in a plastic bag which is at-least 40 microns thick.

Step 3: I should call 0044…Now whose number is that? It belongs to someone in the Isle of Man (a small island located off Great Britain). Told you I was right in assuming the prize money was in GBP.

Step 4: The path of Karma.

Maybe it is because I am rated above-average intelligent. Maybe it is because I am pretty computer savvy and I am well aware of these various email/SMS scams that are active. Maybe it is because I believe that I have no rights over money that I have not worked hard for. Maybe it is because “If it is too good to be true, it probably is”.

Whatever, I am the god-fearing types. And I fear these murderous scammers lot more. So I think I am gonna call “Pass”.

And scream out loud – Shame on you cellular phone service providers, Shame on you Govt. of India to allow such crimes to happen in our country.

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6 Responses

  1. Kapil kumar says:

    Yup,…ths happing here and i think everywhere in india..
    Recently i also got this sms…from td-fortune..n wonderd after search it on internet…ths is a registerd company yet nobady took action for it…ufff.

  2. ashwani dahiya says:

    friends they are just making fool of us ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they donot reply to our mail & smss …….so help them to go to helll……………if they send me one more sms then i willl go to cyber police station…………

  3. Chinthu uthaman says:

    I got td fortunes sms and mail
    i think this is not a real programe .

  4. Vasant says:

    Hey ASHWANI , Please give me sum information about cyber police station. I got about 100 such SMS’s. I dont know what to do! Everyday i get 4-5 such SMSs.

  5. ashwani dahiya says:

    hi vasant 02224691233
    ye cyber police station ka customer care no….. yaha call karo aur …koi bhi information le lo………..

  6. Das says:

    Hay guys always send money offer but dont sent this … Its damage with u.. Ok guys..