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Review of Sony T Series 13.3″ Ultrabook

Officially launched in June 2012 in India, Sony’s ultrabook offerings can be easily mistaken to be their regular products. Traditionally, Sony’s offerings have been light & slim notebooks either covered in aluminum or textured plastic. Sony had taken the initiative of launching...


One, Two, Many – Review of Strontium Bold 2GB USB Flash Pen-drive

SnapDeal is on a publicity binge. And followers of SnapDeal get to win. SnapDeal recently announced a limited duration promo code called SD500 where they offer a discount of Rs.500/- on purchases worth more than 999/- Since my USB pen-drives have a...


Side by Side Comparison of Casio CTK-5000 & Yamaha PSR-I425

With 533 comments (as of writing of this post), my article comparing the Casio & Yamaha keyboards is the most popular article on the blog. While the article does discuss the keyboards, technical details are not available in the article. Here is...

Review of Asus 900HA Netbook 1

ASUS Eee PC 900HA Review

Is the netbook dead in 2010? The manufacturers would have you believe. Customers stare in dis-belief.


Windows 7: A Common Man’s Perspective

A review of Windows 7 from the perspective of a home user and small business owner. Article highlights new features that could prove useful and drawbacks of the new operating system from Microsoft.