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Microsoft Word refuses to start if HP m1522nf is set as default printer. 1

Microsoft Word takes long time to start

MS Word can take ages to start if HP m1522nf is set as the default printer. Luckily a work-around exists that preserves your sanity as you attempt to type & print your resume at current work-place.


What’s Dat Noise?

Audiophiles beware. Careless production and mastering processes are resulting in audio-cds that feature terrible audio.


Repairing the RCA Lyra RD2762 4 GB Micro Jukebox

My well intentioned friend set a challenge for me a fortnight back. Repair his portable MP3 player which was acting comatose. The device in question, the RCA Lyra RD2762 was quite a trendsetter in it’s time. Featuring an internal 1.8″ 4GB HDD,...