Bigger The Company, Harder They Fall

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  1. Vamsi says:

    I completely agree, and I have personally gone thru the same damn experience myself, exactly as mentioned by Rajib. Reliance’s approach of changing the ring tone without any intimation/permission is so not done and completely cheap.

  2. TechnoSamrat says:

    Even I faced some issues with another service provider… And they keep calling me everyday and send me messages. Later I registered for DND.. and now i’m very happy.. My life is peaceful..

  3. D.M. Bhattacharyya says:

    Dear Mr. Rajib Ghosh,

    I possess a Mobile phone set Make – SIGMATEL (Dual SIM). Since last fortnight or so, SIM-1 of my mobile handset is only functioning.On operation of sim-2 the screen shows “INVALID SIM”. But on 2211.2009 seeing an ad I sent a message to 53232 to veryfy my IMEI No. of handset from both the SIM. Through both the SIM I received message – “This belongs to BRAND SIGMATELT33iMANIFACTURERYuceller Elektronik Dis Tic Ltd Sti Source: MSAI. I solicit your kind advicein this regards.With thanks.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Mr. Bhattacharya,

      Sigmatel sells mobile phones with valid IMEI codes and this was indeed verified by you.
      If a SIM reports ‘Invalid SIM’, it can mean two things:
      1. The SIM slot is dead.
      2. The SIM is dead because either short-circuited or the cellphone operator deactivated your account

      You can very easily check for problem #1 by taking out the problematic SIM and placing the working SIM in that slot. i.e. assuming SIM-1 is working in SLOT-1 and SIM-2 is not working in SLOT-2, take out SIM-2 and place SIM-1 in SLOT-2 socket. If SIM-1 (working SIM) works in both SLOT-1 & SLOT-2, you will know that both the slots on the mobile phone are working and your phone is fine.

      You can diagnose if SIM-2 (non working SIM) to check for dead SIM or deactivated SIM by trying it out either in SLOT-1 or any other mobile phone.

      It is also possible that SIM-2 is not supported by your mobile phone. Sigmatel phones are Dual-Band phones and some mobile phone operators on India (the new ones) operate on Tri-Band frequency.


  4. D.M. Bhattacharyya says:

    Dear Mr. Ghosh, Pl. read ” Through both the SIMs in place of “Through both the SIM I”. Yours’ D.M.B.

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