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  • Review of MK809V Android Media Player

    MK805V Android Media Player

    The MK809V is a device from the long line of evolutionary devices. It features a new Amlogic S805 CPU that can decode H.265 Full-HD streams. The device is priced right, seems to work well with some caveats. Does this device overcome it’s niggling issues or get overwhelmed by them? Will it prove to be the right device for you in your quest to give a new lease of life to your middling LCD TV that is already showing it’s software age?

  • Raspberry Pi B+ WiFi Throughput Test

    The Raspberry Pi B+ is a versatile low-cost Single Board Computer that is making waves in the technology world. The network performance of the board has always been up for question since the Ethernet interface shares the USB bus. Since USB 2.0 Bus has a theoretical top speed of 480 Mbps and typical Single Band (2.4 GHz) WiFi-N performance tops out 150 Mbps, would the suspected limitations prove to be real bottleneck?

  • Performance Issues with Compatible Batteries

    Should you buy compatible (OEM) batteries made in China for your mobile phone? They certainly are cheap, often at half the price of the original manufacturer’s product. In case of mobile phones and laptops, compatible batteries may be the only ones available as replacement. Read on to discover the performance of one such product.

  • Review of Fujifilm Finepix HS50EXR Superzoom Camera

    The Fujifilm Finepix HS50EXR is the most expensive among leading superzoom cameras by Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony. Does it match up to it’s price? Me think so.

  • The Fallacy of nComputing

    Article evaluates the true cost of setting up Terminal-Server solution using nComputing and Microsoft Software. Does it really offer the ground-breaking price advantage that it’s makers claim?

  • Review of Karbonn Velox ST8 Android Tablet

    Front view of Karbonn Velox ST8 Tab

    The Karbonn Velox ST8 is a 8″ tab featuring Android 4.1.1 OS and a screen with 1024 x 768 pixel display (4:3 ratio). The tab was purchased for basic multimedia, web-browsing and ebook reading experience and this it does well. However it cuts quite a few corners and some users may find the tab horribly unsuitable for their requirements.

  • Review of Videocon VT10 Android Tab

    The Videocon VT10 is very capable device with excellent performance. Despite quite a few missing features and relatively high price, the tab is a good option for those who want a low-cost Android tab from a Brand Name.

  • Review of Mercury mTab StreaQ

    Comprehensive Review and Rooting Guide of the Mercury mTab StreaQ 7″ Android Tablet featuring Multi-touch, WSVGA display, 2-Cameras, Phone & SMS function, USB OTG and HDMI support.

  • Compare Nikon L320, L820 & P520

    A quick-comparison table of Nikon CoolPix L320, L820 and P520 Super Zoom cameras. The table should help you decipher the included and missing features of the new Super Zoom cameras from Nikon in CoolPix series.

  • Review of Epson L355 Continuous Ink System Printer

    The Epson L355 is the world’s first Continuous Ink System printer for the Home / Office. Priced economically at approx. Rs. 13500/-, it offers low printing cost of only 10 – 40 paise/page. Read on to discover if Epson has got it right. Is it the device that will solve all your Print-Scan-Copy issues or do you have to keep looking, keep hoping.