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    Did I tell you about the day I walked away from £520000 and chose to remain poor? Well, here I was burning brain-cells, earning bread. This SMS popped on my cell-phone: From: TD-FORTUNE YOU HAVE GOT 520000.00 IN WORLD FORTUNE PROGRAM. TO GET YOUR PAYMENT SEND EMAIL US ON ([email protected])TEL: 00447014245041 Great news. So I […]

  • SMS Scam: BBC UK Lottery

    This one received a few minutes back looked very genuine and was quite tempting. The message read: Congrats:You have won £1000000GBP.Your mobile No.was attached to Lottery No 02 03 17 23 40 BONUS 43 of draw no. 1610 in BBC National LOTTERY UK.Send Name,Address Phone And Bank Details Contact Dr.Franklin on Email:[email protected] Visit our web […]

  • SMS Scam: DM-Info

    The SMS scam message I received from DM-Info today was: Congrats! Your Number 94________ WINNER of CASH prize. Call 002463798001 NOW. Diagnosis: 

  • Phishing Alert: Maruti Suzuki Recruitment

    Phishing / Spam message sent by Nigerian Scammers, pretending to conduct interviews for Maruti Suzuki jobs in India.

  • SMS Scam: BA-HAPPY

    “Your Mobile number has won you 200.000 GBP in the 2010 Coca-Cola International Mobile Draws in UK.To claim,email your details to [email protected]” This puts me in a bit of a dilemma. United Kingdom uses Comma and not full-stop to separate digits. Also, to the best of my knowledge, Coca Cola remains a company that manufactures […]

  • SMS Scam: TD-Jasmine

    “hi sweety,this is Jasmine,i got your number from Sarah,i’m from Yemen and I’m in india call me on this number 009609926750 to have a date” For starters, ‘TD’ code stands for Tata Teleservices Ltd. from Delhi region. Shame on you Tata for not checking the morality clause of Indian Broadcasting Code. 🙂 If my wife […]

  • SMS Scam: DM-BFAC

    Article in Times of India about teacher who lost money to SMS Spam

    This one arrived today morning: CONGRATS {my_number} has WON $3000 CASH prize, call +2392879168 now. Now the thousand dollar question is “should I call?” FYI, +239 is the country code for “Principe Sao Tome“, an island nation located suspiciously close to Nigeria (Home of the 419 Scam). Call rates to this country are approx. Rs. […]