Category: Tips & Tricks

  • Going To Forest Safari. What Zoom Lens Should I Take?

    Article illustrates the simple calculations required to arrive at zoom range of lens, distance from object or final object size.

  • Aperture Value – The Great Light Equalizer

    Article explains the magic of Aperture Number (F Stop) in predetermining the amount of light that will reach the sensor irrespective of the lens that is being used.

  • A Full Circle – Back To DOS for Renaming Files

    Article explains command line method to rename files using information stored in a text file as input.

  • Monitor Color Calibration

    Monitor Color Calibration Test Image

    Are you graphics industry professional looking for professional advice on calibrating your computer’s monitor color display? Look elsewhere my friend. This article was written for amateurs by an amateur. But My Monitor Looks Fine! There are many reasons to ensure that your monitor is color calibrated. This article certainly does not aim to achieve calibration […]

  • Humpty Dumpty Jumped Over The Wall

    Article discusses the use of a single line PHP script to import SQL data into MySQL database.

  • Dell Inspiron 6400 BIOS Password Anyone?

    So this Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop lands at my doorstep. New owner reported that the erstwhile owner had forgotten the password. Since I had reliable information that this laptop was not purchased from a mugger for $20 and was inherited genuinely, I set about genuinely trying to restore the functionality of the machine. The password […]

  • TataSky TruChoice Is The Wrong Choice

    Who does not want to save money? The rich want to. The poor wish to. The middle class have to. So when TataSky announces that now you can only order the channels that you want to watch, it seems like heaven sent. Or is it a package from hell? Turns out, if were to order […]

  • Leaking Like A Sieve

    Submitting your email ID to websites has long been the surest way of getting spammed. Unfortunately, it is also key information for most web transactions so we have to hedge our bets. Most organisations in USA are respectful of your personal data and do not share it others (at-least the ones that have read the […]

  • Windows 7 Does Not Power Off USB Device Even After Ejecting

    I have a few removable HDD connected to my computer. These HDDs contain files that I need sporadically; so I switch them On when needed and after use, I use the option to ‘Safely Eject USB device’ and power them off. I was not pleased to discover that under Windows 7, even after ejecting the drive, […]

  • 3 Beeps of Doom – Recovering A Dead Intel Motherboard

    Article chronicles steps taken to recover a Intel D945GCCR motherboard that was stopping with 3 beeps on boot and resulting in First 64 KB memory failure.