Compare Nikon L320, L820 & P520

Nikon CoolPix P520
Nikon CoolPix P520

Nikon has made considerable in-roads in the field of Super Zoom cameras. They now offer a considerably larger variety of Super Zoom cameras to suit all budgets and their top-end super zoom is more economical than similar cameras from other manufacturers.

Some Advantages of Nikon Super Zoom cameras:

  • Considerably Economical: Nikon’s Super Zoom cameras are in the range of $187 – $427 and are cheaper than offerings from Fujifilm, Sony etc.
  • Balance of Features: Nikon cameras have a healthy mix of features and offer very good image quality and gimmicks keeping in mind the small size of the sensor (1/2.3″) and generally beginner / amateur level of the users.

Some Dis-Advantages of Nikon Super Zoom cameras:

  • Missing Features for Prosumers: Advanced Amateur photographers look for features such as External Flash support, External Mic support, Remote Shutter support, RAW file support etc. These features are missing from Nikon Coolpix cameras.
  • Proprietary Cables: Nikon does not use the standard USB Pins. As a result, you are required to carry the Nikon supplied cables everywhere and replacing damaged cables can be expensive.

If you have been considering acquiring a Nikon Super Zoom camera, you will find the comparison table below useful. It lays out exactly what the camera models have or do no have.

Note that some information is missing from the table as it is still being compiled. If I have missed any important data, do let me know in comments and I will try to incorporate them.

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