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  1. Savi says:

    Rajib I play a lot of games and mostly the latest ones, and I would like to play them with all my friends. And to do that these games are asking me to port forward, then again i browsed internet learned to edit registry tried to forward port but was unsuccesfull. And tried a lot, watched a lot of tutorials too but no results. The again we can join in other people’s games from our games, and later when we host a game nobody can join in these games. We all are having Beam Telecom Internet Connections-1 mbps which is enough for our gaming needs, and pretty good pc rig’s with latest graphic cards too all running mostly windows-7 Ultimate and Windows 8 Release Preview. If any possibility of contacting please let us know, my e-mail:[email protected]!!!!!!!!!

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Savi,

      If the Beam cable wire is directly connected to your computer, then you need not do any port forwarding. Port forwarding should be done on a router (if you are using a router to distribute the beam internet throughout the house).

      More often than not, it is Windows Firewall / Antivirus Firewall that blocks incoming/outgoing connections of the games and you should have a look at this first.

      To understand port forwarding better, consider this:
      – You have three computers in your home, connected to a router, which in turn is connected to your ISP.
      – Your gaming computer is running Counter Strike in Server mode and it is waiting for incoming connections from your friends.
      – You give your Internet connection’s IP address to your friends as the location of the server. You can use to determine your IP address.
      – When your friends try to connect to the IP address, they actually connect to the router. The Counter Strike clients attempt to talk over ports 27030 – 27039. Since your router does not provide any service on these ports, the client chatter is simply discarded.
      – So, you proceed with setting up port forwarding on your router. You say that any chatter received over TCP port 27030 – 27039 should be forwarded to computer with internal IP address of (assuming that it is the IP address you have assigned to your computer. Use ‘ipconfig’ to find out).
      – Now any chatter received over Counter Strike ports is not discarded by the router, it is simply forwarded to your computer for handling it. On your computer, the Counter Strike server receives these data packets and establishes gaming sessions with your friends.


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