Download Nokia Map Data for India

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  1. niraj patel says:


  2. Ram says:

    Thanks very much for the detailed information. Will check it out today.

    • Ram says:

      I tried and downloaded the map of Karnataka to “Cities\diskcache” folder replacing the other folders which was already there.
      Now, how do i open the maps from the mobile? Please guide me.


      • Rajib Ghosh says:

        Dear Ram,

        If you have followed the instructions correctly, then ‘Maps’ program on your Nokia phone will use the data you have loaded.

        To test this, make sure that your phone does not have Internet connectivity via GPRS/EDGE/3G/WiFi. i.e. take your phone ‘Offline’.

        Now if you trigger maps, and scroll to any location in Karnataka, you should be able to see the road/location data of the area even with your phone disconnected from the Internet.

        If your phone is ‘Online’, Nokia Maps will always attempt to download the latest version of the map data (only for the area you are seeing, not entire state). It also downloads additional information such as ATM, Hospital, Petrol Pump locations etc. (this is not included in offline map data).


        • Ram says:

          Hi Rajib,
          Thanks for the reply, but even now i’m unable to use offline maps.
          I’ve Nokia maps 3.04 installed by default with firmware.
          When i click on Maps app from the Main menu, i get a wrench button on left bottom corner.
          When i click it and click map, i’m seeing “memory to be used” is set to E:Mass Memory on my X6. Is it that maps data should be stored in E:\Cities\datacache\?

          Also, when i extract Karnataka maps it only shows folders from 0 to 9 and “a” folder only and not till “f”.

          Is this right what i’ve done? Plz help.


          • Rajib Ghosh says:

            Hi Ram,

            If the memory to be used is “E:”, then the maps folder should also be stored in there.
            It is ok if folders from 0 – f do not show. Some maps may use a few folders.


  3. sudheer says:

    hi.. i liked your great effort. Will you please upload cache of google maps of india please????

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sudheer,

      Will it work if the cache of Google Map data is simply dumped into another phone? I think database of Google Maps software would have to be updated as well.


  4. Abrar says:

    Will this work with ovi maps 3.06

  5. Abrar says:

    Will this data work with ovi maps 3.06

  6. Amal says:

    does this works with s40 devises…… Asha 311

  7. Showkath ali says:

    hai mr.Rajib,
    its too late but i need the map data files for india,
    is it possible to down load them as im using nokia e71 right now,
    please let me have the link if it still exists,
    thank you

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately Nokia has shutdown its map servers. Another approach would be to install other maps for the S60 OS. There are Google Maps and Open Street Maps apps still available online. Perhaps those apps will be able to get current data.

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