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Make no mistake – GoDaddy is a great domain registrar and host! It’s world’s Number 1 in domain registrations after-all.

Their name may seem funny in India, but I have been using them for self and clients since 2001 and have received amazing value.

GoDaddy’s forte lies in delivering the average consistently. You will not find GoDaddy in the list of Top 10 web hosting companies (the damned lists are either fake or filled with web-hosting companies which disappear within a year). Now will you find GoDaddy offering domains for free (with loads of hidden terms and conditions).

GoDaddy will deliver to you rates on web-hosting and domain registration that beat giants like Network Solutions, and 1&1. The GoDaddy control panel makes it super easy to register a domain, keep it, host it and generate savings.

GoDaddy’s clearly mentioned Contact address and multi-tier Support system means you will receive support when you want it.

Is there something bad about GoDaddy? Sure there is. On a personal level, I can level with you that GoDaddy’s systems are designed to host individual and corporate websites. For those, whose websites operate on the bleeding edge of technology and are computational/traffic intensive, GoDaddy will not suit the bill. Sure you can pick up a Virtual Dedicated Server or a Physical Dedicated Server, but my advise for such users is to consider hosting their own server at an ISP nearby (Co-Location).

The “worst kept secret” is GoDaddy’s Discount Coupon system. Unlike, other websites, GoDaddy’s Coupons can save you anywhere between 10% to 50%. The coupons work reliably and I have saved hundreds of dollars over the years. When I multiply the US Dollar exchange rate for Indian Rupee with the dollars I have saved, it adds up-to a 5 figure amount in just 5 years that I have using the coupons. And mind you, I am just an individual who uses GoDaddy either for self or handful of clients.

If in doubt, I suggest you contact GoDaddy’s Sales team before your purchase and negotiate a money-refund agreement. You will probably not cash-in; this I am sure.

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  1. Offer: Get 10% OFF* our regular prices on .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, and .US domains
    Code: Use source code FBDOMAIN10
    Expiry: This special offer expires 6/18/2010

  2. Offer: Register or renew as many .COM, .NET or .ORG domain names as you want for 30% OFF
    Code: Use source code gda617b
    Expiry: This special offer expires 6/6/2010

  3. Offer: 20% Off any order, no minimum.
    Code: use source code gda626p
    Expiry: Offer ends Sunday, June 20, 2010 at midnight (PT)

  4. Offer: SAVE 20%* OFF your order of $50 or more
    Code: use source code gda628p when you check out
    Expiry: offer ends Sunday, June 27, 2010 at midnight (PT)

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