HAL.DLL Missing or Corrupt

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  1. Allan Staughton says:

    i have the exact problem, i have to use xp recovery system and command bootcfg /rebuild upon every boot.

    i have ask.com bar istalled, is that whats causing it?

    many thanks

  2. Cicely says:

    I have this hal.dll problem on my Sony Vaio laptop. As far as I know, I don’t have the ask.com toolbar, but I did install IE8 yesterday after getting bored of the prompts for Automatic Updates.
    I can’t get into the normal setup to remove IE8, so I how can I get rid of it? All I can get to is the recovery wizard (pressing F8) or a few other options (pressing F10), which then all only give me Windows (Default), and it goes back to the error message.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I had this problem on a Dell Desktop. Removing the Ask.com toolbar did nothing. I’ll try uninstalling IE8 and report back.

  4. Jeremy says:

    After removing IE8 the problem is gone. Client didn’t even want IE8 in the first place so we won’t reinstall IE8 till a later date.

  5. Dblakenz says:

    Thanks!!!! What a strange error! This had been frustrating me for the past week.
    I also have a VAIO but running standard XP, and this fix worked like a charm, and it was because of the Ask.com toolbar that came with Orbit downloader. I don’t remember wanting it installed as I use Chrome and Google, but there it was!

    I was lucky enough to have a winxp cd. Just a bit more to add for anyone else that’s having issues, here’s what I did;

    1) Followed instructions here; http://www.troublefixers.com/windows-does-not-start-due-to-error-message-invalid-bootini-file/

    2) Once in Window’s removed ask.com toolbar via add/remove programmes and rebooted.

    3) Again got hal.dll error so re-installed boot.ini as per link above, and rebooted and has been going fine since!

    Thanks Rahib you prob just saved me not just 10+ hours but some money as well!

  6. Pedro Alvarez says:

    How do you uninstall ask.com and mywebsearch toolbar what do i do? is it with one of the programs on hirens boot cd?please be detailed im a noob when it comes to computers :/

  7. Pedro Alvarez says:

    I cant go to the control panel because im missing the hal.dll file can i still delete it using hirens boot cd?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Pedro,

      Firstly, You can use Hiren’s Boot CD to restore the HAL.DLL file into your computer and make it bootable again.
      You cannot un-install Ask/MyWebSearch toolbars because apart from creating folder/files in PROGRAM FILES folders, these apps also create files in the WINDOWS folder. Locating and deleting individual files of these programs is too tedious and also needs deletion of entries from the registry.

      Your focus should be on restoring HAL.DLL to your computer, make it boot into safe mode and then perform the un-install.


  8. Pedro Alvarez says:

    How do i restore the hal.dll file using hirens boot cd what program do i use?because it wont let me boot in to safe mode.

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