Humpty Dumpty Jumped Over The Wall

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  1. Hi Rajib,

    I found your Tip & Tricks blogs quite useful especially the LCD one.

    I am thinking about purchasing a new TV set and needed opinion from someone who really knows the difference between an LCD & LED.

    Can you please help me out as to which one would be the best fit for me.
    Reading your article few of the things i could make out is i will need a 32 to 40 inch wall mountable set which will be on for almost 12 hours a day. (You see my parents are both pensioners and their only source of entertainment is this TV set and the PC.) Based on the requirements will you be able to advise. I think i will prefer either Sony or Samsung.



    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Joji Abraham,

      Glad I could clear your doubts about the difference between LCD and LED TVs.

      Recently I was considering upgrading my 32″ LCD to a 46″ LCD. In the process I again checked out all the brands in the market, their picture quality, feature-set and price.
      IMHO, Sony TVs had the biggest hype but did not deliver the goods. The picture quality was ok but TV features were very minimal and price was very high when compared to competition.
      Panasonic picture quality was the best the TV designs are still like their 2 year old designs. Also Panasonic did not come first in the feature set comparison.
      Between Samsung and LG, I preferred the LG picture quality, feature-set and price, but as they say – quality and price are inversely related.
      I disregarded Philips (no new models, rumour of getting out of LCD TV business), TCL / Onida (no TVs in the range I was looking) and ignored VideoCon.

      Did I buy the 46″ TV? No. I was looking for a Full-HD TV with 100Hz – 200Hz picture refresh in a TV costing less than 50K. Unfortunately, the LG that came nearest to my requirement was an LED model and it was priced at 66K. So I think I will wait till the LED buzz dies down and manufacturers start charging the real-price of LED TVs.


  2. So Rajib, what i understand is its better to wait for LED prices to come down coz the market is charging more than what an LED is worth.

    But can you provide some details around how an LED is an improvement over an LCD say …performance-wise, energy efficiency wise etc.

    Appreciate your help.


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Joji,

      Electronic prices will keep coming down but you cannot wait forever since something new and desirable will always be priced at a premium.

      If you visit any store, you will find that LED Backlit TVs (falsely called as LED TVs) tend to have brighter and more vibrant images when compared to CFL Backlit TVs (generally known as LCD TVs). This is due to the high-intensity white light of the LED Back-lighting array when compared to the softer light of CFL tubes. Hence strictly speaking, LED TVs improve in performance over LCD TVs only in increasing the color-gamut slightly. Energy efficiency is bound to increase due to LED technology too but it is generally not enough for manufacturers to use it as a selling point.

      If you are looking or a TV that brings out oohs-aahs from visitors to your house, get a LED TV. It is still considered a lifestyle electronics. If you simply want a flat-panel TV, get a LCD TV because these are now available at great prices and offer a very very good viewing experience. My Panasonic 32″ LCD TV is connected to a Tata Sky HD+ box and when I watch NatGeo-HD or Discovery-HD on it, it is always a pleasure.


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