Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyar, Woh Induction Stove Se Kaise Kare Inkaar?

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  1. Mayur Patel says:

    we want to 500 pcs. for 2000W to 2500W in difference model.

    so please give good price to us.

  2. ARNAB says:

    Thanks man , though the women i wud lke to please hre is not my wife , but my aged mom 🙂 . Anyways was going arund for reviews on this gadget , but urs provd to be one of the most comprehensive one..good work .

  3. Abhijit Mohanty says:

    Thanks a ton!! Your review on this has helped me in deciding to go for it. I’ve moved in recently from Hyderabad to Chennai and have been beating the bush for a new Gas connection. I’m particularly in a hurry as I have to bring my wife as soon as the gas is available.
    I have been thinking about the induction stove but did not have much info regarding it. But reading your review has been a blessing…after all as aptly said….’jo biwi se kare pyaar woh induction stove se kaise kare inkaar’.
    Thanks again!!

  4. Arun Sharma says:

    Hi Buddy,
    This was really a good info. The alternatives are always there if we search for heart 🙂 and this is one of the best alternatives I suppose for everyone 🙂

  5. kumar says:

    Hi arun,

    Very good article and thanks for the same, actually i bought one induction stove last week and so far i am really happy with it, as you said, i tried some of my vessels and they work very well and to my surprise, one of the prestige steel pressure cooker works as well and i am able to cook rise, dal , any vegetable in this pressure cooker.
    My question is can we also prepare dosa, or fry papad etc in this as i have not tried this as i dont have a pan which can be used in this cooker yet, and they are really expensive inthe market. but i would get one very soon but i want to ask your experiece, wheather you have tried dosa preparation in this cooker or not before spending some money on the pan(roughly Rs1000 which i have found in the market)

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Kumar,

      You can definitely make papad and dosa on an induction stove. Instead of buying expensive “magic cookware” just buy an Iron flat “tawa”. It will get magnetized superbly and will cook Roti and Dosa with equal aplomb. If you have a “kadai” that works on the induction stove, you can use that to oil-fry Papads. I personally prefer microwaved papads but my family loves oil. You could also use your Prestige Pressure cooker to fry papad.


  6. preeti says:

    we are in Bangkok . In our apartment gas is not allowed. we purchased 2 induction cookers. Burt in the manual it is mentioned that iron sheets are dangerous. I brought roti tawa from Bangalore. Well it works on that but i am scared to use that because of the instructions. when i check in the internet , it is suggested that cast iron suits on induction cooker, but i count find that here. please suggest.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Preeti,

      Since induction cookers work on the principle of generating heat by changing the magnetic field in the cooking vessel, you can only use iron vessels to cook on induction cooker.

      Ignore what the manual says about ‘dangerous vessels’. Cannot trust the atrocious english translation in the manuals in any case. Maybe the ‘danger’ clause is to warn the user not to wear and iron jewellery. If you wear rings/bangles of iron while cooking on an induction cooker, you may be severely burned.

      You don’t need to buy any special induction stove cookware. Just visit the market with a small magnet. If the magnet sticks strongly to the vessel, you can use it.


  7. preeti says:

    Thank you very much for your reply. In the manual, they mentioned everything in brief.

    But your article explained almost everything.
    thanks for the detailed and informative article.

    According to my experience
    There are 2 main advantages in induction cooker

    1 cleaning vessel is very easy compared to gas (because of the adjustment of heat automatically, food will not stick to vessel much)
    2 heat adjustment is really good, because of that chapatis and dosas
    coming very nicely.

  8. tulip says:

    Hi Rajeeb,

    That was quite an eye-opener indeed !! However, I have not been able to find any of the brands that sell these heaters for less than 3,900 bucks in Bangalore, which is very sad. i haven’t looked for the brand that you mentioned, so now may be I will.

  9. Manohar says:

    Hi Rajib,

    A comprehensive and scrupulous review. Better than any other reviews about Induction cookers read on the net till date…


  10. Vaishali says:

    I would like to buy this induction stove. please guide me where can i get in mumbai.

  11. Jamil Sayed says:

    ebay india offers induction cookers within a price range from Rs. 1600 to Rs. 2600. The makers are found to be Nova, TCL, Baltra, Shine and a lot of unknown companies. Some sellers claim their goods “imported” ! !

  12. Jayachandran says:

    This is a really valuable information for newbie like me . i just started a week ago and my cooking experiment is going great. only problem is i am not able to find a perfect Tawa which i can use for dosa/Chapathi .
    i tired in lifestyle/croma … no one has it . Any help for me ?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Jayachandran,
      You really don’t need any special tawa to cook on the induction stove. Just ordinary iron tava will do.
      Since most iron tavas in the market are curved at the bottom, you will have to find one that is flat (or beat a curved one into becoming flat).

      Prestige has also introduced a new line of cookware that features a iron plate stuck to the bottom of the vessel to make them induction cooker compatible.
      Many enamel coated cookware in the market are iron cookware. Not only they look great, they are super cheap and induction cooker friendly. Only, I have never seen a tava in enamel cookware. 🙁

      Have fun and I HTH

  13. amaranath says:

    Hi All,
    Baught a kanchan induction yesterday for Rs 2250 from a small shop in hosur road. It is working fine, faster and consumption also less.
    Prestige, pigeon with warranty and some chines models with out warranty or just 3 months warranty you can find in bangalore.
    Total, Bigbazzar and in some other malls you can find both branded and local models.
    Visit the respective show rooms/web page of the respective brands before decide the model. Almost all brands started producing induction stoves.
    Prestige has good offers now but heard that product has many complaints too.

    Rajib Ghosh,
    How is kanchan insuction stove. is it working fine? How is service? Is it a good choice?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Amarnath,

      We generally use the induction cooker when going out of station (carry it with us) and when either the gas runs out or I need to boil an egg and the gas-stove is occupied. As you can guess, these events don’t occur frequently.
      That said, the Kanchan stove is working flawlessly till now. Now if only people at my home to see the advantage of cooking with the induction stove. Probably not till Cooking Gas subsidy is removed. 🙂


  14. Vishal says:

    Hi All,

    I am bachelor so planning to buy induction stove. yesterday i have checked some of store in my city. They showed me

    1) induction stove

    2) Hot plate stove

    Anyone could please let me know which one is best as per electricity consummation.


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Vishal,

      A hot plate stove is a glorified electric coil stove. It’s definitely safer than a naked coil electric stove and way more efficient than cooking gas, it does not come close to a induction stove when it comes to energy efficiency. Perhaps you can time boiling a litre of water on each of these technologies to determine the speed and efficiency.


  15. Vishal Sinha says:

    Thanks Rajib. Thanks for quick response. what i have understand from your reply that electricity consummation is less in induction stove and its faster then hot plate.

    ( i have asked the shopkeeper he said both will take same electricity and also hot plate is faster then induction stove that’s why i was confused and posted comment to know better about these product with experienced guys like you 🙂 )

    I have checked in same store to boil water with hot plate stove and it took more then 13min.

    I didn’t get a chance to boil the water @induction stove.


  16. Vishal Sinha says:

    Many Thanks to educate me on this

  17. sujatha says:

    I am having pretty bad experience with Prestige induction stove . Even little water or milk spill is getting inside and causes a burst and the lining cracks.Not clear about the reason. ,many trips to service centre.

    Ideally there should be a provision to drain any liquid or water accidentally spilling on the top without it getting inside and causing damage and repair . There is no way to replace a fuse at home. No way to know whether the repair is minor or major.

    can you throw some light on my doubts?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Sujatha,

      Thanks for the product update. It is really sad that a company like Prestige is launching premium-priced products without thorough testing.
      I have a feeling that a gap has developed between the ceramic plate and the body. Spilled fluids are getting in via this route.
      1. Since the stove body itself does not become very hot, you could seal minor crack in the body using non-water soluble adhesive like Fevikwik.
      2. To seal the gap between the ceramic plate and the body, you may need a heat-proof adhesive. Some adhesives like Fevikwik and Araldite are water-proof but melt when heat is applied to them. If the edges of the ceramic plate on your cooker don’t get too hot, you could use Fevikwik or you will have to visit multiple hardware stores and look for adhesives that can withstand higher temperatures.


  18. Anjana says:

    This review has been very helpful, thank u very much… I am trying to decide on a good Induction stove, however am not too sure which one to go for. Prestige/Pigeon have bad reviews and multiple complaints in the market already. I am thinking of TCL. Any suggestions…?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Anjana,

      I am using the Kanchan brand induction cooker. We do not use it regularly. Mostly when the gas cylinder runs out or when I am up-to something in the kitchen. The induction stove has performed flawlessly till date.

      I feel that Prestige products are now over-priced without the quality commitments that go with higher pricing. TCL could be a good option, but make sure there is a service centre where you live and the product has at-least 1 year warranty. That goes for all electronics you buy.


  19. ssj4Gogeta says:

    I’m a student in Hyderabad. Looks like I’ve finally found an alternative to my rice cooker for cooking Maggi. It takes a lot of time on a rice cooker.
    What power consumption is your cooker rated for? I can only use about 1000W.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi SSJ4GoGeta,

      The induction cooker is rated from 120W – 1900W. So don’t worry about blowing the hostel/apartment fuse. Also it works off a 5 Amps point.
      Do note that on Induction cookers, 1900W setting does not draw 1900W current continuously. The magnet switches on/off continuously to maintain the temperature. So even in 120W, the power draw can be substantial – just that the magnet switches off more quickly (on for a few seconds only).

      To be on the safe side, I am using the cooker on a 15A line and have not noticed any problems like over-heating wires etc.


  20. ssj4Gogeta says:

    Thanks. I see, it’s like PWM. But I’m not too concerned as AFAIK they don’t have circuit breakers for individual rooms. bwahaha

    I don’t have a 15amp line in my room but I’ve tried a 2.2kW kettle previously and it worked just fine.

  21. Prema says:

    Nice posting. It gives a very clear understanding of how Induction stove works & how to use it. But deciding which brand to take up.Heard Prestige has lots of complaints. Any Inputs on other brands like Pigeon/Butterfly/Preethi.Thanks

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Prema,

      unfortunately I had not received much user feedback regarding the other brands. I am personally using (rather rarely) a Kanchan brand cooker and it is working well for me.


  22. Rajiv says:

    Dear Rajib

    An excellant review. We just got installed a high end Siemens induction stove for an equivalent of 1 lac. INR at our apartment in Denmark. People (Indians) here say it is difficult to make chapatis on it since stove turns off automatically after reaching a certain temperature. We tried making chapatis on a high end inductions friendly frying pan but they did not come out very well. It is also said that induction cooking has a learning curve.
    We are in a desperate situation and are even thinking of changing to a normal electric stove.
    Your help, video, clear instructions would be more than welcome.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Rajiv,

      Congrats on your new purchase.

      There is a slight difference in cooking chapatis on the induction stove when compared to gas.

      Unlike gas, induction stove can heat up the frying pan very rapidly (resulting in burn) and cool down very quickly (resulting in raw chapatis). Induction stoves can also turn the magnet off to prevent a burn-out. This happens if the temperature has been set very high and remains high for a long time. On my relatively cheap cooker, a setting of 2000W for 5 minutes results in major over-heat alarms and the cooker turns off for 10 minutes.

      The trick to controlling this would be to keep the induction cooker power setting between 50% – 75% of the max. You will find that the cooker will be able to maintain the temperature more consistently and not be affected by overheating etc. At a lower power setting, cooking food may seem to take a little longer but will result in the food being cooked more evenly and help you figure out the nuances of the cooker. Over a period of time, you will be able to play with the power settings to find the optimum power setting for your type of cooking.

      Also remember that, unlike a microwave, induction cooker allows you to use oil as a cooking medium (no splashing) which in turn results in more even heat distribution (how about a paratha instead of roti) and unlike gas, there is no fire hazard. So it may be worth your while to do a little R&D and figure out what settings work best for you.


  23. Nitesh says:

    i m from Ahemdabad, i want to buy induction stove, so please suggest me which brand i prefer ?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Nitesh,

      I am using the Kanchan brand induction stove. My use if very rare (only when gas runs out) but so far it has been working well. In fact, we carry it with us whenever we go out-of-station. I would suggest that you invest in a brand that give 1 year guarantee and has a repair centre in your city of residence.


  24. Chandra says:

    Dear Rajib,
    Thanks a lot for the excellent write-up and cooking advices on induction cookers.Recently I bought one Prestige Induction Cook-top Model PIC 1.0 for Rs.3595/-with a free gift of a 5litre Induction based Pressure Cooker worth Rs.1260/-(I think PIC is the short-form for Precision Induction Cooktop) and it is working fine.Prestige gives good services too for their home appliances in Cochin.Induction-stove cooking time is very less for all recipes,rice-cooking,chapathi and so on when compared with that of LPG stove.
    see some useful sites in this regard:-
    As you said, over a period of time,we will be able to customize with the power settings to find the optimum power setting and cooking modes for our type of cooking.

  25. Vijay Kamath says:

    Excellent write up Rajib! Can u please guide me good induction cookware. Actually I am looking aot for an induction Pressure Cooker and a pan for chapatis. My search on the net turned up very confusing results. Thanks once again

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Vijay,

      You are in luck. The induction cooker technology is catching on.

      Recently in my visit to a Prestige showroom, I saw lots of induction compatible cookware. Pressure cookers, Pressure pans, frying pans – all with induction cookware base.
      FYI, the induction cookware base is nothing but a thin iron grill welded to the bottom of the Aluminum cookware.

      While I am gonna be purchasing some of these items in the coming week (15 – 25% discount only till 15-Sep), I already purchase a generic milk-boiler (thin steel vessel with induction base) for just Rs.99/- from Spencers.


  26. Dear Mr. Rajib Ghosh.

    We are doing Microwaveoven service for More than Ten years in chennai. we are planning to do service for induction oven . kindly send me the service tips , and circiut diagram of induction oven .

    Thanking you,


    Date: 04.10.2011.
    ph: 9791055855, 8056355855

  27. T K BANERJEE says:

    Dear Ghosh saheb,
    A very good tutorial for induction cooker. I am also need one but very confuse about the product to go for. May I know whether Kanchan is avialable at hyderabad.
    Thank you very much

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Mr. Banerjee,
      I purchased my Kanchan cooker from Mahavir Enterprises, RP Road, Secunderabad.
      It’s not a very popular brand, so you will have to look around a bit.
      Prestige on the other hand has opened many dedicated stores in Hyderabad-Secunderabad and it is aggressively selling the induction stove at these.
      In fact, I recently purchased two Prestige Pressure cookers which are induction cooker compatible (they have a Steel plate welded to the bottom).


  28. t k banerjee says:

    Dear Rajib
    Thank you very much for the quick response. I have a desire to personally meet you. Is it possible. I am a retired senior citizen.
    and living in east marredpally.
    Thank you
    with regards and shubo vijaya
    t k banerjee

  29. t k banerjee says:

    Dear Rajib.
    sorry that was not materilazed. i was there along with my family in keys school on sapatmi and aushtomi. well if you donot want to meet me it is ok.
    wish you a happy deepawali
    t k banerjee

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