Kodak 8GB SDHC Class 4 Memory Card

I recently managed to acquire a Kodak 8GB SDHC Class 4 SD Memory Card for my Canon SX20IS camera at an amazing price.

For just Rs. 449/- on Ebay.in (formerly known as Baazee.com). This price is lower than the price that Amazon offers in USA!

My Canon camera supports SDHC standard Memory cards (4GB – 32 GB) in speeds from Class 2 (2 MB/sec) to Class 6 (6 MB/sec). A Class 6 Card is in-fact recommended for recording HD Video (720p) on the camera as Class 4 cards fall just shy of the speeds required to capture 30fps 720p video.

I was using the Verbatim 4GB Class 4 card that came with my wife’s Nikon Coolpix L21 camera. It seemed to work fine while recording images and video on the camera, but occasionally would not read on old stand-alone Card Readers and integrated Card Readers on some laptop computers. I also noticed that CHDK on my camera seemed to get the camera stuck/restarted more often with this card.

Hence I was on the lookout for a higher capacity card from a better manufacturer; the idea being reliability and the ability to capture a mix of images and videos on my trips, without worrying about running out of capacity soon.

So when the code for Rs. 150/- off arrived from Ebay in my email, I paid it scant attention. I had stopped shopping on ebay because of product quality and seller reliability issues. What did come to my attention was an advertisement that memory cards were also available for cheap.

On a whim, I started browsing eBay for SD Card offers and was pleasantly surprised to see an offer of Rs. 599/- only for a Kodak 8GB SD Card from JJ Mehta. To sweeten the deal further, the card was being shipped for free. The meant that my effective price was only Rs. 449/-. At this price, I am only able to source 4GB SD Cards locally!

JJ Mehta are a reputed photography products store based in Mumbai and apart from an excellent rating on ebay, they also have good online presence. Hence my hesitations in buying from an online dealer all but disappeared.

I placed the order for the card on 8th Dec late evening (very late evening in fact) and received an email on 9th that the card was being shipped via TNT Logistic. I was able to track the card’s journey to me via TNT’s website till it’s arrival on 10th eve.

Upon arrival, I tested the card for successful working in my Canon Camera and took a few test shots. Next I performed a capacity test by plugging the card into my laptop and writing 7.5 GB of files on it. This revealed a pleasant surprise: The card clocked 8.5 MB/sec sustained write speed. This is almost Class 10 speeds on a Class 4 rated card! I am sure that if the card is able to operate in this mode in my camera, I will be able to record HD Videos on my camera without dropping a single frame of video!

FYI, the card is manufactured by Lexar and features Kodak’s limited Life-time warranty.

Further testing is in progress but I will advise you to pick up this card for your SDHC capable device right away. Even without discounts, this card is being offered at an amazing price and offers great value.

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  1. I am sure you and your readers are well aware of this fact, but just wanted to phrase it over here for folks who might not know this finer detail. The speed class rating of any SD/SDHC card is based on the “minimum” sustained write speed. Some of the lucky few do clock higher speeds based on the manufacturer and the device in which it is used. I recently purchased a Kingston 16 GB micro SDHC card for my phone that was rated class 4. Although it was better than the default 8 GB class 2 card that came along with the phone, I wanted to go for a class 6, but the higher price never justified the purchase. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the new Kinston card was doing class 6 speeds on the phone using the SD card speed test Android application.

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