Kodak EasyShare CD14 – Surprising Performance

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4 Responses

  1. asheesh rastogi says:

    sir ji,
    i m planing to buy it on this depawali…but after reading about its bad and its ugly details..i am confused to but it or not..

    my budget is about 3000-4000/-..

    i need a camera for my home use and some interest of photography during travelling..

    will it be a good choice for me…
    please clear my doubts..


    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Asheesh,

      I suggest you read the review to discover the positive points and determine whether they are useful to you. Also read the negative points to see if you can ignore them if you were to own the camera.

      If the final equation in your mind says go for it, then by all mean go for it.

      Purely based on the image quality, features and price alone, I recommend this camera as the first digital camera for most middle class Indian families.


  2. Ehsan says:

    Rajib Da,
    I bought it for Rs.2990 in Big Bazaar Year End Sale here in Bangalore, with the same package you got, its really a steal, with 4Gb Sd card and Rechargeable Battery set it came for Rs.3700 which is a Great buy, BTW, you can select the ISO which has options like auto, 100, 200 and upto 1000, and dont forget the 27 scene options you get, the colors are great and it can shoot moving objects like Fighter Jets , Choppers which etc with good clarity but you need to change it to 3.2 or 5 MP to shoot the moving objects,
    I clicked at the Airshow going on in Bangalore with great clarity!!

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Ehsan,

      Thanks for the valuable feedback. Please upload the images you have shot using the camera into Flickr and organize them into a Kodak CD14 Set. Let me have the URL of the set so that other readers of my blog can check out your images first hand.


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