Launching Health Buzz

Hello all!

For some time now, I have been toying with the idea of setting up a website dedicated to health & related issues.

This becomes particularly imperative since I intend to start populating with Information Technology related articles and I did not want people looking for help regarding CGHS, Medical Insurance and Alternate Medicine related issues to wade through non-related issues.

I registered last year and have been meaning to migrate the articles (health related only) to the new blog.

Well, the article move is done. Testing is complete. Life can again run at full speed.

I hope you will use the new website with equal fervour as you have shown for this website.


4 responses to “Launching Health Buzz”

  1. Dear Rajib Ghosh, If you are the same Rajib Ghosh who guides us (the CGHS Card holders) else where, my good wishes to your blog. With regards.

  2. Dear Rajib ghosh,

    Really you are versatile and cosmoplitan. You always extend your helping hands to need…you are a friend in deed ! Why you are not extending your area of service to the cause of old, specially helpless people? Hope you will think over it and apprise me and other beneficiaries. With best wishes.

  3. Dear Rajib Ghosh,

    Most probably this is the first time that a CGHS ‘CLAIM ADALAT’ is going to be held on 16.4.2010 in Kolkata to hear and settle the disputed pending cases of re-imbursementclaims of CGHS Card holders. I don’t know whether this type of ‘ADALAT’ had been held in other Metro cities of India in the past. I appreciate this gesture of CGHS Authrity being a CGHS Card holer. With thanks. forex trading online</a platform.

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