Orange Pi Mini 2 Disk Performance

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  1. xeros says:

    Thanks for test. It’s quite hard to find proper benchmarks for such boards for taking decision to buy or not to buy for own purpose requirements.
    I looked for some board to run Linux for NAS as main purpose + some Linux server stuff and I was looking for OPi (mostly for cheapest OPi PC), but these boards seem to suffer having built-in USB HUB that could have problems with power to external devices & throughput when few devices do some I/O on USB.
    I was hoping that these H3-based OPi boards would be sufficient, but looks like I will have to buy “good old” A20-based Banana Pi Pro / M1+
    The only limitation is that A20 is dual-core clocked at 1GHz so running more things could be bottleneck (especially if I would consider it to use as a desktop alternative also).
    I’ve read that A20-based BPi’s Pro are able to use even disks which were not working with other boards (including more power demanding 3TB disks connected to SATA) and getting read disk performance up to more than 200MB/s on SSD & 950MBps throughput on built-in Gigabit Ethernet.
    But I’ll also buy heat-sinks for main components (and maybe find some cooler) to overclock it to at least 1.2GHz (at normal clock speeds they don’t seem to overheat).

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