Repairing the HP Laserjet 3055 Printer

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  1. Khalid Selim says:

    Thank you very much for description! It worked out quit good!
    We had already changed the permanent battery on the network-card into a replaceable one, without any success of course!

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Glad the solution worked for you and saved you the expenses of getting it repaired by HP.
      Incidentally HP once quoted me Rs. 48,000/- to change a component of a printer that cost Rs. 17,500/- !!

  2. serhat says:

    Thank you very much. I have been working 4 hours to fix it.

  3. Dir Sir,

    You were like the first google search response to my post and it was exactly the solution to our LaserJet 3055 issue. An unexpectedly easy fix. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


  4. Makarand says:

    I tried all this. even there is another trick where you have to press * and 5 number keys. both things not worked for me. do you have any idea to fix this issue other that the one you have mentioned above.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Makarand,

      Hopefully it’s not due to permanent damage to the logic board. If so, there’s no point in asking HP for repair.
      HP has policies that desist repair of equipment that is out-of-warranty (by pricing the repair more than the cost of buying a new one).

      In case of logic board problem, third party companies will sell you logic-boards (generally repaired/refurbished) at much more reasonable prices.


  5. sijoy says:

    The solution provided was correct. Thanks

    Turn off the printer.
    Press and hold down the * and Select/Enter buttons.
    Continue to hold down the buttons while you turn on the printer. Hold the buttons throughout the entire power-on sequence.
    When Permanent Storage Init. appears on the control-panel display, release the buttons.
    Allow the all-in-one to return to Ready before using it.

  6. joe_ab says:

    Dear Rajib,

    While starting to look for a spare part a found your solution by chance.
    Thanks a lot, it worked for my HP3055.

    Why isn’t it described on HP’s site/forum??? Ok, not your responsibility. It is unbelievable for a customer of a big company like **. Damn High Price.


  7. Rohan says:

    my hp 3055 has no power.(dead). It happened after my son pulled the printer out and the power plug got pulled out. He tried putting it back and after that no power to the system. I pulled out the side panel where the power supply board is and the internal fuse still looks good and has continuity. But there like a little buble in the middle of the fuse. Any ideas?

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Rohan,

      Try an alternate power cable. In most instances where the power cable is pulled from the socket forcefully, it is the cable that tends to break.
      In rare cases, the socket soldered on the motherboard may have broken/come loose.


  8. Steve Rueg says:

    This was also the perfect fix for my HP laserjet 3055, which would not communicate through ethernet all of a sudden. Even the USB connection was flaky. But this * plus Select/Enter key sequence in order to initiate “Permanent Storage Init.” execution which flashed the NVRAM was the fix. Immediately I was able to input the manual IP address I wanted and communicate through ethernet again.

    Thanks, Steve

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi Steve,

      Glad I could be of help. At my client’s office, one of the printers has a penchant for losing it’s config from time to time and every 6-8 months it needs a firmware reset to start working again.
      Could be Unit specific, could be due to power issues. We suffer from frequent power-outages in India and when the power is restored, it’s initial supply is really bad (high voltage + line-noise). This could be resulting in the printer losing config.


  9. Dre says:

    It worked for me also. Thank you very much.

  10. Kelvin Lee says:

    Total life saver! You have no idea how many hours of follow up and the unnecessary tension from colleagues you have saved me from!

    Thanks a lot!

  11. mayur says:

    My HP 3055 will not respond to fax incoming or outgoing. Dials the number. Get busy signal thereafter. Please advise. It did start dialing the number after I did the factory reset outlined on your blog. It wasn’t doing anything before that. Hoping you can suggest something. Thanks.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Mayur,

      A long time ago, when we used modems to connect to the Internet, the modems purchased in USA just did not recognise the Indian “Dial Tone”. As a result, we had to issue the “AT X1” command to the modem to ignore searching for a dial-tone and just dial a number.

      I am hoping that somehow you just need to send some ‘AT’ commands to the printer’s modem to enable fax send/receive.


  12. Bob says:

    Thanks you so much for posting! I’ve worked on this for hours! perfect easy fix. Wish it was on the hp website!

  13. tom says:

    thank you

  14. tom says:

    it works! thank you

  15. tom says:

    thank you it solved

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