Resurrecting the dead

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  1. Jan K. says:

    The information aboutresurrecting the dead DI-524 was very helpful to me. In addition, it was the only such information regarding the router listed by Google. I managed to get my router wotking again. Complimetnts for our writing style – I liked reading the article a lot.

  2. itanium says:

    Dude! I just did what you said and it fixed the modem. Just a plain update!

    I tried portscanning to check if the modem was up on any other port… nothing came out (up to port 10001).

    Then I saw your post… DL’ed the updater and BINGO! The only thingy that I had to do was to place my IP as 192.168.0.x not the regular private WinXP Ip.

    Worked like a charm. TY very much.

    Warm regards from Brazil.

  3. gtorres says:

    God bless you my friend, you saved my day! My DI-524 crashed while a firmware update and it became completly dead. I followed your steps and it’s alive again!

    Thank you very very very much!

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Hi GTorres! It makes my day to receive your thanks! In many ways you were lucky enough to have bought the D-Link router. A couple of NetGear routers have crashed on me and I am still not able to revive them. Perhaps one day I will figure that out and post an article here.

  4. Gopal Biswas says:

    Hi, Rajib it was a good tip, But My D-Link DI-524, H/W Ver. B4, F/W Ver. 2.03. I followed your steps but still my Wireless connection is not visible, the status indicator lights on the front of the router were glowing normally (Power:ON, Status: ON, WLAN:ON); the router’s wireless was undetectable. No amount of ‘Refresh’ in Windows ‘View Wireless Networks’. I can connect the computer using the wired lan and it is working fine. So, please tell me what i have to do.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      If you can access the Router’s Configure Homepage, then in theory the router is working.

      The wireless LAN may not be visible due to factors such as – it is turned off in configuration, the antenna is loose/broken, the wifi chip or associated capacitors are busted.
      Have it checked by a computer repair shop.

  5. akey says:

    Hello can you help me please. I have the same router and facing the same situation. I followed your step but to no success. When I tried pinging the router, it replies :


    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
    Request timed out.
    Request timed out.
    Reply from Destination host unreachable.
    Request timed out.

    Ping statistics for
    packets: Sent = 4, Received = 1, Lost = 3 (75% loss)

    This is the setting in ipconfig :
    IPv4 Address :
    Subnet Mask :
    Default Gateway :

    Maybe there is something wrong in my step and I wish that you could give me any ideas on how to solve this.
    Thanks in advance

  6. yaki says:

    hi….i have the same problem as akey….i’ve done ur steps with no success … addition my status led doesnt light at all………the problem appeared after a fw update from 2.04 to 2.07 via cable

    thank you

  7. yaki says:


    10x for your reply….i’ve already replaced it

  8. alok says:

    thank you so much for this post
    worked like a charm

  9. Syed says:

    wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow i did it on


  10. Markus says:

    Thanks mate! You just saved my day! I bricked my router when I did a firmware update (2.07, that actually worked until I turned off the router).

  11. rlucian90 says:

    I have a B4 rev i think , i look inside the case i saw rev D. Well after you make the reset and have the blinking status led you have ping so you can somehow connect to the router but there are 2 ips u can connect or . So check your router’s ip using the firmware software software from dlink or from this site and get a static ip for your PC. After that just press Upgrade and all it’s on . Another solution is to put firmware using tftp protocol.

    tftp -i PUT code.bin code.bin

    where the ip is the router’s ip and code.bin is the firmware filename.


  12. Rahmath says:

    i have dlink dir 600 n150 wifi router just brought 2 months back now router got totally dead only the power light gets glow no ping also .now i can flash my router to return back please anybody can hep me in this case. how to re-flash my router Dlink dir600

  13. Rahmath says:

    i have dlivk router dir600 n150 wifi router is totally dead somebody can help me not pinging also

  14. David says:

    It worked, O thank you. ver:B2 f/w2.02 FCC ID:KA2DI524.

  15. Cristian says:

    Absolutelly brilliant!!!

  16. Tashaz says:


    My DI 524 was working fine but sometimes not working. I performed the steps that were provided in your blog. It did recognize the router at first and I clicked the Update button. After sometime, the status LED stopped and now it is not responding. Please help I need to fix this router.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Tashaz,

      For a router that occasionally does not respond, a simple soft-reset (either using Router’s Management Interface) or the reset button in enough.

      If you have performed a hard reset on your router and it is no longer responding, just follow the steps outlined in this article carefully to restore your router’s firmware.

      The process mentioned here works quite well. I have used it myself and quite a few other people have used it successfully.


  17. tashaz says:

    Hi Rajib,
    Sorry for the late response.
    I meant that now the status LED is dead after the update, request you to provide a quick solution for my DI -524 router to my mail id.
    thanks in advance.

  18. advait says:

    Wonderful website I must say, any way my power, wlan status LEDs are solid, none if them are blinking. I tried powering it off and holding the reset button and starting the modem and waiting for 20 + seconds, but all lights still are solid. mine is Rev B2. Any help would be appreciated
    Thank you

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Advait,

      Start by verifying that the power adaptor of your router is supplying the requisite voltage.

      Installing a firmare update or restoring the firmware to factory default is not easy and requires a fair amount of research. When I first fixed the D-Link router, I practically ended up spending the whole day! Thus the inspiration to write the blog article.

      I recommend that you source the appropriate firmware for your hardware from the Internet and broadly follow the steps outlined in my article.


  19. Jatin says:

    Hi Rajib,

    I am not able to start modem with firmware upgrade mode.
    I tried holding the reset switch for 20 s with powering up the DI-524 RevE1 , I am not able to see fast blink for status LED. Any suggestion will be appreciated.


  20. mark says:

    thx. a lot for this! it help me.

  21. Remo says:

    Love the “arse coming to grips with the sun” part 🙂

  22. jatin says:

    I am facing same problem with Dlink 524 and followed all steps. However I am not able to detect router by utility.

    I am not able to hard reset it either way. In one screen it asked for password when i typed and pressed enter.

    please suggest me available options. thank you.

  23. Brian Pereira says:

    Hi Rajib, I have an old D-Link DI-524. I accidently flashed it with the wrong firmware. I’ve searched the internet for the firmware (Rev B4) but am not able to find it. Any chance you still have it? Could you please send it to me via mail.
    [email protected]

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