Review of Karbonn Velox ST8 Android Tablet

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2 Responses

  1. RAJIB SAHA says:

    I am from Kolkata. Thanks for your review. Actually I am interested to buy this tab after huge searching for low cost high features & only want to use it for browsing, e-book reading & watch movies. It is not available in open market except online market. So I could not check it’s screen resolution & touch quality. In open market so many company’s demo tabs are available & few of them resolution are 1024×600 or 1024×768, but if compare with “Samsung Tab3 T211 ( 1024×600 )” the screen quality ( grainy ) & touch responsive are very bad. So can you share with your experience for Karbonn ST8 ( 1024×678 ) resolution, sharpness & depth quality compared with “Samsung Tab3 T211 ( 1024×600 )”. Also is it possible to browse during charging? Please share your experience asap.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 SM-T211 and I can tell you that performance wise, the Karbonn ST8 almost matches up.

      While the Karbonn’s touch screen performance is a little coarse, the display angles are slightly worse and the Android experience is not as polished, it has the big advantage of being just 1/3rd as expensive and features like HDMI out, USB-to-Go etc. which the Samsung does not have. The visual quality of the tab is good. The display is bright (sufficient brightness, not extra bright like Samsung), the text is smooth and readable in small fonts. Browsing using UCBrowser is smooth and reading books using Cool Reader is a pleasure. Though the tab screen format is 4:3 (not the popular 16:9), most of the time, we set brightness on the tab to zero to enjoy long reading sessions without straining the eyes due to brightness of the screen.

      When connected to a PC, the Karbonn shows up as USB Removable Drives (XP / Linux compatible) while the Samsung shows up as Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) device only which requires Windows 7 or better.

      The Karbonn tab is perfectly usable during charging. Quite often my wife forgets to power-off the tab and the battery drains out. When I have to use it, I simply connect the charger and carry on normally. I also rooted the tab and have installed “Quick Reboot” app to enable me to power down the tab quickly.

      In a worrying issue, sometime back, updates to the applications on the tab crashed the tab and left it unusable. I had to boot the tab in “Recovery” mode and perform a Factory Reset.

      The tab also ran out of space in Internal ROM (512MB) due to a ton of crapware that Karbonn preinstalls on the tab. The crapware cannot be removed by user since they are installed as “System Apps”. While the tab supports and many apps maybe installed on the Internal SDCard and External SDCard, most Google Apps have to be installed in the ROM. Also, all news apps are originally installed on the ROM and only then moved to the SDCard.

      Fortunately, I was able to root the tab and then use “App Mover” to uninstall the Crapware; freeing up almost 200MB in the process.


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