“Your Mobile number has won you 200.000 GBP in the 2010 Coca-Cola International Mobile Draws in UK.To claim,email your details to [email protected]

This puts me in a bit of a dilemma. United Kingdom uses Comma and not full-stop to separate digits. Also, to the best of my knowledge, Coca Cola remains a company that manufactures colored water for Rs. 1 and sells for Rs. 10 and they are in no hurry to dispense of their ill-gotten wealth by conducting draws.

For crying out loud, the spammers are so cheap, that they could not even be bothered to get a fake Coca-Cola like domain name. For ex: or is available for registration. Just a matter of $7.49 on!

And who the hell still uses Hotmail or MSN Messenger anymore?

FYI, the code BA stands for ‘BSNL – Andhra Pradesh’. Look ma! Home-grown spam.

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  1. hello,sir. my name is mallikharjun and my mobile number is 9700963688.I have receive your sms from address:ch.mallikharjun reddy, s/o.malakondaiah, neredupalli(village), p.c.palli(mandal), prakasam(district)

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