SMS Scam: TD-Jasmine

“hi sweety,this is Jasmine,i got your number from Sarah,i’m from Yemen and I’m in india call me on this number 009609926750 to have a date”

For starters, ‘TD’ code stands for Tata Teleservices Ltd. from Delhi region. Shame on you Tata for not checking the morality clause of Indian Broadcasting Code. 🙂

If my wife ever encounters Jasmine, then poor Jasmine will have to return to her country a very blad person.

Also, the number belongs to someone in Maldives. As usual, calling Maldives is frigging expensive.

My advice to the readers is as usual: junk these SMS messages and complain about them to the service provider. Write to them, write about them.

My advice to Jasmine is Run B**** Run. My wife’s coming for you.

4 responses to “SMS Scam: TD-Jasmine”

  1. Seriously we need to do something about this.. I get around 5 msg’s daily.. B**** doesn’t have any better work to do I believe

  2. I too got a msg like from TD Jasmine – “Hi sweet, are u desperate am here to hear you and chat with you directly call me bk on this number 009609712786 am waiting dont be late” …

    Lady answered the phone n said she dsnt knw how I got her number!

    Stringent action needs to be taken against such people..

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