Sometimes ‘Ulta’ thinking is ‘Seedha’ thinking

Start thinking 'Ulta'

Start thinking 'Ulta'
Start thinking 'Ulta'

If you are cheap like me (Yes! I am an Indian and I wear the term ‘Cheap‘ proudly on my arm), you are probably spending quite a few frustrating minutes per month trying to coax the shampoo bottle to give up it’s last drops of hair elixir. Or trying to add a little extra zing to your fries by slapping the bottom of the Maggi Hot & Sweet Tomato Sauce bottle that has technically become empty.

Great Product Design - Heinz Tomato Ketchup I know I will get more pleasure in this activity if print and apply little round stickers of lovely female bottoms to the thumping zone on the bottle, but what will really make my day is if the industrial product designers chose to apply a little higher priority to function over form.

Try to place the Tomato Sauce bottle or Shampoo bottle upside down so that the contents dribble down to the cap area and you can easily get a dollop of the stuff when you need it the most (instead of getting into bottle BDSM). Most of the time, you will fail. The bottles are just not designed to be placed cap-side down.

Great product design - Head & Shoulders Shampoo There’s no reason why extremely viscous products cannot be packaged into bottles which by design are cap-side down and allow gravity to serve the customer. While Head & Shoulder Shampoo and some variants of Heinz Tomato Ketchup bottles are designed to be usable either way, chances are none of the other products that need such package design have caught on.

2 responses to “Sometimes ‘Ulta’ thinking is ‘Seedha’ thinking”

  1. Good Morning Sir,
    Sub: Complaint
    I bought one head & shoulder shampoo from M/s.Balji Bhandar, Jajpur Road, Odisha-755019, that shampoo very durty & poor quality (cap-side down).

    Kindly this shampoo exchange

    With regrads
    K Srinivasa Rao

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