Strontium 8 GB Class 6 SD Card – Performance Report

Strontium has been trying to gain a foothold in the Indian IT market. Displacing the likes SanDisk, Kingston & Transcend is not going to be easy. But if they ensure that their product quality is top-notch and pricing competitive, there’s no stopping them from reaching the No. 1 position.

For starters, they have flooded the eCommerce websites. Strontium products are available on and SnapDeal. In fact, they have got offers going on at SnapDeal and under one such offer, I snagged a 8 GB Class 6 SD Card for Rs. 395/- (Price: 495/-, -100 gift from SnapDeal). In another offer (Rs. 500/- off on shopping of Rs. 999/- or more), I have placed an order for a bunch of USB keys.

My biggest issue with Solid State memory is the reliability. While I have had rotten experience with Kingston products, Transcend has been so-so and SanDisk and HP have been great!

I intend to use the Strontium product at Windows ReadyBoost device. Lets just hope that it proves quality production processes and reliability.

Here's an initial test report (run on 19-Sep-11):
 Test finished without errors.
 You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
 Writing speed: 9.29 MByte/s
 Reading speed: 16.7 MByte/s
 H2testw v1.4

From the initial test results it appears that the card is capable of delivering Class 9 Write speeds! Also the sequential read-speed of 16MB/sec is not bad. Not comparable to a HDD, but not bad at all!

Update 18-Sep-2011
The Strontium 8GB SD Card has failed. In less than 1 week of very light usage, the card can neither be read from nor written to. It’s been two days since I wrote to Strontium asking for warranty process, no reply from them yet. I have a feeling that the USB Pendrives I bought are gonna fail faster than the card.

Stay away from this brand I think.

SD Cards suitable for Windows ReadyBoost

  • Kingston 8 GB Class 4: [amazonproduct=B00200K1SY]
  • SanDisk 8GB SDHC Card Class 4: [amazonproduct=B004CZ0H1Q]
  • AmazonBasics 8 GB Class 4: [amazonproduct=B004Q3R9B0]
  • Transcend 8 GB Class 10: [amazonproduct=B003VNKNEG]
  • PNY 8 GB Class 4: [amazonproduct=B000P5XLOW]
  • Lexar Professional Series 8 GB 133x Class 6: [amazonproduct=B0013TVAB0]
  • Fujifilm 4 GB Class 6: [amazonproduct=B001HL0G5K]
  • Dane-Elec 8 GB Class 4: [amazonproduct=B000VLIYGA]
  • Patriot LX Series 8 GB Class 10: [amazonproduct=B002TA7VO2]
  • HP 16 GB Class 4: [amazonproduct=B001JEOQSI]

4 responses to “Strontium 8 GB Class 6 SD Card – Performance Report”

  1. Thanks for the review and update. I was searching for this everywhere and I found it i your blog. Thanks again.

    • Dear Srinivas,

      Please note that the product has failed after only a few days of use. I am in the process of the testing the USB drives from them same company to see if they last or fail equally fast.


    • Hi Markose,

      I received a replacement for the failed 8GB Strontium SD Card. Since I do not trust this brand anymore, I am using it on my Casio keyboard where the card’s utility is not important.

      The 2GB USB drives from Strontium that I have, are slower than Class-2. These too I am using a throwaway drives.

      If you value your data, stick to Sandisk or HP. Transcend is ok too.


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