T24 Mobile misplaces documents

T24 Lost my documents

T24 Lost my documentsGod punishes you for greed (one of the seven deadly sins). On Earth, T24 Mobile are God’s designated agents.

In the guise of providing free cellular telephone connections and free talk-time, their executives collect signed documents from un-suspecting customers and then conveniently misplace the documents. Read on to discover the potential mess I am in.

Here is my email to T24 Customer Care on 12/Nov/2010 at 8:46 PM (some information has been blanked out to protect my privacy)


further to my mail earlier, please note that I have been receiving phone calls from the executive in charge at T24 counter for resubmitting ID & Address Proof.

Their claim is that I have never submitted this document to them. In my defense:

  • I visited Food Bazaar (at St. Johns Road, Secunderabad, AP) on 9/Nov/2010 and billed Rs. 1402/- on my Manhattan Credit Card at 1:46pm (Cash memo no. T13/32187, Cashier: Radha)
  • I  was asked to pay Rs. 21/- towards issuing of a new SIM. I paid Rs. 22/- and was returned Rs. 1/- as change. I was not provided with a receipt for this transaction.
  • I was asked to select a T24 number of my choice from a tabular document and upon selection, sign on the document and mention my existing telephone number.
  • My voter ID card was photocopied on the spot using the inkjet printer installed at the T24 kiosk by your executives.
  • I was asked to sign the photocopy which I did. I was also asked to provide a color photograph, sign on the Customer Application Form and across the photo, which I did.
  • Upon verification that all requirements were in place, the executive issued me the T24 started pack which had an un-used SIM (SIM still attached to large card) and information booklet.
  • The entire episode happened between 3 of your executives and me and was witnessed by my wife standing at the entrance of the store (with our recent shopping bags) and hopefully the numerous security cameras in the premises. The camera alone should provide incontrovertible proof that I provided all the documents as requested.

In light of the prevailing security concerns in India, it is fair on my part to assume that your executives have deliberately misplaced my documents with sinister intentions. Perhaps they want to:

  • Pass on my documents to agents threatening to destabilize the peace and harmony of this nation.
  • Use on my documents to commit serious financial fraud.
  • Use my documents to unauthorisedly obtain services such as International Calls and leave me to face the bills.

My imagination can run wild and wilder if I request the readers of my Technology Blog to chip in. Most importantly, I cannot imagine that losing a A4 size photocopy that was attached to a CAF is a possibility.

At this point of time, though I have been asked to repeatedly submit a copy of my Voter ID card document, I must decline politely and urge rather urgently that:

  • The management of T24 Mobile Services trace and locate the missing document
  • Failing which, they must take stringent action against the erring executive/s and for the sake of reducing future liability in possible court action initiated against/by me: identify the executive/s and supply their identity documents to me for my records.

Looking forward to your cooperation in this matter,

– Rajib Ghosh

This is my earlier email to T24 Customer Care, which they never bothered to reply back to:
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On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 6:58 PM, Rajib Ghosh <—@rajib.com> wrote:


We were provided with the opportunity to opt for a T24 connection after our shopping at Food World located near St. John’s church at Secunderabad.

Accordingly, I provided the sales person at the counter:

* Rs. 21/-as charges towards a new SIM
* One color photo
* Photocopy of Voter ID card

The sales person issued me a ‘Starter Kit’ (Serial No. 5255 1100 —- —, MSIDSN: 8712 821 —, Validity: Lifetime) and I signed on the required places in the C.A.F.
We were promised activation of the SIM in 1 hour and credit of talk time amounting to Rs. 35/-

6 hours later, the SIM was yet to be activated. When we called the Call Centre, we were informed that the Mobile Phone number was assigned to one Mr. Arif and was blocked.
This we find highly improbable since we did verifiably receive a brand new T24 kit.

Can you please look into this and do the needful?

-Rajib Ghosh
{my address has been removed for privacy}

2 responses to “T24 Mobile misplaces documents”

  1. I recently done shopping at central with my credit card.. on the bill i found that i got a Rs. 225 free talk time on your T24 mobile. so can i get that.

    • Dear Raghu Ram,

      You need to visit the T24 Mobile counter at any FutureGroup business (Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Hometown, eZone) and present to them photo-id and address proof. They will give you a SIM card that allows you to utilize the free talk time you received from your purchase.


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