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  • Review of M8H Android Media Player

    The electronic brains that have been converting my ordinary TV into a Smart TV, have undergone considerable churn. It has been an Intel Core i5-430M CPU based laptop, followed by an Intel Core i5-2430M CPU based laptop, followed by an Intel Core i3-4005U CPU based laptop, followed by a Raspberry Pi B+. Now it is an Amlogic S812 CPU based Android Media Player and I am sincerely hoping that the churn would come to a rest. The M8H Android Media Player features Amlogic S812 CPU, 2GB RAM and 16GB Internal Storage and is capable of playing 4K videos encoded using H.265 Codec without breaking a sweat. It performs admirably well as a full-fledged HTPC replacement but rough edges exist. How does the device stand-up to rudimentary testing? Continue reading to find out.