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  • Comparison of Budget Android Media Players with Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku and nVidia Shield

    Last few months have been very exciting for those who want to move to a digital streaming media player and move away from the conventional set-top boxes. Apple fanbois have been going crazy about the impending launch of Apple TV 4. Roku fanbois have declared victory already. Google Nexus TV is and will probably remain a niche output of their R&D division. Amazon’s Fire TV is taking the technology of Nexus TV and making it practical. nVidia is joining the race as a me-too. Outside of USA, none of these boxes will ever achieve mass penetration. These markets are dominated by China-made Android Media Players. The article compares the Media Player devices by listing their prices vs. technical specifications.

  • Review of MXQ Android Media Player

    The MXQ OTT Android Media Player features an Amlogic S805 Quad Code 1.5 GHz processor with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Internal Storage. It is capable of decoding H.265 videos at 1080p. When compared to the MK809V and the M8H, it does seem to be straddling a middle position. Does it deliver middling performance or awesome bang for buck?

  • Review of M8H Android Media Player

    The electronic brains that have been converting my ordinary TV into a Smart TV, have undergone considerable churn. It has been an Intel Core i5-430M CPU based laptop, followed by an Intel Core i5-2430M CPU based laptop, followed by an Intel Core i3-4005U CPU based laptop, followed by a Raspberry Pi B+. Now it is an Amlogic S812 CPU based Android Media Player and I am sincerely hoping that the churn would come to a rest. The M8H Android Media Player features Amlogic S812 CPU, 2GB RAM and 16GB Internal Storage and is capable of playing 4K videos encoded using H.265 Codec without breaking a sweat. It performs admirably well as a full-fledged HTPC replacement but rough edges exist. How does the device stand-up to rudimentary testing? Continue reading to find out.

  • Review of MK809V Android Media Player

    MK805V Android Media Player

    The MK809V is a device from the long line of evolutionary devices. It features a new Amlogic S805 CPU that can decode H.265 Full-HD streams. The device is priced right, seems to work well with some caveats. Does this device overcome it’s niggling issues or get overwhelmed by them? Will it prove to be the right device for you in your quest to give a new lease of life to your middling LCD TV that is already showing it’s software age?