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  • Review of Karbonn Velox ST8 Android Tablet

    Front view of Karbonn Velox ST8 Tab

    The Karbonn Velox ST8 is a 8″ tab featuring Android 4.1.1 OS and a screen with 1024 x 768 pixel display (4:3 ratio). The tab was purchased for basic multimedia, web-browsing and ebook reading experience and this it does well. However it cuts quite a few corners and some users may find the tab horribly unsuitable for their requirements.

  • Review of Videocon VT10 Android Tab

    The Videocon VT10 is very capable device with excellent performance. Despite quite a few missing features and relatively high price, the tab is a good option for those who want a low-cost Android tab from a Brand Name.

  • Review of Mercury mTab StreaQ

    Comprehensive Review and Rooting Guide of the Mercury mTab StreaQ 7″ Android Tablet featuring Multi-touch, WSVGA display, 2-Cameras, Phone & SMS function, USB OTG and HDMI support.