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  • I Will Have A Raspberry Pi Please

    The $25 Raspberry Pi B+ Single Board Computer had me most excited for the best part of 1st half of this year. There are a ton of projects planned around it and technology folks and educators alike are hailing it as a milestone in computing. I could potentially convert the device to serve a number of functions that previously required at-least a $500 worth Laptop computer. Perhaps I am aiming too high, perhaps I am aiming at the wrong targets. Over a few months, my use of the device has stabilized and clarity reached in thought processes. Read on to discover what task I have assigned to it.

  • Raspberry Pi B+ WiFi Throughput Test

    The Raspberry Pi B+ is a versatile low-cost Single Board Computer that is making waves in the technology world. The network performance of the board has always been up for question since the Ethernet interface shares the USB bus. Since USB 2.0 Bus has a theoretical top speed of 480 Mbps and typical Single Band (2.4 GHz) WiFi-N performance tops out 150 Mbps, would the suspected limitations prove to be real bottleneck?