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  • The Nikon Z Shortcomings

    Nikon has released its Z series Full-frame Mirror-less cameras and while there is significant excitement about the new system, it is also being criticised by professional photographers in the media. While the shortcomings may be real, potential solutions exist for some now, some solutions exist hypothetically and some things we are just going to have to get used to.

  • Review of Clip-on Lens for Mobile Phone. Fish-eye, Wide-angle and Macro.

    Mobile phones have replaced the pocket watch, the scientific calculator, the compact camera for most people. While the camera capabilities of mobile phones is improving at an exponential rate, users want features such as closer, further, wider. Solutions such as clip-on cameras that use your mobile phones as LCD monitors exist but are falling out of favour. While mobile phone makers ponder how to implement paper thin lenses that provide 10x zoom, interim solutions exist as clip-on lenses. These are cheap and simple with tall claims. Do they actually deliver? Do they work identically? Will they work on your phone? Read on to find out how they fared in my tests.

  • The DPI versus MP Confusion

    If you have wondered if your 8 MP phone-camera images are suitable for magazines or how sharp your 16 MP DSLR images will look on a 6-feet wide poster, you need to understand the separation between MP and DPI. Plenty of misnomers and misinformation are leading to greater confusion among amateur photographers. Read on to clarify your doubts once for all and estimate print suitability of your images like a pro.

  • Compare Nikon L320, L820 & P520

    A quick-comparison table of Nikon CoolPix L320, L820 and P520 Super Zoom cameras. The table should help you decipher the included and missing features of the new Super Zoom cameras from Nikon in CoolPix series.

  • Going To Forest Safari. What Zoom Lens Should I Take?

    Article illustrates the simple calculations required to arrive at zoom range of lens, distance from object or final object size.

  • Aperture Value – The Great Light Equalizer

    Article explains the magic of Aperture Number (F Stop) in predetermining the amount of light that will reach the sensor irrespective of the lens that is being used.

  • Common Pitfalls of the Family Photographer

    Tips for Shooting with Pint and Shoot Digital Camera

    Article describes common mistakes that amateurs make when using digital camera and tips to make their images look great.