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  1. Dear Rajib Ghosh,

    In early 2009 I purchased a SIGMATEL (Duo) Mobile. It was working well. On seeing an ad. in news paper, as advised therein, I sent SMS to 53232 for confirmation of IMEI No. In reply I received a SMS in November/09 as – “Success, This IMEI belongs to BRAND: SIGMATEL T33i MANUFACTURER: Yuceller ElektronikDis Tic Ltd Sti”. But in 1st week of December/09 both the Mobile connections went off and now my Mobile (Duo) is dead. I contacted many Mobile out lets in Kolkata but they could not help me saying that the last date of verification is over. The SIMs of the SIGMATEL showaliveif they are put in some other mobile set. Iam helpless. Kindly advise me what to do ? Awaiting your comments.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Shri Bhattacharya,

      Prima facie it looks to me like you are facing an electronics problem with the mobile phone. The phone’s IMEI is valid, the SIMs are working, hence must be the phone that is not working.
      If your phone is still under warranty, you can try and get service for it. If out of warranty, many mobile phone shops now claim to repair these phones. But if the cost of repair is more than 1000/-, then you are better off buying a new mobile phone.


  2. Dear Shri Rajib Ghosh,

    According to your advice I got my SIGMATEL mobile checked by mobile repairing shop. The circuit is OK. As such there is no eletronic problem in my mobile set. The repairing shop expressed doubt about correctness of IMEI No: of my moble. They are unable to do better. Now what to do?

  3. Dear Rajib ,

    I am thankful to you for your time to time helpful advice. Now, I am let you know that after a great toil I could got implanted IMEI No. in my Sigmatel mobile set after spending nearly Rs.300/-. The set is now working well. Now I want to post a different querry for your kind advice and guidance. I want to hoist a cost-free website. How can I do it? Just few minutes back I located an offer for ‘cost free’ hoisting of website in your blog.I filled up the format on the screen but it did not work. Kindly guide me. Awaiting your responce. With thanks.

    • Rajib Ghosh says:

      Dear Mr. Bhattacharya,
      I am assuming that you do not have training as a ‘Web designer’ but would like to put forth your views to the World-Wide-Web so that people can benefit.
      Keeping this in mind, I advise you to sign-up with (if you want a information laden website like my blog) or (if you want a graphically appealing website to host limited textual information but lots of images.
      – Rajib

  4. Dear Rajib ghosh,

    You are hundred percent right regarding your assumption that I do not have any training as ‘Web designer’. I am a 76 years (old ) youngman ! In our time (when I was in service) I was selected to undergo training to operate computor in a National Institution about thirty years back or so. But I could not proceed further due strong resistance from a policitical party. As per your kind guidance I tried to open a Blog but I failed. I understand that you are a busy man. If time permits teach me the different steps to be followed to oprn a blog. By the by, with my tiny knowledge I could open a cost free website: With thanks. managed forex trading

  5. Dear Rajib,

    If you can make time please visit my site – and offer your valuable comments and guidance in ‘ Guest Book’. As I am a beginner I will be benefitted. Your help is solicited.

  6. Dear Rajib Ghosh,

    In continuation of my earlier thread dated 3rd February, I would request you to visit my ‘improvised’website Guest Book and offer your valuable comments. With thanks.

  7. Dear Rajib Ghosh,

    My hearty thanks to you for taking the pain to visit my website : and offer your esteemed comments. Every credits goes to you…I am grateful. Without your guidance I could not have hoisted the site and I would have been futile.I feel that you are holding very responsible position. If time permits, in future guide me by your valuable advice from time to me. Out of the track, I want to mention that I am an widower having one son living outstation and one daughter. they are well settled. So I am a free man. My house remains most of the times under lock and key. Normally, I reside with my daugher ( who is very affectionate) for six to seven months in diferent spells in a year. I have also purchased a small flat in an Oldage Home (Actually it an Oldage resort) a few years back. I go there and stay from time to time for a fortnight or so and get company of old people of my age. Further in Google Home page if you search ‘dm bhattacharyya’ , you will get my comments in different blogs.. including the Oldage Home. I have taken much time of you. With thanks. managed forex trading

  8. Rajib Ghosh says:

    Dear Rajib Ghosh,

    As per your esteemed guidance in your thread dated 3rd.February,2010 I could hoist two blogs :(1) dhirendra’s and (2) Just writing a few lines I have started blogging.

  9. Dear Rajib Ghosh,

    Excuse me for writing a non-technical matter on your webpage. To-day is the 150th. Janmatithi of “SREE RAMAKRISHNA PARAMAHANSHA DEV”. Modern-day life has made us to forget our culture and philosophy of life. We are all in a rat race to acquire better education, better job and better living but we never think of our heritage thread. After getting all better things still we are unhappy. Let us think over the philosophy of SREE RAMAKRISHNA atleast to-day, if not all days. With Ramakrishna saranam…..

  10. Dear Rajib Ghosh,

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  11. Dear Rajib Ghosh,

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